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Looking for a Clouways Promo Code that works?

Well I’m an affiliate of Cloudways and they give me a special promo code, this promo code when used will give you a 10% OFF on your first three months on Cloudways, it will appear on your monthly invoice.

Updated and working Cloudways promo code

How To Use The Cloudways Promo Code

Step 1: Visit Cloudways Website

first step cloudways promo code

To use the Cloudways promo code, visit the official website of Cloudways un your URL or click the purple button of our promo code, and it will bring you to the official website of Cloudways.

Step 2: Open the Cloudways Promo Code Box

cloudways promo code

After clicking the purple button on this article, I assume that you are now on the official website of Cloudways, the next thing to do is to click on the signup button to create an account in Cloudways, fill up the necessary and click the word “Got Promo Code” to place our Cloudways promo code.

Step 3: Place The Promo Code and Start Your Account

Best Cloudways Promo Code For August 2022 1

After placing our Cloudways promo code at the box, click the box in the term and conditions then click the green button “Start Free”.

After that you will need to verify your account first, you will need an email and a mobile number where a code will be sent for verification.

Verification is important since you cannot start to create a website or even a server if your account is not yet verified, after getting the verification number and you successfully verifying your account, your 3-day free trial on Cloudways will begin.

Speaking of free trials, Cloudways gives a 3-day free trial without the need for credit cards which is a good feature, since it will give you some time on exploring Cloudways first before paying for their service.

During your free trial, you can lunch your own server, and create your website for testing. You can test all of their features as long as your Cloudways free trial was still active, you can also cancel your Cloudways free trial anytime, by deleting the server that you lunch and your free trial will end automatically.

On the other hand, if you are satisfied with the free trial you can also upgrade your account anytime and start to create your official website or migrate your existing website and host it to Cloudways.

How To Upgrade Cloudways Free Trial

Upgrading a free trial account on Cloudways is easy, you just need to have a valid credit card for verification.

Step 1: Click Account on your Dashboard

The very first thing to do when upgrading an account is to go to your Cloudways dashboard, then at the upper right side of your dashboard click the profile icon, then click account.

Step 2: Go to Credit Card

cloudways upgrade free trial

On your account dashboard click credit card > Authorize credit card > then fill up the necessary information and click authorize, after that, you will just wait for the verification process to complete.

In case your credit card is not accepted, you can get some help on Cloudways support by clicking the need a hand button on the right side of your dashboard.

It happens to me when I try to upgrade my account to migrate my website to Cloudways, I experience some errors when upgrading my account then Cloudways support helps me by giving me an option to upgrade my account on Cloudways using Paypal.

They let me use Paypal with a condition that I need to add some funds in my Cloudways account equivalent to three months, it is one of the reasons why I appreciate Cloudways customer support, they always find some ways and solutions to your concern.

Reasons to Host Your Website on Cloudways

Manage Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting is hard for beginners, it has a huge learning curve, which is why cloud hosting is recommended for those that are new to web management, but not in Cloudways.

Cloudways is a managed cloud web hosting, you can host your website from a popular web provider with ease. It has a user-friendly dashboard, and all the setup can be done with just a few clicks of a button.

If you want to host your website on a Cloud, the easiest way is through Cloudways.

Load WordPress Sites in as fast as 37ms!

100% Caching WordPress Plugin

Another thing that I like about Cloudways was their caching WordPress plugin called “Breeze”. Premium caching plugins can cost an extra buck, but in Breeze, it’s completely free.

Breeze is designed by Cloudways, and because of that, you can ensure that the plugin is 100% compatible with Cloudways.

It has a lot of features such as file optimization like Minifying HTML, CSS, Javascript, cache system, Gzip compression, browser cache, Lazy load image, iFrame Lazy Load, disable emoji, and a lot more.

Breeze WordPress plugin is one of the most feature-rich caching plugins, and what is more interesting was Breeze is 100% free.

24/7 Support via Live Chat

Another beginner’s friendly feature of Cloudways was their 24/7 support live chat. In an unmanaged cloud hosting environment, almost every troubleshooting depended on you, when there is some error on your website, you must be the one to find it.

Since Cloudways is a managed cloud hosting, they have a team of professionals that you can ask for help anytime, all you have to do was open their live chat and ask for some help.

Cloudways live chat responds real fast, they typically respond in just 3 minutes, like me as a webmaster I save a lot of time when some errors appear on my website, I typically ask for help on the live chat, and quickly help me on my concerns.

Pros & Cons Of Cloudways

User friendly Separate domain
Lightning fast hostingNo free email hosting
24/7 support via live chat
Premium cloud provider

Bottom Line

Cloudways is a greate cloud web hosting, it is fast, affordable, and scalable resources. The pricing is also affordable with their pay-as-you-go feature, which means you will only pay for what resources you use.

They also offer a three-day free trial without the use of a credit card to help you decide on your decisions, and with a promo code that they provide, it can help you save 10% OFF for three months in Cloudways which good deals and features that you can’t find in another cloud hosting.


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