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Nokia XR20 durability

Nokia XR20 The New Nokia Phone that is Built Like a Tank, Would you Buy It?

Does the Nokia XR20 the Toughest Android Phone in 2021?

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Nokia is a tech giant company that is known to build Phones that can last for years, remember when I was in Highschool I’ve using a Nokia phone back then and as a teen, I’m still careless.

Those days Nokia is so popular and it is the only phone brand that I and my family used before, and even though I’m so careless at those times and I frequently drop my Nokia phone accidentally it still remains un harm and no sign of damage at all.

The Nokia phones that I have been using on those times are Nokia 3110, Nokia 3210, Nokia 3310, Nokia 1100, and those are the toughest Mobile Phone that I have seen in my life.

In fact, there are also many memes on the internet on how tough the old Nokia 3310 is, and I’ve also seen some Youtube videos that test how tough is the old Nokia 3310 is, some clips show that the Nokia 3310 drops from a drone 1000ft above the ground and it still survive.

It is undeniable that the Nokia Company is famous for creating mobile phones that are tough and durable.

But years have passed and Nokia has fallen and almost vanish from existence after it lost the competition to Apple and Samsung it has become dormant for years.

In 2017, Nokia the Sleeping Giant has returned to the market making a new phone, but what I’ve noticed is that Nokia avoids direct competition they didn’t create a real flagship and doest engage in a spec battle with some smartphone makers like Samsung and Huawei or Apple.

Instead, they create a reliable phone that does have the highest processor but is still reliable for day-to-day tasks.

As Other Smartphone makers compete with each other, Nokia silently sold some of its smartphones, as the pandemic hit the globe it also hit the market for Nokia since it has been some report that Nokia has sales has been declining rapidly.

But now in 2021, Nokia decided to focus on factors where they stand out, the Durability and its build quality.

Now in 2021, they unveiled their new smartphone that has the potential to be called the toughest smartphone in 2021 it’s named is Nokia XR20, and let’s know more about this device.

Nokia XR20
Image Credit to Nokia

Nokia XR20 Build Materials

To build the toughest Android phone Nokia chooses a Polymer composite, and Aluminum to build the body of the device instead of glass since smartphones these days are made up of glass and we all know that glass is glass, and glass can break.

Even the toughest glass can still break, yeah sure it can handle some forces but Aluminum is more reliable than glass in terms of durability.

The Company is so confident that the Nokia XR20 is so tough they even feature Roberto Carlos and Lisa Zimouche in the Nokia XR20 trailer in a tough test, it shows how the two football stars keep on hitting the phone with the ball, and the phone remains un harm.

The company like to show its potential customer how to tough the Nokia XR20 can be.


For the display, Nokia uses glass obviously since there is no such display that is made up of Aluminum, but it is not ordinary Glass, instead, the Nokia XR20 display is made up of Gorilla Glass Victus toughest glass on a smartphone.

It can handle some accidental drops without shattering.

The Nokia XR20 is also a 6.67-inch FHD display with 1080 x 2400 resolution and up to 550 nits brightness to make it still visible in direct sunlight.

It is also IP68 certified means it has protection against water and dust.


For the processor? well, this might be the issue for this phone since Nokia put a Qualcomm 4 series of processors instead of 8 series or 7 series.

For those who doest know Qualcomm released a different series of mobile processors every year, the 8 series being a processor for some flagship devices, 7 series for a midrange device, 6 and 4 series for budget phones, and 2 series for the lowest tier devices.

In my own opinion, the Nokia XR20 should at least use an 8 series like the Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 or even the 7 series mobile processor and it would be perfect.

But the Snapdragon 480 5G that the Nokia XR20 uses is not that bad, in fact, it can even compete with last year’s Midrange processor like the Qualcomm Snapdragon 732 5G and Qualcomm Snapdragon 765 5G the same processor that Google Pixel 5 is using.

If you look at the features and specs of SD 732 5G and compare it to SD 480 5G it is almost similar.

It is the same 8nm processor, the SD 732 has a slightly higher clock speed with up to 2.3GHz while the SD 480 has a max clock speed up to 2.0GHz.

But for the GPU the SD 480 has Adreno 619 while the SD 732 has Adreno 618 while a slightly win for SD480.

In fact, the Qualcomm Snapdragon 4 series of 2021 is like the 6 series of the year 2020, and can even compete for side by side with the Snapdragon 7 series of 2020.

Based on the information that I get the processor of the Nokia XR20 is also a good processor that can handle the day-to-day tasks for most people.


For the RAM the Nokia XR20 has 6GB of RAM, it is good news since when it has still not been released it has some rumors that it will be released with 4GB of RAM and 4GB is not enough for some people, especially those people that love using their phone for gaming like me.

And since I was a gamer and I personally know that many mobile games that emerge in the year 2020 up to this year are high-quality mobile games with High graphics to play smoothly I always recommend choosing a phone with at least 6GB of RAM since a 4GB will not enough for some of the Best Mobile games in 2021.


For the battery, the Nokia XR20 phone packs a 4630mAh that the company claims can last about two days of battery life.

it also features a quick charge 4.0 technology but this device does ship a wall charger out of the box, as the iPhone did on their iPhone 12 model, instead, they just put a cable inside for the effort in reducing waste for the environment.

Other Features

The XR20 aims to give its user a phone that can last for years and they are serious about it, that’s why they also promise to give the phone 3 years of OS upgrades, 4 years of security updates, and they also put a 3 years warranty on it and it shows how they are so confident that the Nokia XR20 would last long.

Nokia XR20 Specs

ColorsGranite/Ultra Blue
Dimension171.64mm x 81.5mm x 10.64mm
ProcessorQualcomm Snapdragon 480 5G
GPUAdreno 619
Display6.67-inch FHD+(1080 x 2400 ) Corning Gorilla Glass Victus
Rear Camera48 MP Main Camera
Aperture: f/1.79
+ 13 MP Ultrawide
 Aperture: f2.4
Front Camera8MP Selfie Camera
Battery4630mAh Non-removable battery
IP CertifiedIP68
OsAndroid 11 (Up to 3 years Os Upgrade)
Nokia X20 Specs

Bottom Line

Nokia has released the XR20 their main goal is to create a smartphone that can last for years even for some clumsy hand users, they include an IP68 in case someone accidentally drop their phone in water sources such as a swimming pool, or spill some cup of coffee on it.

They also choose a Polymer composite with an Aluminum core instead of Glass for impact resistance, 3 years of warranty with 3 years of Os upgrade, and 4 years of security update Nokia is serious to give you the toughest Android Phone that would last long.

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