15 Best and Must have Android Apps For 2020

15 Best and Must have Android Apps For 2020

Looking for the best and useful Android apps? Google Play store is the largest place to find and download Android apps but have you ever wonder how many apps are in the Google play store?

Well to give you an idea, there are 2.87 Millions of android apps– and there is still some apps developer that is working to put their apps on the Google play store, for the huge number of apps on the play store, it will be a time consuming to find the best and useful apps, So to help you decide of what android apps to pick we create this ultimate list of 15 Must have android apps.


Android apps List


snapseed android app


If you’re looking for the best free android app for photo editing, this one is what I highly recommend, a feature-rich and powerful Photo editor developed by Google, that can rival even the best professional photo editor on the market.

It has 29 tools and filters that transform your photo into an amazing image, and great for posting on social media.

Snapseed includes tools that can enhance the Brightness, Contrast, Saturation, Ambiance, Highlights, Shadows, and Warm, you can also adjust the details by tweaking the Structure, and adjust the Sharpness.

And If you want to remove something on your photo, the healing feature in Snapseed can save you by removing unwanted objects on your photo.

Other tools and features of Snapseed

  • Crop- for cropping an image
  • Perspective- perfecting the geometry on the image
  • Curves- precise control of the level of brightness
  • HDR Scape – creating the effect of multiple exposures
  • Double exposure- blending two photos
  • Face Pose- correct pose on a 3D model
  • Face enhance- enhance image by smoothening skin, face-lightening, add focus to the eye
  • Lens blur- adding a beautiful Bokeh effect on image
  • Brush – to selectively retouch exposure, brightness, and saturation (my favorite feature for tuning exposure)
  • Selective- can select points on the image to assign enhancement.

Snapseed is for both professional and non-professional users.



adobe lightroom android app

Adobe Lightroom

Next in our list, was also a photo editing android app like the Snapseed, but this one is in its own category, sure this app can also tune images like the Snapseed, but Adobe Lightroom has its own strong point, which is as its name suggest, it is good in manipulating light and colors.!

Adobe Lightroom is great for enhancing the colors of your image, Color correction, or Color grading.

Using this android app, you can adjust the noise reduction, color noise reduction, clarity, and smoothness,–which can help to enhance night shots.  Adobe Lightroom can also be paired with Snapseed for best photo editing results.


facebook lite android app

Facebook Lite

Facebook is the largest social media platform, with billions of active users worldwide.

Facebook android app is great for sharing videos, chatting with friends, sharing photos, and many more, but if you don’t like the larger size of the original Facebook app, or you want to save some space for your smartphone? well, we have a solution for that,–you might like the lighter version of classic Facebook android apps called “Facebook lite”.

It’s fast !, Its lite !, but despite the size and simpler interface of Facebook lite, you can get almost all the features of the original Facebook app, like sharing to a Timeline, liking photos, searching on people, and many more.

Because of its lite, and more simple interface it can load faster than the classic Facebook apps, and can also be used on Facebook 2G conditions.

Facebook lite with a lot of features despite its smaller size, its clearly a must-have android app.



android app messenger lite

Messenger Lite

Another lite but useful android app is next in our list, Messenger lite is for those who want to save space from their smartphone. Like Facebook lite, this android app uses a simple interface to load faster than the original or classic Messenger app.

Using this lighter version of Messenger,– you can use it to contact anyone on Messenger, Facebook or Facebook lite, you can also send photos, links or even stickers, you can also connect to your friends or love ones using its free calls or video chat.

To make it short, you can do almost all the features you can get from the Classic messenger app, but with some exceptions. But for it size and usability, this android app is a must-have for those with slower and less storage android device.



manual camera android app

Manual Camera By Geeky Devs Studio

If you like to bring your mobile photography to a whole new level, this android app is definitely for you.

Manual camera by dev studio is an android app that can give your smartphone a DSLR feature, it can also let you shot in Raw, and has full manual control to play with shutter speed, focus distance, ISO, white balance and exposure.

The only disadvantage of this apps was this is just for those who know how to use a Manual mode like in a DSLR, but if you know how to use it properly, or you know what you are doing, you can produce a better image by using this android app



.diskdigger android app

DiskDigger photo recovery

Imagine you are busy looking at some memorable photos on your smartphone,– and suddenly you make a wrong move, you accidentally delete all your photos on your smartphone, and the sad part is you cannot bring back in time, and the photos you have is the only thing that brings back the memories that you treasured the most, but you don’t have to worry, there is a solution !. the “DiskDirgger photo recovery” might help.

By using this free android app, you can recover all your deleted photos, even from reformatted memory cards. DiskDigger photo recovery is easy to use, just scan, wait and choose photos that you need to restore.

duckduck go android app

DuckDuckGo Privacy Browser

Want to have better internet privacy? well, maybe its time to replace your old android browser with this android app named “DuckDuckGo Privacy browser”.

DuckDuckGo is a browser that doesn’t track or store your data. With the use of this android app, you can have peace of mind without worrying that someone might store and sells your data to an advertiser. like some of the other browsers. To make it short, by using DuckDuckGo, you can have a more private and ad-free internet experience while surfing the web.

And in addition, DuckDuckGo has what they called a fire button that all your tabs and browsing history,– will be cleared with just one click.


screen off android app

Screen Off

Once has been said, that your power button wouldn’t last forever and its absolutely true, like all the device that has a mechanical switch, your smartphone power button is no exception, its undergo what we called “wear and tear” just by using your power button to wake your device. If your phone has some tap gesture to wake your device and screen off –well you’re lucky, but there are still some phone that doesn’t have that features. If you are one that searching for an android app that can replace its mechanical button for locking your device,?–you will surely love this android app.

This Android application is called “Screen off” by Chamika Weerasinghe. With just one tap you can turn off the screen of your phone and lock.

There are many android apps in the Google Playstore with the name “screen off”, but make sure to pick the one made by Chamika Weerasinghe, for a reason,– that it is responsive and easy to use and it will turn off and lock your phone similar to your mechanical power button.



accuweather for android app


If you are a traveler, and you want to keep an eye on the weather, this android app might suit your needs.

AccuWeather has an accurate weather forecast worldwide, it can give you the information you need about the weather in any part of the world, it will also give weather warnings like a storm, heavy rain, and high winds.

By using this android app, you can also get daily updates about the temperature in detail, and how it actually feels. In addition, you can also access their weather map and see what part of the map has bad weather.


Ookla speed test android

Speedtest by Ookla

If you are looking for an android app for measuring your internet speed, the Ookla speed test is the best app you can get.

Ookla has been measuring the internet speed for years,  and their wide experience in this field, making them the best and reliable company for testing the internet speed. Even professionals used these tools as a basis for accurate internet speed results.

This android app was easy to use, just open the app, press the GO button, and wait for the result.



android app canva


If you’re looking for an android app that is great for Logo making, Canva is the best app that you should get.

Canva is a free android app for creating a Logo, Poster, invitation card, postcard, brochure, memes, Resume, Infographics, Blog design, and even a book cover.

Canva has many premade templates and themes, that you can use when creating your masterpiece, and in addition, this android app can also be used for editing photos, applying filters, change the brightness and more.



powerdirector for android


If you have a YouTube channel, and you’re looking for a powerful android app for video editing,– PowerDirector is the best you can get from a smartphone.

There are other video editing apps on android, but for me, PowerDirector is the easiest and most powerful android app for video editing, it packs a lot of tools for editing that you can’t get from other android apps, some of its features are the following.

  • Trim, rotate, split
  • Adjust brightness, saturation, and color
  • Apply transition and video effect
  • Add text to video
  • Combine videos and pictures
  • Add music
  • Add Voiceover
  • A lot of Free Templates and effects and transitions
  • Export in 720p, Full HD 1080p, and 4K
  • Speed adjustment for fast-forward of slow-motion

PowerDirector is the most complete video editing app, for android and definitely a must-have android app.

youtube go android

Youtube Go

Another lite and data saving android app are next to our list, introducing Youtube GO, a lighter and faster version of the classic Youtube application.

Youtube Go has some simple interface, and very ideal for some slower and low storage devices, it takes less space, and faster loading speed compared to the traditional Youtube app.

Youtube Go is also designed to save some data after you click a video that you’ve chosen, it will ask you of how many MB you want to spend on that video, and you’ve also had an option to watch it, or download the video to watch it later with no buffering.



google go for android

Google Go

After Youtube Go, now we have Google Go, a lighter and faster way to search. It was also ideal for some slower devices and less storage.

Google Go has some fun features for reading articles, it has a lite mode which gives user options to use the lighter version of the webpage for faster loading speed.

Another useful feature of Google Go is their read allow mode, If you are quite busy doing some things, Google will read the article for you. Google Go is probably one of the best android apps, for searching and reading articles for you.




Bitdefender Antivirus Free

Our list is not complete without an android app that can protect our device for potential threats like malware.

Malware including viruses, trojan, worm, or any malicious software, can harm or even damage your device. To protect your phone from this kind of threat Bitdefender Antivirus free is what I highly recommend.

Bitdefender free is the lightest and most easy to used antivirus for android, it has an Auto-pilot that automatically scan new apps that are downloaded on your device. Bitdefender antivirus free has a high detection rate that can easily detect malware before it can harm your device.

In addition, you don’t have to configure the setting of this android app, it is ready to go right from the start you install this antivirus.





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