Caramel Arrow Cookie Toppings Cookie Run Kingdom

caramel arrow Cookie toppings featured image

Caramel Arrow Cookie Toppings build Caramel Arrow Cookie is an interesting cookie in the game. It is a range-type cookie but placed in the front formation. It was because this cookie is a high breed, its normal attack was a melee and quickly switch to a ranged type when using its skill. If you want

Strawberry Crepe Cookie Toppings Cookie Run Kingdom

Strawberry Crepe Cookie Toppings

Strawberry Crepe Cookie Toppings Build Strawberry Crepe Cookie is one of the defense-type cookies in the game. It has one of the strongest defenses in epic rarity cookie. Strawberry Crepe Cookie can also inflict damage on enemies and the most important ability of this cookie was the damage resistance buff that it gives to the

Milky Way Cookie Toppings Cookie Run Kingdom

Milky Way Cookie Toppings

Milky Way Cookie Toppings Build Milky Way Cookie is a new charge cookie that was released in the invitation from the slumbering moon update. This cookie is an interesting cookie she is tanky and lot of abilities like self-healing, defense reduction debuff, pushing enemies away, and providing a shield for everyone. Milky Way Cookie is

Crunchy Chip Cookie Toppings Cookie Run Kingdom

Crunchy Chip Cookie Toppings

Crunchy Chip Cookie Toppings Build Looking for Crunchy Chip Cookie toppings to use? Don’t worry since It is one of my favorite cookies in the game and I will give you some tips on what are the best toppings to use for your Crunchy Chip Cookie. Crunchy Chip Cookie is one of the cookies that

Affogato Cookie Toppings Cookie Run Kingdom

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Affogato Cookie Toppings Build Affogato cookie is a power bomber in the game Cookie Run: Kingdom. It can bring a curse to its target and inflict continuous damage on its enemies. If you’re planning to include Affogato Cookie in our team, make sure to check our build for the best Affogato Cookie toppings. There are

Purple Yam Cookie Toppings Cookie Run Kingdom

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Purple Yam Cookie Toppings Build Purple yam cookie is a charge-type cookie. It is tough that It can even be used as a tank and can also be used as a damage dealer. There are two recommended Purple Yam cookie toppings that you can use the solid almond topping and the raspberry toppings. In this

Cotton Cookie Toppings: Cotton Cookie Run Kingdom

Cotton Cookie Toppings

Cotton Cookie Toppings Build Are you looking for the best Cotton Cookie Toppings? Well, you are in the right place because the Cotton cookie is one of my main and favorite support type cookies that I always use in the game. In this article let me share with you on what are the best toppings

Eclair Cookie Toppings Cookie Run Kingdom

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Eclair Cookie Toppings Build The two recommended toppings for Eclair Cookie are searing raspberry and swift chocolate toppings. Let’s take a look at why these two toppings are the best for Eclair Cookie. Best Eclair Cookie Toppings- Full-Searing Raspberry toppings Eclair cookie can deal massive damage to enemies plus his skill has a weakening effect

Financier Cookie Toppings Cookie Run Kingdom

Financier Cookie Toppings

Financier Cookie Toppings Build Financier Cookie Toppings Build Overview The Financier cookie is one of the most used defense-type cookies in the game. She is a meta cookie that you will encounter more often in the arena. The best Financier cookie toppings build is solid almond toppings built to increase her damage resistance. A full