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Last updated on January 1st, 2023 at 09:42 pm

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Blogging is one of the most profitable ways to earn money online, you can just write some content based on a niche or topics you preferred.

A blog starts with some hobbyists a few years ago, when social media are not that popular, they write a blog and talked about the things that they do as a hobby like traveling, cooking, etc.

A detailed content that people can learn from it through reading.

Then bloggers started to realize that they can earn money on the internet by just sharing their hobbies through blog posts. Those were the old days and blogs evolved before we know it.

Did you know that a lot of bloggers today own a blogging website without writing a blog for it? They are business-minded persons that have the required budget to run a blog without writing. What they did is they hired some professionals to write some content for them.

Some blog owners hire expert blog writers or article writers to write for them on the topic of their choice.

If you are a blog owner that personally writes content on your blog, you can also hire some of these content writers to add some content to your website, this will save you a lot of time writing all the topics that you think.

What Are The Qualification for Hiring Content Writing?

In hiring a content writer, there are some qualifications that you should look for let’s take a look at some of these to make sure that the content that you paid for can generate some profits for your blog.

Must Know SEO

The very first thing that you should look for, was the blog writer must know SEO, if you are completely new to blogging you might notice that even if you write content it doesn’t get enough traffic if you don’t know yet about SEO.

The truth about blogging is that content that is not optimized for search engines has little chance to rank on a search engine unless your content was unique, but the question is how unique was your content?

To give you some perspective, there are 1.14 Billion websites today according to, and 600 Million blogs that are currently active according to

The competition in blogging is huge, and in order to rank your content on Google, it must always be optimized in search, which is why you must need to hire a content writer that is good at optimizing content.

The Writer Must Be Proficient in English

If you are serious about earning on your blog, it must be written in the English language like a most blog is.

English-written blog has a wider audience and has some chance to rank globally and in some rich country like the United States and the United Kingdom which can give you more earnings if you run some ads on your website.

To achieve this goal, you must hire a content writer that is a native English speaker or at least a writer that is fluent in English.

Hire A Blog Writer That Has A Wide Experience In the Writing Field

The next qualification of a blog writer that you must look for was its experience. Remember you are running a blog that can generate a lot of income you make sure that the writer that you are going to hire has experienced enough in the field.

However, you can also give some chances to beginners, we all know that experts start as a beginner, and to give some chances to beginners ask them if it is okay for them to do first some writing tests before hiring them.

For the writing test, make sure that it will be just 500 words maximum, remember you just want to see their writing skill and 500 words is barely enough for that, don’t take advantage of asking them for a 2000 words article test and publish it to your site for free content.

After knowing some good qualifications that you should look for when hiring a blog writer, let us now proceed to which is the best content writer website to hire a content writer.

Best Content Writer Websites

wewrite blog post, content writer websites
Best Content Writer Websites 2023

If you don’t want to manually hire a content writer, do some screening, and test your writer if he or she is capable one of the best places to visit is is a website where you can order a blog post that is carefully written by a true professional on blog writing.

All blog content that you will order on this website is high quality and well research blog articles, it is also ready for SEO and their editing team will proofread the article to ensure its quality.

Aside from their editing team, the article will also be checked by Grammarly Premium and CopyScape premium for checking its grammar and to avoid any plagiarism issues.

However it takes a bit longer for your article to be finished on this content writer’s website, which takes 1-2 weeks to finish, but at least you have a piece of mind that the content that you will receive is high quality that has a higher chance to ranks on Google.

If you want to order some blog posts on this website, you can use my promo code below to get 10% off your order.

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upwork., hire blog writer
Best Content Writer Websites 2023

The next website to hire a blog writer was the Upwork.

Upwork is probably the most popular place for freelancers, it is the best place to find skilled freelancers in different fields like video editing, data entry, programming, web design, voice-over, and of course SEO blog writing.

There are two ways to find article writers or blog writers on Upwork, first is by browsing its website, you can manually browse the Upwork website to look for some talents that you need to hire.

Just go to the Upwork website and in the top bar you can click the find talent page, after that, you can use the search bar on it and type blog writer or article writer and you can choose from a different content writer that you think is suited for your content.

The second way is by posting a job on Upwork, to do this just click find talents > Post a job > enter the necessary information and your job description, and you are done, you will just wait for some content writer to submit a proposal on your job posted.


fiverr to hire article writer
Best Content Writer Websites 2023

Fiver is another website to find a freelance content writer, like Upwork you can also find a lot of talented freelancers on Fiverr in a different fields.

The only difference was on fiver you will need to manually find a content writer to hire on their website because Fiverr does not have a job posting feature where a writer can send a proposal and bid on your project.

Although Fiverr is one of the most trusted places to hire freelancers, I’m pretty sure that you can find some that can deliver high-quality content for you.

freelance hire blog writer
Best Content Writer Websites 2023

Based on its name you can quickly tell that this website is also a place for freelancer talents, where you can hire some good content writers.

If you can’t find the writers that you’re looking for on Upwork and Fiverr you can always try to find them on this website.

To hire a content writer on just works like in Upwork, you can browse for some talents manually or post some job projects on which writers can bid and send a proposal for your writing job.

On the manual side, you can find some freelance content writers based on the location that you want, if the location is not an issue you can directly hire freelancers based on their skills.

Posting a job at was just simple, in the homepage just click hire freelancer and place the necessary description of your project, and it’s done, you just need to wait for some content writer to bid on it.

Bottom Line

All the content writer websites that I feature are legitimate and safe, but to make it more secure always make sure that when hiring a content writer Freelance all the transactions must be made inside the platform.

There are message sections on freelance websites where you can chat with the person that you will hire, you can also send or receive some files on it but for larger files, you can use Gmail or Google drive.

Hiring a freelance content writer was good, but if you want to make sure that you’re hiring the right person, you can try to order blog or article content from because their writer and editor are separate people and you can ensure that your content is checked carefully for a better result.


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