is cloudways good for wordpress?

Is Cloudways Good For WordPress? Based On Real Experience

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If you are a webmaster, a website owner, or a blogger that owns a WordPress website and planning to migrate to Cloudways, the most common question that might come into your mind was if Cloudways is good for WordPress.

Well in this article you will learn some things about this Cloud hosting and its features, to give you an idea of what you should expect from this Cloud web hosting.

What Is Cloudways?

cloudways good for wordpress

It is a kind of web-hosting that brings Cloud hosting as easy as it should be. Cloudways is perfect for those web hosting that has a limited team on their website, just like me I’m the Webmaster and also a writer of Mirageportal, I manage this website alone, and lacking manpower makes Cloudways so beneficial to me.

In other cloud hosting, there is more technical stuff when hosting your WordPress site, which is a huge learning curve, while in Cloudways you can host or create a WordPress with just a few clicks of a button.

Cloudways Features And Why Cloudways Good For WordPress

Now to help you decide if Cloudways is good for WordPress or not, let’s take a look at some of its features.

Free Cloudways WordPress Migrator

cloudways migrator

This one is my favorite, setting up a site is fun but migrating up a website might be intimating and worrying, why? because of the reason that a new site is a new site, it doesnt have traffic and search engine ranking yet, whenever you do some mistake it wouldn’t affect anything, you fix it and you’re done.

In website migration, we are talking about a site that is already ranked on search engines that has some traffic —- one false move can greatly affect your Google ranking and might cause some loss in your revenue.

In Cloudways they offer one WordPress free migration, which means you don’t need to worry that something will go wrong while your website will be migrated because the migration will be performed by Cloudways professionals.

All you have to do is head over to your dashboard > then click ad on > head over to application migration > fill out the necessary information in the migration form and you will just need to wait for your site to complete the migration.

This website of mine Mirageportal is migrated to Cloudways using manage website migration and it works fine without any issues.

Easiest Cloud Hosting Setup

Like what I’ve set setting up a WordPress site in other cloud hosting is a pain for beginners, it is not even recommended for some beginners without a lot of technical knowledge to host their website in the cloud, for a reason that clouds hosting is a huge learning curve.

In Cloudways everything can be managed with just a few clicks, you can even choose from five different high-quality cloud providers inside Cloudways, with the cheapest plan at $10 per month and the highest plan of $274.33 a month.

If your traffic is below 20,000 a month and you want to save some money, I recommend you choose the cheapest one which is the Cloudways DigitalOcean for $10 per month, I also ask one of Cloudway’s representatives how much traffic their lowest plan can handle and he said that their lowest plan can cater web traffic of 20,000 visitors a month, which is perfect for a small website.

You don’t need to use the more expensive plan since you will just waste your money, I recommend that you start with the lowest because you can adjust the resources that you will need anytime when your website grows.

High-Quality Cloud Provider

cloudways cloud provider

What makes Cloudways unique was its Cloud provider.

Cloudways offers five high-quality cloud provider that is the best in the industry, after registering to Cloudways users have an option to choose from these high-quality cloud provider, that they can scale based on their needs.

Cloud provider by Cloudways

  • DigitalOcean
  • Linode
  • AWS
  • Google Cloud


cloudways vertical scaling

Another feature of this cloud hosting that I love was scalability. In traditional hosting, you choose a plan and you pay for it monthly or annually, every plan has some resources allocated to it whether it is shared hosting, VPS hosting, or dedicated hosting.

Once you select a plan especially if you choose to pay annually you will pay for a fixed price equivalent for 1 year, but the problem with this kind of hosting plan was every unused resource cannot be refunded and it is very impractical.

While in Cloudways every resource is scalable, it has a cool feature called vertical scaling where you can change the resources that you need on your website anytime, you can change RAM, processor core, storage, and bandwidth which is a realy greate feature that you can’t find in traditional hosting.

Scalability is one of the main reasons why I migrate my WordPress website to Cloudways, it happens to me a few months ago when my website started to show some errors, then my previous hosting provider offer me a new hosting plan that can solve the issues of my website.

But in Cloudways you can adjust the resources that you need anytime through vertical scaling, which is less hassle compared to traditional hosting where you will change a plan if your website lacks resources.

24/7 Technical support

As a webmaster, it is a pain when something happens to my website, and can’t find the solution, in unmanaged hosting, the support is very limited since all the technical work is right on your shoulder, while in Cloudways since it is a managed cloud hosting you can always get some help with their technical support.

It is available 24/7 and they respond really fast, you can expect about 3 mins for them to respond to your concern.

For comparison my current hosting provider even though they also have good customer support, they usually reply between 30 mins- one hour or even more, which is for me a very slow response, especially in an emergency situation like when a website is down.

It happens to me a few times in my previous hosting provider, before I decided to migrate my site to Cloudways, this website down in a few hours a couple of times, and I don’t have any idea how it happens, I try to contact my previous hosting provider and they reply after 1 hour and fix my website about 1 hour.

The longer your website is offline the more revenue is lost on your website, which is why a fast response customer support in web hosting is a must for me since there are some instances that the error can only be fixed by your hosting provider because you can’t have a 100% control over your host.

High-Speed SSD Hosting

Since Cloudways is a cloud hosting you can always expect that their hosting was fast, Cloud hosting is way faster compared to shared hosting and even faster than VPS hosting.

I start building Mirageportal on a premium shared hosting, but when my website started to grow I need more resources and I’m looking for some ways to make my WordPress website load faster After I tried Cloudways I can say that It was indeed really fast.

When I compare my previous shared hosting to Cloudways the results are night and day, the speed dramatically increases you can see from the image below, the difference in the speed test before and after I’m using Cloudways hosting.

My Website From Shared Hosting

My Website From Cloud hosting

You can see from the screenshot above how Cloudways greatly improves my website speed, If you don’t know, a website speed is one of the ranking factors that can affect your website’s rank in the search result, speed also affects conversion rate and improve bounce rate, because some visitors quickly leave a website that has a slow loading speed.

Free SSL

cloudways free SSL

All Cloudways accounts come with free SSL, which is a realy good deal, in my previous hosting placing an SSL is hard and it comes as a result of mixed content on which some of my content still appears on HTTP and the other content are HTTPS. I was even forced to use a plugin just to fix those issues.

What I like about Cloudways compared to my previous hosting is how easy it is to place an SSL certificate on a website, you can convert all your content from HTTP to HTTPS with just a few clicks, which is user-friendly especialy for complete beginners in WordPress.

Free Breeze Caching Plugin

breeze cloudways

Cloudways is fast web hosting that is optimized for WordPress, but if you want to make your WordPress faster in all cases, you will gonna need a caching plugin.

There is a free caching plugin though but to get their full features you will need to purchase their premium version, in Cloudways you can use their own caching plugin called Breeze.

Breeze is a features-rich WordPress plugin that is made by Cloudways itself, and because of that, you can ensure that Breeze is completely compatible with your Cloudways hosting.

Here are some of the features of the Breeze caching plugin.

Breeze Caching Plugin Features

  • Caching system
  • Gzip Compression
  • Browser Cache
  • Lazy Load Images
  • iFrame Lazy Load
  • Native Browser Lazy Load
  • HTML, CSS, JS minify
  • Include Inline CSS, Combine CSS, Exclude CSS
  • Combine JS, Include Inline JS, Exclude JS
  • Move JS file to Footer, JS Files With Deferred Loading, Delay JS inline Script
  • Preload link
  • Preload Webfont
  • Control Heartbeat API
  • Database Cleaner
  • Varnish

Block Storage

One of the unique features of Cloudways is Block Storage. WordPress website might need some storage especially if your website is a blog that has a lot of posts with high-quality images and videos that result from a lack of storage.

Cloudways has some solutions to that, by giving features like Block Storage which enables users to have the option to extend their storage space. Block storage means you will only scale the storage of your server without having to change some of your resources in vertical scaling like RAM, Core, and bath.

1 Click Backup and Restore

cloudways 1 click backup and restore

Another useful feature in this Cloud hosting is the 1 click backup and restore, in some other cases you will need to use and purchase some Backup WordPress plugins, in this Cloud hosting you will not need some backup WordPress plugins.

You can directly do some backup and restore right on your own server, and what is more convenient as it can be done in one click which is why I highly recommend Cloudways even for beginners in WordPress.

Staging Environment

cloudways stagging

Editing or testing a website has no impact on a new website that doesnt have traffic or does not rank yet on search engines, but for a website that has already been indexed, ranked, and has some good traffic, editing or testing some change in the website might be risky.

In this Cloud web hosting, you dont need to worry about it since Cloudways Cloud hosting offers a staging environment where you can test or even change your WordPress application without affecting or breaking the live version all of the changes that you do can be pushed into your live website with just 1 click.

Cloudways Free Trial Without Credit Cards

If you want to try first Cloudways before migrating your existing website or creating your official business website, Cloudways offer a 3-day free trial.

Cloudways free trial doesn’t need a credit card, the only requirements are an email address and mobile number that will be used for free trial account verification, during the free trial you can try to lunch a server and create a website and test them out if you enjoy the interface and the performance you can upgrade your free trial account anytime.

After your Coudways free trial expired you have an option to upgrade or cancel your Cloudways account, you can also cancel your Cloudways free trial anytime by deleting the server that you lunch on your dashboard.

Cloudways hosting Cons

We are done with the good part, now let’s move on to some cons of this Cloud web hosting. Actually, there are only a few cons to this web hosting which is why Cloudways is recommended by many.

No Domain Name Registration

One of the problems in this cloud hosting is the lack of domain registration, in some hosting providers you can directly choose and register a domain name directly on your dashboard, but in this cloud hosting you can’t.

To register a domain you’ll need to create an account first in some domain register, and register a domain name there, you can do it in all domain name registrars but In my case I use Namecheap, and it is also what I always recommend why?

Because managing a domain name in Namecheap is very easy, the interface is clean and beginners friendly, and in case you dont know what to do in Namecheap you can easily find a lot of tutorials on Youtube about Namecheap, including how to connect your domain name on Namecheap to your Cloudways website.

Speaking about connecting a domain to Cloudways, it is exactly what you will do, register a domain on Namecheap or any domain registrar and connect your domain name of yours to Cloudways.

Does not Include Email Hosting

This is the only thing that I didnt like with Cloudways, in some other hosting they offer free email hosting where you can create a custom business email address and own a mailbox that you can use in some of your clients for free.

In this Cloud hosting you can’t have it for free, if you want to have a custom business email address and mailbox you need to purchase it, but luckily they are partner with Rackspace, one of the premium email providers that let you have a custom business email and mailbox for only $1 per mailbox.

Rackspace in Cloudways you can send about 10,000 emails daily for only $1 which I think is fair enough for the price, but still an extra cost.

Ready to host your website or migrate to Cloudways? click the button below to start, and use my special promo code to get 10% OFF for the first 3 months on Cloudways.


How to Install WordPress On Cloudways?

If you are now ready to create your first WordPress website on Cloudways, the process can be done in just a few minutes, just follow this simple step or watch the short video below to fully understand how you can install WordPress on Cloudways.

Step by step on Installing WordPress on Cloudways

  1. Create an account in Cloudways
  2. Verify your account
  3. Choose your plan and cloud provider
  4. Lunch your server and WordPress in one click
  5. Log in to your WordPress dashboard
  6. Choose a WordPress Theme
  7. Activate the theme and start to create your website design

Watch the video on How to Install WordPress on Cloudways Web hosting.

Bottom Line

Now it’s judgment time, is Cloudways good for WordPress? well absolutely yes, this website of mine where you reading this article is hosted on Cloudways, I leave my previous hosting provider because of the speed issues when my website started to grow.

There is also some problem that I face on the previous hosting that gives me only options to change a plan, but instead, I migrate to Cloudways and tried this cloud hosting and the result was stellar.

It fixes all my website issues from my previous hosting provider and gives my website a great amount of boost in terms of speed.

In some cases, you might read or hear that they recommend Bluehost and Host gator for WordPress, but I didn’t because cloud hosting is far superior in terms of speed to shared hosting or VPS hosting.

In addition to that Cloudways has a lot of useful features like scalability, simplicity, a user-friendly dashboard, and high-speed performance that is tailored to WordPress and other websites, and also as an owner of a WordPress website that is hosted in Cloudways I can confirm that Cloudways is good for WordPress website.

Frequently Ask Questions For Cloudways

Does Cloudways have WordPress?

Cloudways has features like one-click WordPress installation where users can download and install WordPress is their server in just one click.

Is Cloudways good hosting?

Not just good but great, Cloudways is one of the best Cloud hosting platforms that love by many, I host my website from Cloudways a few months ago till now and it is just wow, I can’t believe how good it is.

Does Cloudways have a cPanel?

No Cloudways don’t have cPanel, but they have their own control panel which is much simple and easier compare to cPanel which even beginners can use easily.

Is Cloudways good for beginners?

Yes, I highly recommend Cloudways for beginners with its simple interface and user-friendly dashboard where almost all activities can be done with just a few clicks of a button.

How long is Cloudway’s free trial?

Cloudways offers a three-day free trial without the need for a credit card, for you to try and build a website for free before you decide if you use Cloudways or not.

How to Cancel Cloudways Free Trial?

You can cancel your Cloudways free trial anytime by deleting your server on Cloudways.

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