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Scalenut Review 2024: Things You Need To Know First

Scalenut Review
Scalenut is not perfect, some alternatives are better when comparing price to functionality, Its AI writer can perform a decent job, and its keyword research is just okay but not impressive, and its content editor was fine.For all the features that it provides, it can be a good tool to start. The only thing that held me back from recommending was the price, their lowest price which costs about $39/mo can only allow the creation of five articles per month which is not enough for most publishers and forces them to purchase the more expensive plan.
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Welcome to my Scalenut Review.

Scalenut is a platform that offers a combination of search engine optimization and AI writing tools, combine these two main features you can have the ultimate writing platform.

I reviewed a lot of tools that have the same functionality as Scalenut and today let me give you an insight into how Scalenut is good compared to its competitors.

I purchased this tool to use on my other website, as a webmaster who uses this tool personally let me share with you my personal experience of Scalenut to serve as a basis for your decision if Scalenut is worth trying or not.

In this Scalenut review, you learn about the following:

  • Its Key Features and Benefits
  • Quality of Content
  • Performance
  • Scalenut tutorial
  • Pros and Cons

Key Takeaways:

  • Scalenut can help content creators, marketers, and publishers with their writing tasks.
  • It can create SEO content quickly and easily.
  • It can help to improve existing content
  • Scalenut can optimize articles to rank well on SERP

What is Scalenut?

Scalenut is an AI writing assistant that offers content marketing solutions for businesses looking to boost their online presence.

It has a user-friendly interface and advanced technology, which helps businesses create high-quality content that resonates with their target audience. 

Scalenut is good for blog posts, social media posts, or website copy, Scalenut makes it easy for businesses to produce compelling and engaging content. 

Additionally, Scalenut is also one of the best Sufer SEO alternatives, it offers almost similar features to Surfer SEO which includes an SEO editor for optimization, SERP analysis, and AI writing tools.

Scalenut Features and Capabilities

To have a proper insight, let me share with you all its features and how it performs in the real world.

Article Writer


The Scalenut’s article writer feature stands out as a primary highlight. Leveraging advanced AI capabilities, Scalenut’s AI writer and AI copywriting tools excel in content creation, crafting comprehensive articles spanning over 1500+ words while ensuring SEO optimization with good SEO scores for enhanced ranking.

Utilizing Scalenut for content generation mirrors the process of other AI writing tools, such as, as reviewed on Mirageportal.

However, Scalenut distinguishes itself through its meticulous approach, providing more intricate details.

Notably, the content generated by Scalenut is meticulously optimized for keywords and NLP terms, setting it apart from, where the generated articles are lengthy but lack optimization finesse.

Scalenut provides a seamless blend of efficient SEO optimization and sophisticated content creation, making it a noteworthy contender in the AI copywriting landscape.

AI Content Detector Test

I also compared the result of the generated article by Scalenut AI to another AI writing tool which is Neuroflash and I was impressed.

In the previous test, the article written by Neuroflash failed on the AI detector, but on the other hand, the Scalenut AI article writer did an impressive job that passed AI content detector tools which is an impressive feat from an AI writing tool.

Content Quality

In terms of content quality, Scalenut meets the criteria quite well. It can proficiently generate well-written articles that are meticulously optimized using keywords and NLP terms based on the specified query.

The word count length of the generated content is satisfactory, typically spanning around 1500+ words and occasionally extending to 2000+, making it suitable for publication. 

However, when comparing content quality with other AI writing tools like Surgegraph, my personal preference leans towards Surgegraph AI.

Surgegraph’s content creation process excels in generating longer and more detailed articles. It seamlessly covers every topic required, adding an extra layer of depth to the content. While Scalenut performs admirably in generating content, Surgegraph’s prowess in delivering comprehensive and detailed articles remains my preferred choice.

Content Optimizer


Scalenut offers AI writing and SEO functionality, aside from its AI content writer that is already capable of creating long-form content, which is already optimized– it also has content optimizer features.

Scalenut content optimizer is quite good, it provides data that is needed to further optimize the generated article.

In the content optimizer, you can see on the right side of the screen all the data that you need, you can click the research and you will see all the NLP terms with the right frequency that you need to use in the article.

Competitors Analysis

scalenut-content-optimization-competition analysis

You can also see your competitor on that query together with their content structured like subheading, content score, and number of words.


Additionally, by clicking the questions beside the “competition” you can see all the related questions that you can add to your article.

Optimized For Key Terms & Recommendations


The optimize section is where you can optimize your content following the recommendations, by default if your content is generated by the Scalenut article writer it is already optimized but you can still use these optimizing features to optimize it even more.

What makes it even more interesting is the “fix it” feature, where you can automatically add more key terms to your article by just clicking the accept button in the fix it, then the AI will automatically insert the key terms and blend them naturally in your content.

This kind of feature is a bit similar to Surgegraph auto optimization, the only difference is that Surgegraph can blend all the recommended key terms naturally in just one click, while also adding outbound links to high authority for added SEO benefits.

Optimized Old Content

I use this feature to optimize my old content, the process is simple you just need to click enter the content optimizer >> then enter the URL of the old content together with the keywords, then the tools will analyze the SERP, and after the AI finish analysis the SERP you can start optimizing the old content by following the recommendation.

This feature is useful for me to ensure that not just my new content is properly optimized but also my old articles.

Scalenut AI Templates

Scalenut provides 40 AI templates or AI copywriter tools for content creation which can help with content strategy or any writing task. Here are some of the templates that I found very useful which you can use in Scalenut:

Scalenut’s Keyword Planner


Aside from AI writing and content optimizer Scalenut also has keyword research features called keyword planner. Its keyword research is good but not as good when compared to the likes of Semrush.

This feature is perfect if you’re not using other keyword research tools like Ahref or Semrush, it can help you target low-competition keywords, or content research without the need to purchase extra SEO tools.

It provides data like user intent, search volume, CPC, keyword difficulty, and related keywords.

Marketing Copywriter


Marketing Copywriter is like a compilation of smaller AI-powered tools inside Scalenut it, is an AI template that works using a fine-tuned prompt created by Scalenut.

If you want to write a long-form article you should choose the content writer, but if all you need is some minor modification in your article like creating a blog intro or meta description marketing copywriter is the right feature to consider.

Blog Ideas


This is useful for increasing the domain authority of your website by creating ideas that are related to your blog. Instead of asking for ChatGPT and entering a prompt on it, you can just these AI templates then enter your main topics and it will show you some ideas that are related to your blog.

Outline Generator


Scalenut also has an outline generator that you can use, aside from its article writer that can generate an outline and a whole article, it also has a separate outline generator in case you need it.

Blog Title Generator


A blog title generator is very useful when deciding on a suitable topic for a blog. I use it by simply entering my topics and the tools will show different title variations to choose from.

Conclusion Generator


If you want to just change the conclusion from one of your articles or you just need to improve it; the conclusion generator might be the best choice. Just need to enter a short description of your blog and this tool will generate a conclusion for you.

Heading To Paragraph


Heading to paragraph is a template to use in generating paragraphs out of subheadings, to use this feature we just need to enter the topic of the article, then add the subheadings and tone then the tool will write a paragraph based on your choice subheadings.

Meta Description Generator


To help search engines like Google understand our article, we need to write our meta description. These templates are good at creating a meta description that is optimized both for search engines and people to understand.

Sentence Rewriter


Sentence rewriter is a useful tool for copywriters, you can just enter the sentence that you need to rewrite and the tool will rewrite it for you. You can use the rewritten sentence directly or just use it as a base.

Other AI Templates for Marketing Copywriters

  • Product Description Generator
  • Intro Generator
  • Product Feature Listing
  • Intro Generator
  • Online Review Generator
  • Video Title
  • Video Script Outline
  • Video Description
  • Video Hook & Introduction
  • Business Name Generator
  • Call To Action Generator
  • Slogan Generator
  • Bio Generator
  • Simplify Sentence
  • First-Person To Third-Person Converter
  • Active To Passive Converter
  • Passive To Active Converter
  • LinkedIn Headline Generator
  • Book Title Generator
  • LinkedIn Summary Generator
  • Sales Email Generator
  • Facebook Headline Generator
  • Facebook Primary Text
  • Answers Questions in Bullet Point
  • Compelling Bullet Points
  • Quora Answers
  • Google Description
  • Google Headline

User Experience

In terms of user experience, I have nothing to complain about Scalenut, it was very easy to use, the instructions were clear, and there were also some useful resources like embedded YouTube tutorials that explained its features.

The interface and navigation are clean and organized, and all features are easy to access and easy to understand. Speed is also very important in a cloud-based platform, very slow performance can greatly affect productivity when using tools, luckily Scaletnut was fast, with no lag, and I can’t see any noticeable bug in using their platform.


Scalenut has indeed useful features but does its price justify its performance and features? Let me give you an idea of its pricing, this will surely help you decide whether to purchase or not;

  • Essential: Price $39/mo, Create SEO Articles (5 Articles/mo)
  • Growth: Price $79/mo, Create SEO Articles (30 Articles/mo), Audit & Optimize Articles
    (30 Articles/mo)
  • Pro: $149/mo, Create SEO Articles (75 Articles/mo), Audit and optimize Articles
    (75 Articles/mo)

The Scalenut pricing is quite reasonable based on the features that it provides, but when we compared it to some of its competitors like Neuronwriter and Surgegraph; they can do what Scalenut can do but their pricing is cheaper.

For example is Neuronwriter, their cheapest plan costs about $23/mo it’s cheaper than Scalenut’s cheapest plan, you can optimize 25 articles in a month while you can only optimize five articles in Scalenut in a month.

Pros and Cons: Scalenut Benefits & Draw Backs


  • Faster Content Generation: Creating content on Scalenut is much faster than writing manually, its AI is designed to analyze certain queries and generate article from it.
  • Better Ranking: Aside from an AI writing tool, Scalenut is also a content optimization tool. It uses different techniques to mimic the SERP algorithm and provides useful recommendations to improve your article ranking.


  • Shorter Content: Articles generated by Scalenut AI are good, but just based on my own opinion I find it a bit short, it generates 800-1500 words of articles, and sometimes it reaches 2000+ words, it’s okay but for me, in some topics, it should generate a longer article to cover everything in a certain topic.
  • Expensive Pricing: Another factor that I dont like about Scalenut is its pricing, the feature is good but the pricing was a bit expensive in my own opinion given the fact that some AI writing tools provide the same features and quality but are cheaper compared to Scalenut.

Best Scalenut Alternatives

If Scalenut is not the tool for you, I will give you a list of the best Scalenut alternatives that you can check;


Amongst all the AI writing tools that I’ve used Surgegraph is the best alternative to Scalenut I highly recommend, it for the reason that Surgegraph offers unique pricing, unlike other tools that are very expensive.

Surgegraph is very generous when it comes to its pricing, all of its plans do not have any restrictions on features, and all users no matter what plan they choose can use all features including unlimited long-form articles that are 5000+ words that are highly optimized, unlimited keywords research, and unlimited content optimization.

The only difference from its plans was the discounts, the higher the plan you choose the lower its price; so if you choose its three-year plan it will just cost $14.69/mo.

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Another alternative for Scalenut is Neuronwriter, which is an all-in-one SEO and writing platform that provides different features such as SERP and competitor analysis, and AI-powered content writing tools.

Neuronwriter can create new content with just one click that has a length of 800-1500 words with high content score. It also has an accurate SEO recommendation which is even better than Scalenut.

Aside from its ability to create an article that is highly optimized it also offers affordable pricing and lifetime deals which are hard to ignore.

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How to Get Started with Scalenut

Step 1: Start With Keyword


Inside your dashboard the very first thing to do is to look for the article writer, just click on it and a new option will appear, enter your keywords and choose a location.

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Step 2: Choose Context & Tone Of Voice


After entering keywords and focus location, the next thing that you need to do is to choose context and tone of voice. Just write a short description about the topic of the blog choose your preferred tone and hit continue.

Step 3: Choose Your Blog Title


Our next step is to choose a blog title, To create a blog title you have two choices either you write it manually or just choose one from the variety of AI-generated titles. After choosing the best just hit continue.

Step 4: Build Your Outline


The keyword is already done, context, tone, and title are also finished, the next step that we need to do is to build the outline. After creating a title the AI will automatically generate an outline for you, you will also be presented with the outline from the top-ranking article in the query.

You can edit your outline and add some subheadings in your outline from your competitors, it will also provide you with related questions that you can also add to the outline. After you finish your outline just hit continue.

Step 5: Check, Edit, and Add Writing Points


After generating the outline, the next step is to edit the writing points. The AI will generate all the writing points that will serve as a guideline for the whole article, you can also edit and add some writing points if you like.

Step 6: Generating Article


After polishing your writing points the next step is much more simple, all you need to do is click the button “Generate Draft” and the AI will start writing the whole article for you. Just wait a couple of minutes to finish and after that export the draft into the editor.

Step 7: Optimized The Article


After generating and exporting the article in the editor, you can see the optimization score at the right upper side of the dashboard. The article generated by Scalenut is already optimized but you can still optimize it even more.

On the right side, you can see all the recommendations that you need to follow to increase the optimization score of your article. After you finish you export it to your website and publish it.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Scalenut worth it?

Scalenut is worth it for the features and functionality it offers but for the price. No there are cheaper alternatives but has better features and functionality.

How does scalenut work?

Scalenut works by analyzing a certain query and top competitors, then it provides recommendations on how to outrank your competitors using NLP.

What is scalenut ai?

Scalenut AI is what powers their platform, it uses artificial intelligence to create long-form articles and other writing task.