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Key Takeaways

  • offers impressive article quality. Its one-click blog post generator produces SEO-optimized articles with images, structure, and length that’s competitive with tools like Surgegraph.
  • Save time with AI-powered content creation.’s streamlined process lets you generate drafts for various types of content (reviews, product roundups, etc.) in just a few clicks.
  • It’s NOT a full SEO suite. While helps with the content creation side, you’ll need another tool (like Neuronwriter) for comprehensive optimization and competitor analysis.
  • Consider the free plan. generously offers 5 free articles per month, letting you test its impressive capabilities before committing.
  • Alternatives exist. For unlimited content generation, look into WordHero’s lifetime deal. For a broader range of SEO features, consider Surfer SEO or Frase.

Welcome to my Review.

Today I will review another SEO writing AI tool called ‘’. This tool is slightly different from other AI-powered SEO writing tools since it doesn’t have an SEO content optimization editor like the one we’ve found in some tools like Frase.

Instead, is more focused on blog writing like WordHero and Rytr which can generate SEO-optimized content but doesn’t offer more optimization features. Unlike my previous review, I will make this article review shorter for the reason that doesn’t offer more features like other AI tools for writing, so without further ado let’s proceed.


From its name, you can say that this tool is focused on writing and SEO like Frase, Surgegraph, Surfer SEO, or Scalenut, but sorry to disappoint you but it is not. is an AI-driven writing tool that is built to help freelancers, publishers, or other writers. It is tuned to generate content that is SEO-optimized to help with search engine rankings.

This tool like its competitors is also powered by the OpenAI language models GPT-3 and GPT-4, so you can ensure that this powerful tool is capable of creating writing tasks. Review: Key Features

Seowriting AI offers AI tools for different purposes, it works like AI cases that users can choose depending on the types of articles they want to create.

The following are the key features offered by Seowriting AI:

  • One-click Blog Post Generator
  • Bulk Article Generation
  • Product Roundups 
  • Product Review 
  • Product List Workflow
  • How To Guide
  • Simple Editor

I will show you how all those features work one by one.

One-Click Blog Post Generator


One of the most used features of Seowriting AI is its one-click blog post for content creation. It is also one of my favorite features since it is one of the few one-click blog AI writers capable of generating high-quality content.

After testing this feature I’m amazed at how good it is for content writing, I honestly don’t expect the outcome. It provides me with a blog article with a length of 2577 words and SEO optimized, this feature is good for content creators and SEO specialists.

The one-click blog article generator is one of the best AI capabilities of the Seowriting tool, which is my favorite among its features.

Content Quality

The content quality is also good, the whole article is properly structured with proper subheadings, listing, tables, YouTube embed, and even high-quality AI images. 

The image that uses is an AI image, so you have to worry about no more on nowhere to get an image to be used in your blog. 


To me, the quality of the article generated by is comparable to Surgegraph, if you are a longtime reader of Mirageportal about AI writing tools, you already know that Surgegraph is my number one choice because of its quality and can be an alternative to Surgegraph.

AI Detector Test

I also tested the generated article by and it has a pretty mixed result. In the first test, you can see in the screenshot that it passed the AI detector, but in the next AI detector tool, it was partially detected. 

The result is okay for me, but when I used the step-by-step content creation process, it completely failed in all AI detectors I’ve used. So, If you want your content to sound like a more human and passed detector the best choice is the one-click blog generator.

SEO Content Optimization

I even decided to test the generated article by even further, they claim that their AI is capable of creating high-quality content, but the problem is they didn’t include an SEO content optimization editor on their tool.

So to accurately test’s SEO performance, I’ve used my Neuronwriter to see its content score. 

You can see from the screenshot below the content score of the article written by AI For me, it is okay but not impressive.

seowriting ai seo optimization test using neuronwriter

It only managed to reach a content score of 33 which is not yet ready for publishing. Based on my standards the quality is good, but it still needs to add more NLP terms in the article.

On its own, it can write optimized content but not enough, it needs some help from the likes of Nueronwriter.

The combination of + Neuronwriter is a perfect combo to create a real SEO-optimized article that has a higher chance of ranking on Google.

Use Cases

Aside from the main AI content writer of which is the ‘one-click blog post generator’ it also offers different AI cases that you can use depending on what article you creating.

Step By Step Blog Post Generator

Step By Step Blog Post Generator

The step-by-step blog article generator is used if you want to create content with more control over the writing process. It starts with the keywords the tool will give you some suggested titles, you can choose one and proceed to the other steps.

After creating a title, it will help you to create a meta description and then outline and you can use the AI writing assistant to write each subheading one by one.

For me, this AI case is good for providing more content, but I don’t like it at all since the one-click generator is too good and makes me completely ignore the step-by-step blog post generator.

Besides, in terms of quality, the one-click AI writer provides better quality compared to the article generated by the step-by-step blog article generator.

Product Roundups


The product roundups are good for affiliate content, you can create a product list that will link to Amazon, this case is perfect if you have an Amazon affiliate website. 

Using product roundups is one of the easiest ways to create a listing article for an Amazon affiliate article, you just need to enter the necessary information just like in the step-by-step blog.

The only difference about the writing process in the product roundup is that you can enter all the Amazon product links at once. 

Then the AI will automatically insert them in the article with the right format like pros and cons of the product, image of the product, and button with the link to Amazon.

Get Your

Product Review


The product review is the case to use if you want to create a product review article. For me this case is good but I advise not to use AI in creating a product review since you might end up getting penalized by Google.

Using these features is very easy, just enter the necessary information, and add the Amazon link of the product that you need to review and the tools will automatically insert the product link in the article together with the image, pros and cons, and affiliate button.

How to Guide

seowriting-ai-how-to-guide-ai-cases also has a how-to guide AI cases, this will guide you to create a how-to article much easier. The process is just the same as the other cases where you need to create and enter the topics and keywords, then create a title, meta descriptions, and headings with the help of artificial intelligence.

Simple Editor 


A simple editor is like their own version of an SEO optimization editor, you can see the content score but provides pretty basic data. The simple editor does not provide data like related key phrases or terms that you can add to your article to be more optimized.

Their simple editor is indeed very simple to the point that you need to use another SEO content optimization tool like Neuronwriter to optimize your content. Review: Pricing Plan Review: Pricing Plan

For pricing, has very flexible pricing options. It is generous enough to provide a free plan for all users, the free plan is a great offer since it allows free users to generate five articles per month without spending a single penny. 

The premium version will provide more advanced features like YouTube embedding, connection to the web, and outline editor, the price is scalable and starts at $19 per month up to $199 per month depending on how many articles you want to generate in each month.

Get Your

Pros and Cons


  • High-Quality Article Generation
  • Save Time and Effort
  • Improved SEO


  • No Real SEO Optimization Editor
  • No Competitors Analysis Alternatives


For now, doesn’t offer a lifetime deal like some of its competitors, if you want an AI writing tool that has unlimited content generation and a lifetime deal WordHero is one that I can recommend. 

With this tool, you can generate unlimited articles using GPT-3.5, you can also use a GPT-4 using their enhanced mode, but it is powered by a credit system that replenishes every month.

Some of the features of WorHero are AI image generation, long-form article writing, and a lot of AI cases way more than Seowriting can offer. If you want to use WordHero without a monthly or yearly subscription you can use the button below and it will redirect you to the WordHero lifetime deal.

Read our Review | Visit WordHero


Another Seowriting alternative that I can offer is Writecream, it also has a lifetime deal that you can get to use it for a lifetime without any subscription.

However Writecream is also powered by credit that refreshes every month, so it means that this tool doesn’t offer unlimited content generation like WordHero.

Some of the features that this tool offers are an AI image generator, a one-click long-form writer, a grammar checker, a plagiarism checker, and a lot of use cases.

Writecream’s lifetime deal is only available for a limited time, make sure to have one before it’s gone.

Read our Review | Visit Writecream

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Is using worth it? Yes, I'm impressed with its performance in generating articles, the quality is impressive, and from the day that I used this tool, it quickly became my best alternative to Surgegraph. The outline editor and image embedded in the article make them a formidable match to Surgegraph, However, their content optimization still needs some refinement. Yes, it can generate optimized articles but still not enough which makes me need to use another tool like Neuronwriter to optimize the content until it is ready for publication.If you want to generate a high-quality article I can highly recommend just make sure you pair it with a better SEO optimization tool.
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