Is Cloudways Good For Wordpress?

Is Cloudways Good For Wordpress?

I been using Cloudways for 5 months on my website. In the past five months.  I also test its performance, uptime, and all its features.

My Own Experience In Cloudways

I After Switching to Cloudways, my website speed increase dramaticaly. My website are now faster even in mobile result in page insight

Speed and Performance

Cloudways was a Cloudhosting. Compare to traditional hosting, you can expect to have a 99.9% uptime. After switching in Cloudways. My website haven't experience even a single down time.

Website Uptime


For the pricing, they have a pay a you go features. You will also need to pay on how much resources your website consumes. There is no hidden charge, and very transparent billing

Staging Environment

The staging environment is a great deal. I can test all the Wordpress Themes, and plugins in the staging environment before being live on my website

Free Optimizing Plugin

Breeze is an all in one Wordpress plugin to make your website even faster. It is a caching plugin, optimize files, minify Java, CSS, HTML and more.


Overall Cloudways was a good deal for money. It server as superfast, with 99.9% uptime, and a lot of useful features. If you want to know more. You can read my full review, or directly go to Cloudways and try for your self.