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Eclair Cookie Toppings Build In Cookie Run Kingdom

  • Best Eclair Cookie Toppings- Full-Searing Raspberry toppings
  • Eclair Cookie Toppings For Skill Cooldown- Swift Chocolate Toppings

The two recommended toppings for Eclair Cookie are searing raspberry and swift chocolate toppings. Let’s take a look at why these two toppings are the best for Eclair Cookie.

eclair cookie toppings searing raspberry toppings
Eclair cookie toppings searing raspberry toppings

Eclair cookie can deal massive damage to enemies plus his skill has a weakening effect on its target. Because of that, we need to capitalize on his damage ability. It is wiser to increase its damage by using a full set of searing raspberries.

This topping will ensure that you can get a maximum ATK damage boost to your Eclair cookie.

eclair cookie toppings swift chocolate
Eclair cookie toppings swift chocolate

Another recommended topping build for Eclair Cookie was the swift chocolate. Try to use five swift chocolate toppings to decrease the cooldown of its skill.

Eclair’s skill has as weaken effects that are beneficial not just to Eclair but also to all the cookies in his team. Aside from weakening effects, his skill can also generate a shield for his teammate whenever a weakened enemy dies.

With these effects, swift chocolate toppings are also good — they will allow you to use your Eclair skill more often by shortening the cooldown period of its skill.

Out of the two recommended toppings for Eclair cookies. I personally think that a full set of searing raspberry is better compared to a swift chocolate topping. It was because Eclair is commonly used as a main damage dealer in the game. Especially in the Arena, it is important to have a huge burst of damage at the start of the clash. It will give you an upper hand against your opponents.

You can also watch this video to be more familiar with Cookie Run Kingdom Toppings.

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To know more about Eclair Cookie please continue reading about its skill, story, and how to get Eclair Cookie.

Eclair Cookie Story

eclair cookie story
Eclair cookie story

Game Description:

But it must be said that he tends to go overboard with his explanations whenever a guest shows interest in his favorite topic: dragon-fighter Cookies! This is precisely why he’s mostly seen in his office, writing reports on these brave and heroic dragon-fighter Cookies. He may be sitting in front of his desk, but do not underestimate his scholarly heart— for his passion for history burns as bright as any other adventurer exploring this world.

Cookie Run: Kingdom

Book Of History (Eclair’s skill name)

eclair cookie skill
Eclair cookie skill

Skill Description:

With all the knowledge and research accumulated over the years, analyzes and identifies the opponent’s weakness. Cast ‘Weakness’ debuff to 3 enemies with the highest ATK (targets Cookies first), amplifying the DMG they receive, and deals DMG. If the enemy is defeated while under the Weakness debuff, all allies gain an HP shield.

  • Skill Cooldown: 16 seconds base cooldown
  • Weakness: receive + 25.0% DMG for 40.0 sec, the effect stacks up to x4
  • Hp shield: +25.0% of Max HP for 3.0 sec
  • Single hit DMG: 480.6% (+6.54% DMG per level)
  • Weakness debuff is refreshed by its further stacks: one stack’s duration is 10 sec, and two stacks will extend it by 8 sec.

Having Eclair Cookie on your team is a good choice and can have a great contribution in damage team damage output. If you want to include this cookie, there are a few ways to get Eclair that I list down below.

There are three ways to get Eclair Cookie. You can get it by chance in gacha, you can spend about 300-36000+ of crystals to get this cookie.

Gather Eclair soul stone to summon Eclair

After the gacha draw, you can also summon Eclair Cookies by gathering its soul stone. You can head over to the Mileage shops and buy some soul stone using mileage points. You can try to buy 20 pieces of soul stone to summon your Eclair cookie.

You can also gather its soul stone by chance when clearing dark mode in world exploration. Try to clear dark mode stages 14-27 to get one.

What toppings should I put on Eclair Cookie?

The best topping to use in Eclair was a full set of searing raspberries, it was because Eclair can deal with huge amounts and we need to increase it more. Swift chocolate toppings were also a good option to decrease its cooldown and cast it to skill faster.

Is Eclair Cookie a healer?

No, the Eclair cookie is more like a damage-type cookie even though it is a support cookie. He can also provide a shield for his teammate but no healing.

What is Eclair Cookie good for?

Eclair cookie is good to play the role of a damage dealer in the team. But it has also some support abilities like giving a shield to its ally and weakening its enemy in the clash.

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