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Cookie Run Kingdom Guide

Cookie Run Kingdom Guide- Definitive Guide

Welcome to the ultimate guide for Cookie Run Kingdom, the addictive mobile game that has taken the gaming world by storm! If you’re a fan of sweet treats and thrilling adventures, then you’re in for a real treat with this game. As you embark on your journey to save the land of cookies from the evil darkness, you’ll need all the help you can get to master the game and level up your cookie team. Fear not, as we’ve got you covered with our comprehensive Cookie Run Kingdom guide that will provide you with expert tips, tricks, and strategies to dominate the game and satisfy your cravings for victory!

As a dedicated gamer, I’ve poured countless hours into playing and mastering Cookie Run Kingdom, and I compiled my knowledge into this comprehensive guide just for you. Whether you’re a beginner just starting out or an experienced player looking to level up your skills, my guide has something for everyone. From understanding the basics of the game to mastering the different cookie abilities, treasures, and levels, we’ve got you covered with in-depth information and strategies that are designed to help you succeed.

But that’s not all! We’ve also included insider tips on how to unlock rare cookies, gather resources efficiently, and strategize your gameplay for maximum success. Plus, we’ll share our insights on the latest updates, events, and limited-time offers, so you’ll always stay ahead of the game.

So, whether you’re a cookie enthusiast, a casual gamer, or someone who’s looking for an edge in the Cookie Run Kingdom, our guide is your go-to resource. Get ready to indulge in a world of cookies, adventure, and victory with our comprehensive and SEO-optimized guide. Let’s embark on this sweet journey together and conquer Cookie Run Kingdom!

Cookie Run Kingdom is a mix of a role-playing game and a strategy game and because of that, your strategy is very important when playing.

As you start playing the game it will introduce you to the main character in Cookie Run: Kingdom which is GingerBrave. He is the main character but is not that strong, he is just classified as a normal cookie.

GingerBrave might be your first Cookie but I advise that you should put much attention and resources into it because will meet a lot of cookies that are way stronger and more worthy to build than GingerBrave.


cookie run kingdom crystals
cookie run kingdom crystals

One of the first things that you’ll need to be familiar with is crystals. It is a currency in Cookie Run Kingdom, it is one of the most important assets in the game. It was used for many purposes including gacha to obtain more powerful cookies and treasures.

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cookie run kingdom coin
cookie run kingdom coin

Coins are also a kind of currency in Cookie Run Kingdom. It was used for cookie promotion, resource production, Topping’s upgrade, use for buying buildings and decors, and buying castle design.

It is one of the most important items in the game, so make sure to save a lot of coins in the Cookie Run Kingdom.

Soul Stone

cookie run kingdom soul stone
cookie run kingdom soul stone

Soul stone is a very important piece of a cookie, it works like a jigsaw puzzle that is needed to complete to summon a cookie. It is also been used for cookie promotion.

Once a cookie is promoted its stats are improving, the higher the promotion the more its stats improve.

Build Your Kingdom

As I’ve mentioned, Cookie Run Kingdom has a mix of strategy games, If you are familiar with MMO strategy games they almost have in common which is building a kingdom or a base.

In the Cookie Run Kingdom, you will also need to build your own kingdom. Your Kingdom will give you the essential resources that you need to progress or become stronger in the game. You will build all the necessary buildings in your kingdom, each building has its own purpose to produce individual resources that you will need.

Gather Lots Of Resources

cookie run kingdom resources screen shots
cookie run kingdom guide: resources screenshots

Resources are important in the game, they can be used for a lot of purposes like upgrading buildings, buying useful items in Seaside Market, and trading in Touc’s Trade Harbor.

There are a lot of uses for resources so make sure that you get a lot of those to quickly progress in the game.

Build and Build More Building In Your Kingdom

cookie run kingdom buildings screen shots
cookie run kingdom guide: Build more buildings screenshots

Buildings produce resources and building more buildings can increase the production of your resources, you should build more to get more.

When your level increase there are some resources that you might need, high-level resources takes more time to produce. Adding more buildings gives you the freedom to produce different-level resources more efficiently.

Build More Sugar Gnom’s Hut

sugar gnomes hut screen shots
Cokie Run Kingdom Guide: Build more sugar gnomes hut screenshots

Sugar genomes are your builder, they are the ones that build the buildings and upgrade them for you. If you are very active in the game, you might be in a situation where you need to upgrade a lot of your building but your Sugar Genomes are busy.

To minimize that kind of problem, you need to max out your sugar genomes hut based on your level. Sugar Genomes Hut cost you a couple of crystals but it is worth spending in the long run.

Always Upgrade Your Castle

upgrading castle in cookie run kingdom
cookie run kingdom guide: upgrading the Castle in cookie run kingdom

Your castle serves as the center of your Kingdom, upgrading the castle will enable you to unlock more and more features of your kingdom. The higher the level of your castle the more features and other buildings you can unlock.

The castle also shows your kingdom’s prosperity, upgrading castles needs to accomplish certain requirements like missions that need to complete, reaching a certain decor point, etc.

Once you complete all the castle missions you will need to spend special items for upgrades.

Upgrade All Your Buildings

To progress faster in the game, you should always make sure that you upgrade all the buildings in your kingdom. Upgrading the building will increase its production.

It will also unlock newer resources when your building reaches a certain level of upgrades. Newer resources are longer to produce but they also have higher value when trading so make sure that you unlock all of the resources by simply upgrading all your buildings.

Always Produce Resources

Always Produce Resources cookie run kingdom guide
cookie run kingdom guide: Always Produce Resources

Your building produces resources but does not automatically, the production was still under your control. To get a lot of resources and prevent shortage make sure that your production building is always working for new resources.

If you are just starting to play the game you might think that you have enough resources. But trust me when your level increases you will need more and more resources so always make sure that you keep your production busy.

After knowing the basic thing that you need to know in the game, let us now proceed with some tricks and additional tips in the Cookie Run Kingdom.

Keep Upgrading Your Castle To Unlock All Buildings

I already mention that you should upgrade your castle to unlock more features, and keep on upgrading it until you unlock some buildings like Train Station, Hall Of Ancient Heroes, Tower Of Records, Seaside Market, Touc’s Trade Harbor, and Sugar Gnome Laboratory.

All of the buildings that I’ve mentioned can greatly progress the game and make your Cookies stronger.

Always Do World Exploration

Always Do World Exploration
Always Do World ExplorationCookie Run Kingdom Guide: Always Do World Exploration

Always test your limit in world exploration, if you want to make yourself stronger spend some time in world exploration. Completing each stage will give you a lot of important rewards such as Kingdom EXP to level up your overall level, Coins, Crystals, EXP star jelly, Toppings, Toppings Pieces, and Powder.

All of the rewards that I’ve mentioned above are very important in the game, you will surely need to have tons and tons of those to progress in the game.

When it comes to those items there is never enough, if your level goes higher you will surely need a lot of that items so make sure that you get as much as you can of those items that I’ve mentioned.

Compete In The Arena

Compete In The Arena cookie run kingdom
Cookie Run Kingdom Guide: Always Compete In The Arena

Even if you are the kind of gamer that is not into PVP, I still recommend always participating in the arena. If you are free to play— Arena is one of the best ways to get lots of free items.

In the arena, you can earn medals of victory every time you win, this medal can be used to purchase useful and rare items in the medal shop like magic power, EXP star jelly, Radian shards, bricks, toppings, and more importantly the soul stone.

Join Guild

Cookie Run Kingdom is a single player but you should also join a guild in the game. When you are in the guild always make sure that you will always participate in the guild battle.

Guild battle has some benefits, you will earn a medal that you can exchange in the Guild medal shop. You can also exchange a piece of Legendary cookie soulstone in the guild medal shop.

At the end of each season, you will receive a lot of crystals based on your current rank in your guild.

Save a Lot Of Magic Powder

Magic power is used for upgrading cookie skills. There are 7 types of magic powder in the game, make sure that you have a lot of these powers because you will surely need a lot of these power in the future.

The higher the level of your cookie the more magic power you will need for skill upgrades so it is wiser if you start saving different magic powders for future use.

Besides, there are many cookies that will be added in the future so it is inevitable that you will need magic powder when you get a hand with those new cookies. Saving magic powder early on will ensure that you will always have a spare magic powder for your new cookies.

Get As Many Toppings As Possible

There are a few kinds of toppings in the game, common toppings, rare toppings, and epic toppings. In the early games, you will gonna need those common, and rare toppings. But if your level progresses you should need to only focus on epic toppings.

The early part of the game is so easy so I recommend that you should not upgrade common and rare toppings more than +6 when your cookies can equip epic toppings that is where the real game begins.

As enemies become stronger you will need to upgrade your toppings, when upgrading toppings there are sub-stats that will be unlocked depending on the toppings. Getting toppings that have an excellent sub-stat is very hard, you will not always get a hand of those, since sub-stats are just based on your luck.

You will use toppings for your cookies, but sometimes the substats of your toppings are not suitable for your main cookie team composition.

For example, your cookie is a burst-type cookie like Moonlight Cookie, but your substats are attack speed. It is pretty clear that those substat are not appropriate for moonlight. So you will need a topping that has better substats for each cookie.

I already mention that having toppings with great substats is based on pure luck, so make sure to get as many toppings and upgrade only those that have better substats.

Complete Tower Of Chaos Daily

Complete Tower Of Chaos Daily
Cookie Run Kingdom Guide: Complete Tower Of Chaos Daily

Another game mode that you should play daily is a tower of Chaos. This game mode is a PVE mode, to climb to the top of the tower you need to defeat each opponent in each tray.

The higher you reach the more rewards you will get, to play Tower of Chaos you will need a special item called a “Searing key”.

Every day you will get a free searing key to play Tower of Chaos, once you used all the free searing keys you will wait for hours to receive another free searing key.

Tower of Chaos on of the best way to get EXP star jelly and purity crystals so make sure that you always used your free searing key each day and don’t miss those important rewards.

Dont Forget To Trade In the Train Station

Once you unlock the train station, you can trade items using it. You should complete the required resources for each train to start trading.

Once your train returns you will receive random important items like coins, crystals, rarities, treasure, tickets, toppings pieces, radiant shards, time jumpers, etc.

If you lack rarities like Aurora Pillar, and Aurora bricks, Aurora Compass train station is the best way to get those.

Trade In Touc’s Trade Harbor

Trade In Touc's Trade Harbor screen shot
Cookie Run Kingdom Guide: Always Trade In Touc’s Trade Harbor screenshot

If you already unlock the shipping trade in Trade Harbor I highly recommend trading items on it. You will just need to fill each ship with resources before its departure.

After the trading ships arrive you will receive items like important materials such as coins, crystals, and more importantly Rainbow pearls.

This Rainbow pearl can be used to buy items in the Rainbow Shell Gallery. You can buy a lot of important items in Rainbow Shell Gallery like Legendary Cookie soul stone, epic soul stone, and other rare items and materials.

Make sure that you always trade using Ship Trade to get some rainbow pearls, since it is the best way to get Legendary Cookie Soul stone in the game.

Upgrade Your Technology

Upgrade Your Technology in cookie run kingdom screenshot
Cookie Run Kingdom Guide: Always Upgrade Cookie Run Kingdom Technology screenshot

Another feature that you may unlock once in upgrading your castle is the Sugar Gnome Laboratory. In this building, there are two kinds of technology— the kingdom and the cookie technology

Kingdom Technology allows you to improve your kingdom stats by performing building research. It will improve or make your resources production faster.

In Cookies technology, each research will improve your Cookie stats like HP, DEF, ATK, etc. By doing research you will need to complete the required materials for each research level. Make sure you always upgrade your technology research for production and improve your Cookies stats.

Level Up Your Statue Of Heroic Radiance

Level Up Your Statue Of Heroic Radiance cookie run kingdom
Cookie Run Kingdom Guide: Level Up Your Statue Of Heroic Radiance

If you unlock your Hall of Ancient Heroes you can place your cookies with the highest level into the hall, after that you can also place lower-level cookies as disciple cookies.

After choosing a disciple cookie its level will be matched to the paragon cookie’s level, and it will save you a lot of EXP star jellies. You will also need to upgrade the Statue of Heroic Radince inside of your Hall of Ancient Heroes.

Upgrading the statue will increase all of your cookies ATK, DEF, and HP you will also receive some bonuses depending on your statue level.

cookie run kingdom team composition
Cookie Run Kingdom Guide: Build Your Main Team Composition

If you are a spender this is not an issue for you, but if you are free to play this tip is very helpful. As you progress in the game I recommend choosing your main team composition.

By choosing a team try to mix cookies with different abilities, your team should have a tank– choose from charge or defense cookie as your tank. You can also use the booth if you like, then always include a healer, plus at least two damage dealers.

After you carefully choose your main team, use all your resources in your main cookie team to make them stronger. Dont, build every new cookie that you obtain unless you’re willing to spend a lot of money on the game.

Once your main cookie reaches the max level, that’s the right time to build other cookies. But in any case, there is a new OP cookie that has been released and quickly include in meta, you should also build that cookie and add it to your main cookie team.

Dont Forget the Daily Bounty

daily bounty cookie run kingdom screen shots
Cookie Run Kingdom Guide: Daily Bounty Cookie Run Kingdom

Daily Bounty is a game mode where you need to fight powerful bosses. Daily bounty is a great way to get magic powder in the game. Every day there are random bosses that you can fight each boss have a different magic powder as a reward, you are free to choose which one you will fight based on the rewards.

You can fight bosses in daily bounty three times a day, but if you want to have more battles to get a lot of magic powder, you can refill it using crystals.

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