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Nokia 6.1 with Gcam Review

Nokia 6.1 with Gcam in 2020 How Good it is?

Nokia once falling Giants have been revived by HMD global, and now has returned with android one (the best nearly-stock android experienced.)

What is an Android one?

Android One was said to be the best nearly stock Android experienced, it delivers faster software updates and security patches than any Android device except for Google Pixel of course.

With Android One in Nokia 6.1, it gives lots of software updates, I started upgrading from Android Oreo to the latest  Android Pie.

The phone itself delivers monthly updates in security patches which provide better security than you can’t get from some of its competitors.

In case you are still in doubt of its security features you can also protect your device and select one from our best pick of the best antivirus for android.

Also, Nokia 6.1 with Android One, delivers a smooth and responsive Android experienced for its users and also Android One is free from Bloatware or preinstalled software that we often don’t need, bloatware compromised our storage and smartphone resources, but with android one, you can get a pure and nearly stock Android.

With all the software comes directly from Google, Android one surely gives its users a responsive, smooth and Snappy performance.

Hardware and Specs

Processor: Qualcomm Snapdragon 630, octa-core, 2.2GHz  |  Screen size: 5.5 inch IPS LCD, full-HD  |  Resolution: 1920x 1080 16:9  |  Material: Corning Gorilla Glass 3  |  Memory:  4 GB LPDDR4  |  Storage:  64 GB of Internal Storage  |  MicroSD card slot: Support for up to 128 GB


Primary camera: ZEISS optics 16MP PDAF, 1.0um, f/2, with dual-tone flash  |  Front-facing camera: 8MP FF, 1.12um, f/2. FOV 84

Battery: Integrated 3000 mAh Battery  |  Operating system: Android One, now on Android 9 pie  |  I/O: Quick Charge USB Type-C

Body and Design

Nokia 6.1 has 6000 series of aluminum Unibody, made from a single block of aluminum, which makes this phone one of the toughest smartphones we can get, and as a trademark of Nokia, durability was one of their best asset that all its users can rely on.

Nokia 6.1 has a premium design and feels with Diamond cut edges, it has also two tones anodizing, making the devices more solid and ceramic feels.


In terms of Gaming, this phone packs with Snapdragon 630 is 60% better performance than Nokia 6 of 2017. With a screen of Full-HD Display making games and graphics more vivid and with its newer processor gives me a smooth experience from games like Mobile legends but keep in mind that online games sometimes lag due to its internet connection and high amount of ping and its not an issue of your device.

Another Impressive about these devices was AI and android pie helps a lot with optimizing my apps, so what is that mean?? It simply means that the users don’t have to worry about other apps that secretly consuming the RAM I have 20+ apps that I downloaded and Installed in my device but I still have a smooth and lag-free experience on Nokia 6.1.

Android Pei and AI work together for optimizing this device for smoother Gaming experienced.

If I recommend this phone for gaming? my short answer is yes, its decent processor combines with android Pie and AI technology and considers that this phone gets a huge price rollback these days and I confidently recommend Nokia 6.1 for gaming on a budget.

But wait!! Don’t expect too much this will not perform like some flagship smartphone with Snapdragon 855 processor but for a lower budget with a Snapdragon 630, Android Pie and with Android one flavor it was still good for gaming.


For the camera, It has 8MP up front and 16MP Rear camera With ZEISS optics.

In daylight it delivers some crisp natural-looking images, the only downside for me was it was slow to focus at first but when I got the new software updates it works pretty well.

Nokia 6.1 also doesn’t come with OIS (Optical Images Stabilization), but instead, it comes with EIS (Electronic Image Stabilization)

This phone is a good shooter in good lighting and low light? you can relly on its pro mode, but a pro mode is not for everyone cuz a pro mode is just for some with a piece of knowledge in photography.

If you don’t want to tweak some stuff in pro mode I highly recommend you download a piece of apps that can turn this phone-in a good shooter even in low light.

And the apps that I talking about are the Gcam camera mods, it works like the one you’ve seen from the Google Pixel that uses an HDR+ technology that provides a better dynamic range than your regular camera apps.

What is an HDR+?

HDR+ is a technology developed by Google in enhancing an image, it composes of different shots in different exposure and combined into one super image like the one you see from an HDR and the only difference is that HDR+ have more frame combine and better processing than a regular HDR.

Image Taken from a Gcam in Nokia 6.1

image taken from gcam in 5:42 p.m

This Image is taken from Nokia 6.1 using Gcam mod in HDR+, the time is 5:42 p.m when the sun was near the Horizon.

image taken from gcam time 5:45 p.m

Taken from Nokia 6.1 with Gcam camera Mod.

Time: 5:45 p.m

image taken from Gcam time 5:46 p.m

Nokia 6.1 with Gcam mod

Time: 5:46 p.m.

images taken from gcam time 6:00 p.m

This shoot was interesting because it was at 6:00 p.m and this area is covered with trees that make it darker and challenging low light but the Gcam in Nokia 6.1 manages to get a clearer shot.

image taken with gcam comparison

Side by Side comparison with my Nokia 6.1 stock Camera and Nokia 6.1 Gcam mod, Images were taken 6:11 p.m low light.

Another image where the Gcam mods for Nokia 6.1 help a lot for low light shots

gcam image in lowlight time 6:18 p.m

Images were taken 6:18 p.m with Gcam and almost completely dark, the sun was set and only a portion of its rays are seen, and gives a small amount of light.

gcam low ligh shot time 6:19 p.m

Images were taken 6:19 p.m in a Gcam, I just change my position a little and change the focus point and it gives me a brighter image than the shot takes from 6:18 p.m.

Bottom Line

The Nokia 6.1 has pretty good value for money and because it was a 2018 model and we are now in 2020, we can expect a huge discount for this smartphone, and just like me– I get a brand new Nokia 6.1 on sale for only  $131.89.

Take note even though this smartphone was a 2018 model, with its specs, performance, discounts, and upgradability to Android 9 Pie and also includes Google camera mods compatibility?  I can clearly and confidently say that Nokia 6.1 is still very competitive for a budget to Mid-range Smartphone even today.