Poco X3 a new best gaming phone on a budget?

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Poco X3 Specs

Colors: Shadow Grey, Cobalt Blue  |  Internal Storage: 64GB / 128GB of UFS 2.1 |  Weight: 215g    Dimension: 165.3 x 76.8 x 9.4mm  |  Display: 6.67-inch DotDisplay 20:9 (2400 x 1080) FHD+, 395ppi  |  CPU: 2.3GHz Snapdragon 732G ( Octa-core)  |   GPU: Adreno 618  |  Memory: LPDDR4X 6GB RAM |  Battery: 6000mAh  | Camera (Rare): 64MP main f/1.89, 13MP Ultra-wide f/2.2, 2MP Macro f/2.4, 2MP depth f/2.2  |  Front Camera: 20MP f/2.2


Hello Fellow Gamers, are you looking for new android phone for gaming but short on a budget? I know game these days requires a lot of stuff like an Ultra-high refresh rate, a powerful processor, a cooling system, a high amount of RAM, an Ultra-High touch sample rate, Good Display, a High-quality sound, and a large battery, that kind of specs are usually found on more expensive device/ a Flagship.

But what if there is a smartphone with all that specs for only Php 10,990 here in the Philippines and $200 Global should it be your next phone for gaming?

The android phone that ill be talking is the new released by Xiaomi, the POCO X3, a follow-up model of Poco X2, but this time it has more than a punch, and almost flagship specs with a price of budget, what can we get from a $200 smartphone from Xiaomi the Poco X3 ?? let find out.



Let us start with the processor, since the processor is the brain of the smartphone it is very crucial to choose a phone with a better processor especially when your priority is gaming.

The new Poco X3 sports with the new Qualcomm Snapdragon 732G, which is an upgrade of the Snapdragon 730, it is also been said that the Snapdragon 732G has 15% improvements in graphic rendering vs the 730.

The new Snapdragon 732G is an Octa-core processor, which is useful for a high-intensity game, in terms of clock speed the 732G reach 2.3GHz can handle every game you throw at it.



In terms of the RAM capacity, the Poco X3 has a whopping 6GB of LPDDR4X which can usually found on a flagship smartphone, but remember that the Poco X3 is only a $200 smartphone which is a big save.

For the Storage, it has 64GB/128GB of UFS 2.1 of internal storage that has also microSD support if the 64GB is not enough for you.


Liquid Cooling technology

We all know that when gaming, the phone processor heat-ups, and when it comes you will notice some frame drops caused by thermal throttling, when your device can’t handle the heat, it throttled down the performance of the device to dissipate the heat.

Fortunately, the Poco X3 has its liquid cooling system which claims 20% improvements in dissipating heat and less worry about thermal throttling.


120Hz Refresh-Rate

Other features that you can just find in a flagship are now in Poco X3, which offers a 120Hz refresh rate allowing its user to experience smoothness and a fluid performance when scrolling and gaming with this phone.

This kind of feature is usually found on a more expensive device like the Oneplus 8 pro and other expensive gaming phone, but keep in mind that Oneplus is far more expensive than Poco X3.


240Hz touch sampling rate

Poco X3 also sports a 240Hz touch sampling rate make the device fast, smooth and responsive and together with 120Hz refresh rate was pretty rare for a phone with that price range, Xioami did pretty well with this one, for giving its customer a flagship-like experience with lesser price remember that this phone just cost $200 and giving a 240Hz touch sampling rate is impressive.


A Larger battery

Well the features of Poco X3 were impressive especially for gaming, Xiaomi put a bigger battery on it so it can stand on more power-hungry games for hours.

The Poco X3 is equipped with 5160mAh battery that they claim up to 10 hours of gaming, and what more impressive is that they even include the 33W fast charger in the box.



In my conclusion, the New Poco X3 is a real deal for a budget gamer, the specs that it has, and an affordable price tag? it completely crashes all of its competitors.

Honestly, for now, it is really hard to find a smartphone that can compete with Poco X3, sure it is not a flagship and it has some drawbacks like the plastic body but consider the price and the performance you can get, this is the best value smartphone for gaming.



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