Moon Rabbit Cookie Toppings In Cookie Run Kingdom

  • Best Moon Rabbit Cookie Toppings Build- Swift Chocolate Toppings (Recommended)
  • Moon Rabbit Cookie Toppings Build- Solid Almond Toppings (Tank Build)

The best toppings for Moon Rabbit Cookie is a swift chocolate topping. These toppings build enhance her skill cooldown significantly, allowing her to cast her skill more often. Which results in more healing to her allies and inflicts more damage to her enemies.

Toppings Rating

est moon rabbit cookie toppings swift chocolate toppings
best moon rabbit cookie toppings swift chocolate toppings

The best Moon Rabbit Cookie toppings are a complete set of Swift chocolate toppings. These toppings build will improve its skill cooldown to provide more support to all her allies.

Moon Rabbit Cookie is a defense-type cookie, but it can also inflict damage on its opponents from her skill. Aside from that, she can also restore her HP and add a healing buff to all her allies when every time they defeat an opponent.

Her healing ability is the most useful ability of Moon Rabbit cookie, but the heal triggers only once they defeat an enemy within 10 seconds. Because of her ability, I recommend this swift chocolate topping build so you can use her skill more frequently to heal her allies.

  • Damage Resistant
  • Defense
  • Crit Resistant

Toppings Rating

moon rabbit cookie toppings solid almond toppings
moon rabbit cookie toppings solid almond toppings

A complete set of Solid Almond toppings build is also recommended for Moon Rabbit Cookie. For a reason that Moon Rabbit Cookie was a defense-type cookie. Her primary role is to absorb as much damage as the enemies throw on your team, and a complete set of solid almond toppings can do the job.

These toppings build can increase her damage resistance based on the level of the toppings you will use. The sub-stat is also important, make sure that you choose a solid almond topping with good sub-stats.

  • Damage resistant
  • Cooldown
  • Crit Resistant
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Also Read:

moon rabbit cookie skill
moon rabbit cookie skill
Skill Name: Giant Rice Cake Bunny

Skill Description: When using her skill, Moon Rabbit Cookie transforms into a Giant Race Cake Bunny, then jump up and down to inflict damage to all the enemies. The enemies that are hit by her skill will receive a marked called Healing Rice Cake, when the marked opponents have been eliminated, the healing cake will restore a portion of the HP of all her allies. The amount of healing will depend on the target.

Moon Rabbit Cookie is also resistant to interrupting effects when using her skill.

Skill Effects:

  • Single hit DMG: 127.9 % (+1.7% per level)
  • Self-healing: 160.0 % of ATK
  •  Healing Rice Cake: heals all allies if the target is defeated within 10.0 sec
  • Healing: 253.0% of ATK (if Healing Cake’s target is a Cookie)
  • Healing: 24.2% of ATK (if Healing Cake’s target is not a Cookie)

Moon Rabbit Cookie Story

moon rabbit cookie story
moon rabbit cookie story

Fresh rice harvested from the happy soils of the Cookie World was used for baking the happy Moon Rabbit Cookie. This Cookie’s chubby cheeks are always filled with sweet rice cakes. And while some may think it’s cute, her craving for more rice cakes might be one of the strongest forces of the Universe.

That craving can even become so strong that she might turn into a giant Rice Cake Bunny, and—oh boy!—you’d better keep your distance because she is going to wreak SWEET HAVOC. A group of particularly brave Cookies once tried to keep the giant Rice Cake Bunny in check by grabbing each other’s hands and building a circle around her. Ever since, the Cookies have kept a tradition of holding hands and going around in circles under the full moon.

Cookie Run: Kingdom
  • World Exploration Dark Mode Stages 13-15 and Stages 14-21
  • Gacha- Using 3000 crystals for ten times draw or 300 crystals for a single draw.
  • Mileage Shop- Spend 2000 Mileage points in exchange for 20 Financier Cookie Soul stone
  • Arena Medal Shop (by chance after refresh)
  • Rainbow Shell Gallery (by chance after refresh)
  • Seaside Market (by chance after refresh)
  • Guild Medal Shop (by chance after refresh)

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