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14 Android Q, Features That Everyone Should Know

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Android Q is officially the newest android version of the year 2019-2020, and some of the android phones are now receiving its android q update.

Did you buy a new phone that running android q? or your smartphone just received it’s android q update? Well, whatever the reason, I’m pretty sure you want to know the new features of the new android version, the Android Q (Android 10).

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Android Q Features



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Live Caption

One of the new features of Android Q is its live captions, it will automatically caption videos, podcast, and some audio messages, it is useful especially if your watching videos and you don’t have a headset, for example, it will help for better understanding what you’re watching even in some noisy environment.



Smart Reply

Another feature of Android Q, with the help of A.I technology on a smartphone, gives some relevant suggestions, it will also suggest apps that you might need like the google map if one of your friends asks you to go somewhere like for a dinner for example.

If someone sends you a text message, it will also suggest words or emoji that you might pick as a quick reply.



Sound Amplifier

When having a call, and using a headphone it can filter background noise even if you doest use noise-canceling headphones.  With these new features, you will have an option to boost the sound, tune and minimize the sound and noise to make it more clearer even you’re having a call in a noisy environment.



New Gesture Navigation

With Android Q, it has now a new option for new gesture navigation, if you want to go on your home screen in an instant? you can swipe from the bottom of the screen in an upward motion. If you want to switch apps, just swipe up from the bottom, hold and then release. And if you want to go back, just swipe from either left or right edge of the screen.



The Dark Theme

Almost everyone loves the dark mode interface from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Youtube why? because a dark mode interface is much easier to read and may reduce eye strain. Now the new Android Q has a dedicated Dark theme to make it easier to your eyes while using your smartphone and at the same time keep your battery alive longer.



Data Privacy

The new Android Q has a new option for more data privacy, you can decide how and when your data on your device can be shared. One of the few options is you can adjust all your privacy settings, decide what data is stored, and you can control when your location is shared with apps.




Google Play system update in progress
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Faster Security Updates

One of the best features of this new version was its security features, Google has become more serious about implementing its security update. Instead, a user can choose to install its update, now all of the important security and privacy fixes will be sent directly to your phone from Google Play.

As soon as the update is available, it will be sent automatically to your phone to make it more secure than some previous android versions.



Digital Wellbeing

Features that start on Android Pie, helps its users to track its daily uses of their mobile devices. Digital wellbeing also helps its users to wind down by setting up a timer for apps to limits its uses and controlling its potential harm, like blue light.

Many people are having difficulty sleeping, because of smartphone addiction— like when you are hooked on games from your mobile phones, streaming, or using social media. Digital wellbeing helps you to unwind from your mobile phone and create a balance between tech and your healthy life.


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Focus Mode

A mobile device can be a serious distraction in our daily lives, like the notifications for example. Every-time that our notification pop-up we try to look at it, and then we just realized that we spent minutes or even hours on it.

To minimized distraction, Android Q has a new feature called “focus mode”.  It lets users from preventing distraction from their apps, it freeze or pause its selected apps temporarily to help users focus on what they are doing.



Family Link

Good news for parents, these new features of android lets you monitor your child activity on their mobile device remotely.

Some features of a family link are that you can block the unwanted application of your child’s phone remotely, locate your child’s phone location, prevent your child from downloading mature content, prevent your child from making changes its parental control, manage your child browsing from chrome.



Other  Useful features of android Q


  • QR Code Sharing Wifi–You can share your wifi details on a guest via QR code while keeping your password secure.
  • Adaptive Battery Improvement— A feature that first introduces in an android pie, now in Android Q has some improvements. With the help of machine learning, your phone can predict which apps your will used in the next few hours and which apps you won’t use and your phone battery will only spend on the apps you might use.
  • Contaminant Detection— Android Q used contaminant detection and notify its user if moisture or debris detected on a USB port.
  • Android Auto— In Android Q, you can now use Android on your car display, just plug your android phone and there is no need to download any apps.

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