Create Your Own Art With Ai Art Generator (Free)

The very first step is by opening your browser and typing “”. After that, you will need to sign up for your free account. You can either use Facebook or Google or just sign up using a password.

After signing up, claim free credits. You can now directly create art by clicking creations in the uppermost part of the website, then clicking the red button to create.

The next step is choosing a creating method. There are five creating methods that you can choose based on your preference. Creating method is basically the text-to-image Algorithm that you can use to create art out of your text.

After choosing the algorithm, the next thing that you need to do is choose a style. There are 29 styles in total that you can choose from. There is also an advanced mode where you can upload an image as a base for your artwork. You can also choose an Aspect ratio, number of images, and resolution when the advanced mode is enabled.

The last step was constructing your prompt text. After choosing the algorithm and style. Go to the text prompt and describe what you want your art looks then hit create and that’s it.

Ways To Earn Free Credit on NightCafe Studio

– Share creation on social media: earn 3 credit – Vote for 20 entries in yesterday’s challenge: earn 2 credit – Like 10 creations: earn 1 credit – Get 10 followers: earn 5 credit – Get 5 comments on a creation: earn 1 credit – Complete your profile: earn 3 credit – Publish a creation: earn 1 credit – Get 5 likes on one of your creations: earn 1 credit – Follows 5 users: earn 2 credit – Get your first comments: earn 2 credit

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