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Writecream vs WordHero: AI Writing Tools Comparison

writecream vs wordhero

Welcome to another match-up of two AI writing tools: Writecream vs WordHero. 

Recently I published an article about Neuronwriter and Frase comparison, and Neuronwriter and WordHero comparison. Today let us compare Writecream and WordHero to see which one has the better benefits and deals.

These two are both AI writing tools that don’t offer an SEO optimization editor like Frase and Neurowriter, so we will change our category a little bit. I will compare these two side by side in five separate categories which are key features, AI writing capabilities, AI image generator, templates/Use cases, and pricing and deal.

Writecream Vs WordHero: Key Features Comparison

Both Writecream and WordHero have very similar features. This match is expected to be very close. Let us start by exploring their key features, and later, we will compare the benefits they can offer side by side.


  • Long Form AI Writer
  • One Click Article Generator
  • AI-Powered Image Generator
  • AI Templates 
  • Plagiarism Checker


  • Long Form Article Generator
  • AI-powered Image Generator
  • AI Templates

WordHero Vs Writecream: AI Writing Capabilities

WordHero and Writecream are primarily recognized for their AI writers, so let’s begin by comparing which platform possesses superior AI writing capabilities.


WordHero is marketed as an AI writer. I own multiple websites and use WordHero to generate  for them. In my experience, WordHero’s AI is capable of producing long-form articles with a length of 1500 words.

You can input all your keywords into WordHero, allowing the tool to incorporate them while generating the article.

While WordHero can write articles exceeding 1500 words, you need to expand your outline. The WordHero AI writes based on the outline, and the tool’s outline generator generates a basic outline that may not be sufficient for articles over 1500 words.

Additionally, I’ve observed that WordHero stops writing upon reaching 1500 words. To continue writing, you should highlight the outline again and click the generate button for the WordHero AI to proceed.


Writecream, on the other hand, offers two types of long-form article generators. Both AI writers from Writecream are capable of generating high-quality articles. In the one-click article writer, you simply need to enter your main topic or keywords, and the generator will create the entire article.

The other AI writer provides more control in the content creation process. Here, you can enter keywords, choose an intro, select an outline, and then the AI will process the entire article.

Both the one-click and step-by-step AI writers of Writecream can generate 3500+ words in one go.


Regarding AI capabilities, both platforms have reliable AI writers capable of producing SEO-optimized and high-quality articles.

However, Writecream stands out with its superior AI writing capabilities, as it can generate 3500+ words without any delay compared to WordHero.

Writecream Lifetime Deal

No monthly or yearly plan forever.

AI Image Comparison

Writecream is currently leading due to its superior AI writing capabilities. In this category, let me provide you with an overview of which platform has the better AI image generator.



Writecream features an AI image generator. You can use a prompt to describe the image you want, providing a convenient way to obtain visuals for blog posts. However, the images generated by Writecream are relatively basic.

In terms of quality, I’m not particularly impressed with Writecream’s image generator, but it remains useful if you don’t have an image readily available.



WordHero’s AI image generator operates similarly to Writecream. However, the notable difference lies in the superior quality of the images generated compared to Writecream.


In the realm of AI image generation, WordHero outshines Writecream by excelling in optimizing its image tool for better quality.

Templates/Use Cases Comparison

Both WordHero and Writecream offer AI templates. Let’s now compare which platform has better AI templates or use cases.


Writecream provides users with access to 41 AI templates, offering a variety of functionalities. Some of these include blog ideas, blog descriptions, blog conclusion generators, blog outline generators, blog intro, grammar checkers, content rewriters, SEO meta descriptions, product review generators, plagiarism checkers, and many others.


WordHero provides a broader selection of AI templates compared to Writecream, currently offering 86 AI tools/templates, which is double the number available in Writecream.

Some of these templates include the AIDA copywriting formula, Amazon product description, blog conclusion, blog headlines, blog intro, blog outline, blog paragraph, blog topics, content expander, blog ideas, cold email, content rewriter, features to benefits, pros and cons generator, and many more.


In the realm of AI templates, it’s evident that WordHero has a much broader range to offer compared to Writecream, providing copywriters and other content creators with an extensive and valuable selection.

Writecream Lifetime Deal

No monthly or yearly plan forever.

Who Has a Better Pricing Deal

Now, in our final category, let’s explore which platform offers better pricing and deals between WordHero and Writecream.


Writecream offers three regular plans: Unlimited, Standard, and Extended.

The Unlimited plan is their base plan, priced at $29 per month. This plan allows users unlimited long-form article generation, unlimited short-form articles, unlimited podcasts, and unlimited YouTube voice-overs. The Unlimited plan is currently the best offer from Writecream, but it is available for a limited time and will be discontinued in the future.

Apart from the Unlimited plan, there is the Standard plan priced at $49 per month and the Extended plan priced at $69 per month.

Additionally, Writecream provides a limited-time lifetime deal powered by AI credits. This plan does not offer unlimited content generation, but it allows users to use the service for a lifetime without needing monthly or yearly subscriptions.


WordHero offers a single regular plan priced at $39 per month, providing users with the ability to generate unlimited content using GPT-3.5, along with 160K tokens for enhanced capabilities or GPT-4, plus all the features offered by WordHero.

The platform also provides a lifetime deal, and unlike Writecream, WordHero’s lifetime deal includes an option for unlimited content generation by selecting its highest lifetime deal plan.


In terms of pricing, Writecream emerges as the more budget-friendly option, at least for the time being.

However, if you’re seeking a lifetime content generation solution, WordHero’s lifetime deal stands out as the better choice.

Final Thought

In conclusion, our comparison between Writecream and WordHero yields a very close result. When it comes to AI writing capabilities, Writecream takes the lead, while WordHero outperforms in the image generator category.

Both these AI writing tools are commendable, but if I were to choose one, it would be Writecream due to its superior AI quality compared to WordHero.

Ultimately, the decision is yours, and you can weigh factors such as quality, content length, and pricing to make the choice that best suits your needs.

Writecream Lifetime Deal

No monthly or yearly plan forever.