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21 Benefits of Amazon Prime Everyone Should Know

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In this article, we will tell you all the Amazon prime benefits that you should know.

The Coronavirus is still in the news around the globe and the number of infections is continuing to rise at the alarming state. Government order a lockdown in many areas. SO how can we buy the thing that we might need during a coronavirus lockdown?

The solution is the online store, we all know that Amazon is the place to buy a thing without having to leave outside your house or apartment you can buy a thing like groceries, fresh products, and all essential products you might need while just staying at you home.

Amazon Prime can set all things done, there are many benefits of being an amazon prime member and here is the list of benefits you can have for being  Amazon Prime member.

amazon prime fast shipping

Try Amazon Prime For 30-days Free Trial

Free Fast shipping delivery

Being an Amazon prime member can give you a free fast delivery that includes.

  • Free Two-day Shipping ( Instead of waiting for days amazon prime can give you Free two-days shipping )
  • Free same-day-delivery
  • Prime now ( Free 2 hours delivery on selected items )
  • Amazon Day ( You can choose a weekly delivery day from the items you buy throughout the week)
  • Free No-rush shipping ( If you are on the rush, you can choose no-rush shipping and earn rewards )


amazon prime shopping benefits

Try Amazon Prime For 30-days Free Trial

Shopping Benefits

Who doesn’t like promos and discounts? being an Amazon Prime member you can get not just free-fast shipping but also lots of discounts and promos.

  • Amazon Fresh ( For the selected region you can get fast and free delivery for one or two hours delivery for fresh items like meat, seafood, groceries, and some essential items )
  • Whole Foods Market (you can get up to 5%  back for prime members with the Amazon Visa cards plus 2 hours delivery on selected cities )
  • Amazon Prime Store Card (For purchasing on Amazon using Amazon Prime Store card you can get a 5% back upon purchased) 
  • Amazon Prime Rewards Visa Signature Card (Get an Amazon Prime Rewards Visa Signature Card and earn 5% back every time you shop at and 2% back for using a restaurant, gas stations, and drugstores) 
  • Prime Wardrobe (As a Prime member you can try items before you pay for eligible items like from women’s, men’s, kids, baby clothing, shoes, and accessories, you will be given seven days to try all the item and return the item that you don’t want and pay only the items you want to keep) 
  • Amazon Elements (Amazon prime membership lets you shop essential product from Amazon Elements like vitamins and supplements, baby wipes and protein powder)
  •  Prime Early Access (you can get 30 minutes of early access on lightning deals on amazon) 
  • Deals and Discounts, Compliments of Amazon Family (Get 20% off on diapers, baby food from eligible products on the baby registry)
amazon prime reading

Try Amazon Prime For 30-days Free Trial

Reader Benefits

From a humble beginning, Amazon start from selling books online and they love and values their reader so much that being a Prime member they also give some privilege to their reader, it includes the following.

  • Prime Reading(Being an Amazon Prime member, you can borrow a book s, magazine, from the prime reading catalog that you can read using your Kindle reading apps for iOS and Android, Fire tablet, or kindle e-reader)
  • Amazon First Reads (For U.S member you have the privilege to access download a new book for free every month from the Amazon First reads picks)
amazon prime streaming benefits

Try Amazon Prime For 30-days Free Trial

Streaming Benefits

Being an Amazon Prime member you can also enjoy the benefits of entertainment live watching movies, streaming and even for music, it includes the following.

  • Prime Video (Who doesn’t want unlimited streaming? being a prime member lets you stream movies and TV episode both paid and free trial members in the U.S and Puerto Rico)
  • Amazon Channels (For adding $4.99–$14.99/month for Prime members you can access Amazon Channels and watch your favorite shows and from HBO, Showtime, Cinemax and more.  And in addition, you don’t need to download apps, no cable required and you can cancel at any time)
  • Prime Music (Being a Prime member let you have unlimited and ad-free access for a prime playlist with over two millions of songs. Note: this is also for Prime members from the U.S and Puerto Rico)
  • Twitch Prime (Prime members can receive an exclusive promotion for some eligible pre-order games and Twitch TV users that link Prime accounts can get a free Twitch channel subscription for every month plus free access to free game content)


Others Benefits

Wait there is more!! Aside from Streaming, Reading, Shopping, and Shipping there are also benefits that include from being a Prime member and it includes the following.

  • Membership sharing (Prime benefits are also sharable for two adults from the same household)
  • Amazon Photos (Aside from Google, Amazon also gives online storage for photos and videos. Amazon gives all its customers a 5GB of storage to save but for being Prime member you can have unlimited photos storage. And in addition, as being prime members you can also receive enhanced search and organization features that include the Family vault, users can invite up to five members to receive unlimited photo storage and collect photos together)

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Amazon as the best place for online shopping, from Goods to Gadgets, from baby needs to daily needs and having an Amazon Prime membership is great to get all of its helpful features from fast and free shipping to discounts and more.

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