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WordHero Review 2024: Honest Review Of This Tool

A Deep Dive into WordHero 2024: Your Ultimate Guide

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Key Takeaways

  • WordHero offers a wide range of AI-powered writing tools. These cover everything from blog creation to social media captions, making it a versatile choice.
  • The interface is simple to use. Most tools are intuitive, reducing the learning curve for beginners.
  • Unlimited content generation (standard mode) is a major plus. However, the more advanced GPT-4 mode is credit-based.
  • WordHero lacks a built-in plagiarism checker. You will need a separate tool to ensure your AI-generated content is original.
  • Consider the Appsumo lifetime deal for the best value. It provides unlimited standard content generation and the most generous credits for GPT-4 enhanced mode.

Additional Considerations

  • WordHero may not be ideal for users seeking the most advanced AI-generated intros. You might consider supplementing it with other tools for more natural-sounding intros.
  • It’s worth comparing WordHero features to Surgegraph and Frase. These alternatives may offer better long-form AI generation or stronger SEO capabilities

Welcome to my WordHero Review.

AI content writing is one of the trends in publishing today. Some publishers don’t want to use AI, but others prefer the use of AI to write their content. I know that you’re here since you are planning to buy an AI writer called “WordHero.”

Before you do that, please take your time to read this article, as it will give you an insight into all the features, how it works, and if it is worth your time and money.

How I Review This AI Tool?

  • I purchased the AI writing tool WordHero and used it to generate articles on my other websites.
  • I use every feature of the tools and test its functionality.

Understanding WordHero & How It Works


WordHero was founded in July 2021 by a Singaporean named Jeff Tay that aims to provide an online platform powered by AI. WordHero is an online platform that offers different writing tools to make writing much easier; after you purchase WordHero, you will see a lot of individual writing tools that can be used for different purposes.

WordHero uses Artificial intelligence to create writing tools that can make the work of its users easier; it uses GPT 3.5 and GPT 4 to power its tools.

You can generate unlimited content using GPT 3.5, but when you turn on enhance mode, your tools will automatically use GPT4, powered by credit.

Features & Benefits Of WordHero

Here are the features that you can expect after purchasing WordHero:

Blog Writer


You might be familiar that some writer uses ChatGPT to write their blog content; in WordHero, you can do the same since it uses GPT 3.5 and GPT 4 algorithms, but the only difference is that with the GPT algorithm, WordHero also uses its algorithm.

The combined WordHero and GPT algorithms result in easier content generation since you don’t need to construct prompts anymore. All you need to do is enter the topics and keywords for each section, and the tools will write for each section of your article.

WordHero AI Chat


Another feature of this tool was its own AI chat. It works the same as ChatGPT, where you can ask the AI anything, and it will provide an answer. The only difference was that WordHero was designed to assist with writing tasks, unlike ChatGPT, which is more conversational-focused AI chat.

Some things that you can do better in WordHero AI is asking the AI for an assistant in copywriting, storytelling, and blog post development; in other words, WordHero AI is powered by OpenAI, but it is fine-tuned for writing purposes.

Blog Outline Generator


You can also create an outline using this tool. You can directly go to the outline generator and enter your topics, and it will generate a blog outline for you.

You can also use this feature when you are in the content editor. You just enter the title of your article, then click the button to generate an outline, and it will generate an outline based on your article title.

Blog Intro Generator

Another tool feature by WordHero is their blog intro generator; you can also use this feature inside the content editor or go directly to the list home page and look for a blog intro generator if creating an intro is all you need.

This feature was good, but honestly, I’m not a fan of AI-generated intro since it sounds very AI; I’ve been using ChatGPT in the past to generate an intro for some of my blogs, but the longer I keep using ChatGPT to generate by blog intro I got sick of it since there are no variations, it generates intros that sound almost the same over and over again.

In WordHero, there is no difference compared to ChatGPT when generating an intro; even in other AI writers, all the intro sounds similar and can easily be noticed as an AI-generated intro, especially when the one who reads is very familiar with the AI writer.

Blog Paragraph Generator


Blog paragraph generator is a useful tool; you can generate a paragraph in just a few steps; all you need to do is write a short description of the paragraph, enter your keywords, and choose your desired tone, and WordHero will generate it for you.

AI Image Generator


WordHero also has its own AI image generator, which I like; I’ve used different AI image generators like Nightcafe, Midjourney, DALL-E2, and more, and they work pretty well.

Having an image generator inside the AI writer is very convenient, so you don’t need to log in to other AI image generators just to get some images for you; in Wordhero, once you are done generating an article, you can generate an image next to have a complete article.

AI credits power the image generator in WordHero; it will consume credits every time you generate an image, so always watch your AI art credit.

Grammar Corrector


This tool can edit your grammar like Grammarly does. All you need to do is open the grammar corrector tool, place your content, then enter the button, and the AI will improve the grammar of your content.

This feature is useful, but if we compare it with Grammarly, I think Grammarly is still better than the WordHero grammar corrector since Grammarly provides much information and choices to correct grammar mistakes.

Content Rewriter


Do you want to edit and rewrite some parts of your article? WordHero also has that feature for you. They offer a content rewriter tool inside their platform; log into your account, go to the homepage, and find content rewriter tools.

In the content rewriter tools, you can place the content you want to rewrite, then enter your target keyword and preferred tone, and the tool will rewrite it for you to make it fresh. This tool is good for rewriting your old post to make it new again; just make sure that you do not rewrite other people’s content.

Blog Conclusion Generator


If you run out of words after a long writing task, you can use this tool called “blog conclusion generator.” I don’t like the idea of automatically generating a blog conclusion, especially on review articles, since AI doesn’t know your experience with the product.

I don’t use AI to generate a blog conclusion since a conclusion summarizes your experience, and AI has no experience with the product or services. However, if you still want to publish an article that AI generates well, this tool is for you as it can generate blog conclusions with minimal effort.

Content Summarizer


Content summarizer tool is perfect for summarizing a section of your article; it is good if you are an editor and you want to summarize content that your writer has written; in some cases, some sections of the article are too long, and you want to summarize it content summarizer by WordHero is a great solution.

To use this feature, all you need to do is find the content summarizer tool, place the content you’ll need to summarize, enter the keyword and tone, and then summarize it for you.

What makes this tool better than other content summarizers is that the other tools just summarize the content while WordHero not only summarizes but also uses your preferred keyword to keep the summarized content as SEO-optimized as possible.

Content Expander


Are you running out of words in a certain part of your blog? This feature might help you; the content expander can expand any section of your blog, and it can increase the length by adding more details to your content.

This tool is one of the useful features of WordHero AI; just find it on the compilation of tools >> add your content together with a keyword >> choose your tone, and the artificial intelligence will expand your content; just make use of you’ll check it for fact-checking just in case.

Pros and Cons Generator


In a review article, pros and cons are an important part of the content since they give a summary for readers of what things are good and bad in a product or service.

Though I don’t use AI on my review articles, and I also advise you not to do so, if you still insist on using AI on every article that you have, including reviews, well, this feature is for you.

You can generate pros and cons by just adding the description in the tool, and then the AI will present you with pros and cons that you can use for your content.

Website About Us Generator


You can also generate an About Us section for your website from one of their tool called the “Website About Us generator.” All you need to do is describe your website in the tool, then add a keyword, and the tool will generate a short about us description for your website.

The downside of this tool is it can just generate a short description; if you want to have a long-form about us section for your website, you will not like this feature.

Bullet Point Expander


The bullet point expander idea is to expand any bullet point section of your article. You should just place a bullet point into the tools, and it will expand it to make the bullet point more thorough, but actually, the tool doesn’t do that way.

What it does is expand the bullet point by making it like an article paragraph; it can convert the bullet point into an article paragraph that is about 150 words or more, which is why I don’t like this feature; it just doesn’t live into what it should be.

SEO Meta Description Generator


Do you want to generate a meta description for your blog article? They also have this feature; I also like this meta description generator because of how easy it is to use.

You just need to place a short description and then provide keywords, and the tool will present you with four different variations of meta description for you to choose from; just get one that you prefer the most, and you can use it on your content.

FAQ Section Generator


The FAQ section is also an important part of other websites and even some blog articles. If you publish blog articles with FAQ sections more frequently, this feature might be right for you.

Generating FAQ is now much easier with this tool. All you need to do is write a short description for your FAQ, then choose tones, and it will generate a complete FAQ for you.

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WordHero Pros and Cons


  • Lots of tools: WordHero is a platform that offers different kinds of AI writing tools that you can choose from; it has a lot of individual tools based on your needs, like FAQ generator, outline generator, long-form article generator, blog intro generator, AI image generator, and more.
  •  Simple User Interface: Its UI is simple and easy to use; some of its tools don’t need any introduction since it is very easy to use and understand.
  •  Unlimited Content Generation: Another advantage of using WordHero is its unlimited content generation, where you can generate any writing content you can as long as you are using normal mode while enhancing mode that is using GPT4 spend credits; in other words, you can generate unlimited content when using GPT 4 enhance mode.
  •  SEO Optimized Content: It is not just generated but can also be used to generate SEO-optimized content; you can enter the keyword of your choice to make sure that it writes content that is optimized on the keyword.


  • Limited Use of Enhance Mode: GPT 4 is more advanced than GPT 3.5. The enhanced mode of WordHero uses GPT 4 to produce more accurate content, but sadly, you can’t use it unlimitedly since it consumes credit every time you use it.
  • No Plagiarism Checker: Plagiarism checkers are very important when writing content, especially for AI writing tools, but sadly, WordHero doesn’t have features like that. If you need to check if your content is safe from plagiarism you’ll need to use a separate plagiarism tool.
  • Intro Sound AI: One thing that I don’t like about AI-generated content is how the intro sounds very AI; if you are an AI user, you can quickly tell if the intro is created by AI or not. Unfortunately, WordHero generated intro is no exception. It also sounds like AI, like other AI writing tools.

WordHero Pricing


For the pricing, there is only one kind of pricing available. For $49 per month, you will get all the features like unlimited content generation in normal mode, 120K tokens for enhanced mode, 120 credits for image generator, and all its features.

WordHero Lifetime Deal On Appsumo


Aside from its normal price, WordHero is now available on Appsumo for a limited time; if you are interested in this tool, one of the best deals is to purchase the lifetime deal on Appsumo for you to use it for a lifetime without the need to purchase a monthly or yearly subscription.

When purchasing WordHero on Appsumo, take a closer look at its pricing; as I’ve mentioned, when using WordHero, you can generate unlimited content when using normal mode, but in Appsumo, it’s different in the lower plans.

You can see that in plans 1 and 2, you can only get 30,000 and 80,000 GPT 3.5 credits; in other words, plans 1 and 2 of WordHero in Appsumo don’t offer unlimited content generation even in normal mode.

Your best option was plan 3, which costs $267 as a one-time purchase. It is a bit expensive, but at least you will get an unlimited GPT of 3.5 tokens that will allow you to generate unlimited articles using normal mode.

Plan 3 gives you the same features and usage as the normal pricing of WordHero– the only difference is that you wouldn’t need to avail of any subscription.

WordHero Alternatives

Still looking for some writing tool? Here are some of the best WordHero alternatives that you can consider:


I’ve always mentioned Surgegraph in the articles that I’ve published for one reason: because they are some of the best AI writers available. If you are a blogger or an SEO writer, you will love this tool since it has everything you need.

Surgegraph has to click long-form writer where you only need to enter your target keywords, and the tools will automatically write an outline, then proceed to write 5000 words of the optimized article; it also has a feature called “auto optimized,” where it suggests how to optimize your article if you want you can just click accept all button.

It will automatically optimize your content, adding links and related key phrases and decorating it. I’ve tried a lot of SEO tools and AI writers, but Surgegraph was still the best I’ve tried and even better than WordHero.

Visit SurgeGraph | Read Our Review


Another best WordHero alternative is a tool called “” It is an SEO tool used to optimize content to rank well on Google and other search engines; it offers features like competitor analysis and a content editor, which is used to optimize content using related key terms.

Aside from being a good option for SEO, it also offers an AI writer tool that is easy to use. It also has an outline generator that is much better than WordHero can offer, and it can also generate a long-form article in one click with a length of 6000+ words that is highly optimized.

Frase is a better option if you want to generate AI content with a better chance to rank on search results.

Visit Frase | Read Our Review

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FAQ- WordHero Review

Is WordHero Free?

No, Wordhero is a premium AI writing tool that offers many features; to continue their product, they need funds, which is why it cannot be free.

Does WordHero use GPT 3?

Yes, they use GPT 3.5 combined with their algorithm to power their tools; they also use GPT 4 when using enhanced mode for more accurate results, but a credit system powers it.

How much is the WordHero lifetime deal?

The lowest plan of the WordHero lifetime deal costs $89, but I always recommend the highest plan since it’s the only lifetime deal plan where you can generate unlimited articles.

WordHero Review 2024: Honest Review Of This Tool
After using WordHero and every feature it offers, we concluded that it was fun to use, but the question is, is it worth buying?In my own opinion, for a lifetime deal, it was a good buy, but for the monthly or yearly subscription, it was good. But other alternatives are better than WordHero, like Surgegraph, which is easier to use and also generates an unlimited article that is more SEO optimized than WordHero generated article.As said, WordHero is a good tool. Still, some of its features are half like the bullet point expander, a website about us generator, and an intro generator-- let's just hope it will get better in the future.Still, for now, the only deal worth checking out is its Appsumo lifetime deal plan number 3 since you can get all of its features for one-time purchases only.
Beginners Friendly
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Lots of tools it offers
Simple User Interface
Unlimited Content Generation (normal mode)
SEO Optimized Content
Limited Use of Enhance Mode (GPT 4)
No Plagiarism Checker
Intro Sounds AI
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