Mango Cookie Toppings Cookie Run Kingdom

  • Best Mango Cookie Toppings- Swift Chocolate Toppings (Recommended)
  • Mango Cookie Toppings- Solid Almond Toppings (Alternative)

Mango Cookie is a magic-type cookie, he has the ability to inflict damage, knock all enemies to delay their movements, and add an attack-increasing buff to his allies.

Because of his ability the best mango cookie toppings that are most recommended is a full set of swift chocolate toppings. Solid almond toppings are also a good option for PVP to increase its survival from the skill combo of your opponent.

Toppings Rating

best mango cookie toppings swift chocolate
best mango cookie toppings swift chocolate

Mango Cookie is a magic type of cookie. He might not be the greatest damage dealer in the game, but he has some useful features. His skill can inflict some damage but the most useful effects of his skill were the knockback effect and the attack-increasing buff.

Because of his ability, the best Mango Cookie toppings that I highly recommend is using a full set of swift chocolate toppings. The swift chocolate toppings build can improve his skill cooldown significantly especially if your toppings are on a max level with an additional cooldown sub-stat.

It will allow Mango Cookie to use his skill more on the battlefield to interrupt the enemy’s movement and increase the attack of his allies.

Toppings Rating

mango cookie toppings solid almond
mango cookie toppings solid almond

Aside from a full set of swift chocolate toppings for his skill cooldown, another Mango Cookie topping that I also recommended is using a full set of solid almond toppings.

Some players might recommend a full set of searing raspberry, but I personally think that you shouldn’t use it. For a reason that Mango Cookie isn’t a heavy hitter or a main damage dealer cookie.

Like I’ve said the only useful effects from mango cookie were his knockback skill effects and the buff. Using a full set of solid almonds makes more sense since this cookie is a bit squishy.

The full set of solid almond toppings can boost his damage resistance, allowing your mango cookie to last more on the battlefield.

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Also Read:

mango cookie skill
mango cookie skill

Skill Name: Mango Juice Wave

Skill Description: After using his skill Mango Cookie uses his paddle to send waves of tropical mango juices. The waves inflict damage to all enemies in the path and knock them back.

Mango Cookie’s skill also increases the attack of all his allies for a period of time.

Skill Effects:

  • Single hit DMG: 75.7% (+0.9-1% DMG per level)
  • +10.0% ATK for 7.0 sec

Mango Cookie Story

mango cookie story
mango cookie story
Cookie Run Kingdom
  • Gacha Draw- Using crystals for gacha, 300 crystals for a single draw or 3000 crystals for a ten times draw
  • Mileage Shop
  • Arena Medal Shop (by chance after refresh)
  • Guild Shop (by chance after refresh)
  • Seaside Market (by chance after refresh)
  • Rainbow Shell Gallery (by chance after refresh)
  • World Exploration Dark Mode Stages 12-12 and stages 13-27

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What type of Cookie is Mango Cookie?

Mango Cookie is a magic-type cookie, but his ability is likely to support . He doesn’t have massive damage like another magic cookie, but his knockback effect and damage-increasing buff are useful in PVP.

Is Mango Cookie Good?

Mango Cookie is a good cookie if you don’t have some S or S+ Tier epic cookie. He is useful, but there are a lot of Epic magic-type Cookies that are far better than Mango Cookie. For now, I recommend to used other Magic Cookies like Espresso, Blueberry Pie, and other great damage dealers.

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