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15 Reasons Why Android Is Better Than Iphone

Which is abetter android or iPhone? a question that always flooding the internet by some of the most die-hard Android and iPhone fans out there, always arguing and debating of which Smartphone is better, so we decided to create a complete list of reasons why Android is better than iPhone.

Remember the days when android first released to competes with Steve Job iPhone,? iPhone completely dominates over the android and it was really embarrassing for android users, and remember when iPhone users called an Android a Lagroid?? for some android fan it was hard to swallow but it was true, but what year are we now?? and those embarrassing days are long gone and android quickly adopts and catchup on iPhones technology and Android can now go toe to toe to its iPhone counterpart.

Before we proceed to our list lets discuss first of what is an Android and how it all begins.


First What is an android?

Android is an opensource Linux based operating system developed by Google, Android Os was first created by Android Inc. way back in 2003, the brain of creating an Android Os is Andy Rubin and Rich Miner, these two is responsible for the first development of Android OS, at first when the Android Os was still on development, its struggle to find its investors until a closed friend of Andy Rubin named Steve Perlman and gave $10,000 cash to help Andy Rubin. And in 2005 Google acquired Android for $50 million, but Andy together with Miner and White join Google for further development of Android Os.

Now the Android Software is widely used from smartphones to tablets by different OEM around the globe, it is being said that there are 2.5 billion active users worldwide and the continuous development and innovation of Android Os brings the Android phone to compete against is iPhone counterpart.


Back to our main topic, here is the complete list of why Android is better than iPhone.


android vs iphone affordability
Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay


One of the reasons why Android is better than iPhone was its price, Android has clearly an advantage over the iPhone, and we all know how expensive an iPhone really is, and many consumers around the world choose an android for being an affordable yet reliable device.

iPhones are always on the flagship category while an android phone has a budget and midrange that for these days has really competitive performance despite cheaper pricing.

Android phone nowadays from Budget to Midrange category has snappy and smoother performance, a better camera, bigger battery, and some other specs that are truly justifiable for the price and affordability is one of the reasons why Android is better than iPhones.




plenty of options why android is better than iphone

Plenty of Options

By being a widely used operating system by different OEM or Smartphone manufacturers. You always have an option of what kinds or what brand of Android phone will you buy unlike an iPhone, that’s the only choice that you have was their latest iPhone lineup or their previous iPhones that are still available on the market.

While on android you have Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi, LG, Sony, and other smartphone makers that have their latest lineup from the budget, midrange, and flagship category.




lot of free apps why android is better than iphone

Lots of Free apps !!

Who doesn’t want some free stuff right? Have you ever wonder why android has a lot of free apps compared to iOS? because the iPhone user is willing to pay for their apps, Apple products like an iPhone, for example, is used like and a status symbol for many, it is like a Ferrari in Car industry.

Think about this, why would you buy an expensive Ferrari rather than buying an EVO? like an iPhone, it is often used as a status symbol for some, it’s like you paid more for less right?? and on the other hand, Android user is sometimes more practical kind of customer than an iPhone user and for that reasons, iOS developer knows that no matter what happens their apps on iOS will be sold.

SO why android has a lot of free apps? it’s simply the massive number of users of Android Os that they can’t ignore, there are a lot of free apps on android but some of them like for some games, for example, are free to play but to have some advantage on the game it requires to pay some real money, and for that reason, developers on android can still earn from its free apps.



Fast Charging

I know some of you might complain that the iPhone 11 Pro supports fast charging, but it has only had an 18W charger out of the box and if you want to charge faster you need to buy another charger, while on Android even for a budget and mid-range category you can get a USB-C fast-charging capability for a cheaper price.

Like Huawei, Nokia, Xiaomi, Oppo they have a phone lineup that is built for budget and Mid-range category with a fast charger out of the Box.


Lots Of Display Options

Of the reason why android is better than iPhone is the display, as android is a large variety of options, you can choose what kind of display you’re looking for like, for example, is the Samsung S and Note series with the best display on the market.

And if you want a smartphone with a good display that is built for gaming you can choose a phone like  ROG phone 2 and Razer phone with a 120Hz display refresh rate.




Very Wide Ecosystem

With an Operating system with a huge number of users, it is one of the reasons why android is better than iOS when you have trouble with your new smartphone you can easily find a solution by finding in a forum or just by simply googling.

And since Android has a huge number of users, many third-party manufacturers create and sell affordable yet useful accessories for android smartphones.



Modded Apps

Did you know that there are some apps that you cant find on an iPhone? You read it right, actually, there are a lot of of them, but unfortunately, some of the modded android apps are illegal, like on some modded gaming apps that give an advantage for the user like manipulating the cash in the game to buy weapons and stuff and it is unfair for some player who likes to play fair. But there are some modded apps that don’t cause harm like the Gcam that allows another compatible android phone into a Pixel like camera that used HDR+ technology to capture better photos.

Gcam despite the fact that it doesn’t cause harm Gcam was still considered illegal so if you are planning to try modded android apps do it at your own risk.





To customize your phone of what it should look like is the things that you cant do to your iPhone.

Yeah maybe there are some but it is very limited, unlike android that offers a lot of customization options from the third party like keyboard, free messaging apps, widgets and even the UI itself, you can customize the user interface of an Android device by using Third-party Luncher that suit of users preference.

I want to make this clear that there are few customization options for iPhone but the customization that you can do from the Android device is way better than you can do from an iPhone.



Android Is an Opensource

One of the benefits of Opensource is that android can easily be customized, and the smartphone manufacturer has its own freedom to modified android source code and built an Android phone the way they wanted to.

And for that reason, smartphone makers can build a different kind of smartphone with different features and uses that might suit the need of customers like us.

And in addition to Android for being an opensource, bugs and exploits are discovered more quickly that make the android device more secure.




Free Internet

SSHHH ! this one is illegal but this is worth mentioning, did you know that you can have free internet access on android device?? Yes, you can and you will not spend even a single cents to access free internet, How? well as I mention that Android is an open-source right? and for that reason, many developers can access the Android source code can build their magic.

I also mention that there are a lot of modded apps out there and some of those apps can help you access free internet, how I wish I can do a tutorial for free internet access but it’s illegal, so you better find it on some tech forum.




Many say that iPhones mostly rely on their software, and Android?? their hardware !!

As I said, Android Os are widely used by different OEM, and maybe you already know that a smartphone which has software and hardware built by the same company is more optimized like iPhone and Google Pixel for example, but it is not the case for other smartphone makers like Samsung, LG, Sony, etc. but they made a solution for that, instead of focusing on the software they put their product the best hardware as possible.

Android hardware is the reason why android phones always compete on each other by using their hardware or what I called “SPECS wars” or battle of specifications, they used their hardware specs to attracts more costumers, that why we can get an Android phone with lots of RAMs that range up to 12GB of RAM like the one we can see from a gaming phone like the ROG phone 2,

You can also get an Android phone with 50x to 100x zoom like what Samsung and Huawei did, 120Hz refresh rate display, OLED with QHD resolution if you are looking for the best hardware? you can find it on the Android device.




In the early days, iPhone is clearly has a better in terms of futuristic design over android, but everything has changed, from 4 out of 5 smartphones are running Android, and many companies are innovating the design of an android phone with a more flawless and futuristic look than an iPhone.

Android this day has smaller bezels, teardrop notch, and who wouldn’t love the aggressive design of some Android gaming phone like ROG phone and Black shark.



Headphone jack

Its always been an issue for everybody, the headphone jack !!… there are many violent reactions when iPhone first abandon the headphone jack way back in 2016 and latter followed by google pixel, although Pixel phone is also an android phone there are still many android phones on the market that has a headphone jack.




Touch ID

New iPhone doesn’t have a fingerprint reader and instead of its touch ID, it is now using a facial recognition or face ID to unlock the phone.

But touch ID is far more secure than face ID for a reason of there is no identical fingerprint that exists while on the other hand there are many claims that face ID can be fooled, not working and slow.

Luckily there are still many Android phones that use a more secure and faster touch ID.


Downloading Apps

Apple is very strict when it comes from downloading an application, On android, you can download apps not just from  Google play store, but also from another website like Amazon app store, Apk mirror, Apk pure or directly download the apps from its official website.

But on the iPhone, only the App Store is the place to find and download apps that they might need.