Google Home Hub made by Google what new??

The technology brings by Google was really astonishing. From a Search engine, Google car, Smartphones, Operating system from like Chrome Os and the very successful Android Os, some very useful apps like google maps, google calendar and some kind of artificial intelligent like the google assistant and now the new Google Home Hub.

Google was a very futuristic Company and bring some technology just exist in our imagination to reality. One example was the artificial intelligence like the google assistant on their new Google Home Hub.


Introducing the New  Google Home Hub

Way back on 2016 when Google introduced their Google home— a device that equipped with artificial intelligence basically a Speaker that can understand users voice as a  command.  And now they put a screen on the google home for more functional capabilities and they called the device “Google Home Hub”.

What can Google Hub do for you?

Google home hub is basically Google home with a screen a 7  inch LCD display. Google hub has an access on YouTube, Google map, Google Calendar, and Google photos and easily controllable with your voice.

It has also an Ambient light sensor to automatically adjust the screen brightness and fits the lighting on your rooms, it also has a dual Far-field Microphone to ensure Hub has a fast response to your voice.

Last year Google home are just virtual assistant on a speaker and now with the screen, it adds additional features and functionality like the following.


When you are in the kitchen the Google home hub was a useful companion when cooking, using voice command– just ask Google for the recipe and the Hub will automatically display it for you or you can ask for a YouTube video tutorial about the dishes you want to cook.


Youtube on Google home hub was on another level and optimized to access tons of useful tutorials and how-to videos using just your voice.

Home view

With the built-in screen on the Hub, you can now view the status of your home using “Home View dashboard”. With just one swipe on your home view, you can now adjust the lighting on your rooms, turn on your TV, adjust your Thermostat, and monitor your cameras.

Front door view well be diplayed atutomatically on google home Hub

Google nest camera

When someone was knocking on your doorbell, Hub will automatically display who’s on the front door and using your voice you can do some quick response to let your guest now that your be right there and It was all with the help of the nest camera, hello doorbell and the Google home hub.

Google Goodnight

When you are tired of the whole day and ready to lay on your bed?  Hub can control all your devices using only one voice command and just say “Hey Google Goodnight” and Hub will help you on a different task like set an alarm, block the front door, adjust the thermostat, turn off the TV, and turn off the light.


Google always surprised us with their new technologies, and Google Home Hub was truly an Innovation from Google home of last years model, with the adding of just a single screen comes more exciting features like more improve Google search, optimizedYouTube experience, adjusting other devices using the Home view, monitor cameras and many more. Google hub may be a perfect Home virtual assistant you can get.

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