Top 6 Upcoming Crypto Games: Best Crypto Games 2022

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Crypto games change our games perspective, at the past, we gamers earn nothing in the games that we played, we even spend some real money on the games just to satisfy ourselves with the things that we need in the games, but now instead of just spending money in the games, a new kind of games are allowing players to earn money from playing games, these are called “Crypto games”.

These crypto games reward players with crypto that is based on their efforts in the games, a lot of these crypto games emerges in 2018, and being one of the first to play a newly released crypto game is very important to get all the benefits in the games such as airdrops, and have an advantage in terms of level in some other plates, especially if the games is more on PVP.

To get yourself updated on some of the best upcoming crypto games, here is the list of the best upcoming crypto games in 2022.


illuvium crypto games
Image Credit: Illuvium

Illuvium is a crypto game that is expected to be huge, the first time I saw its trailer, and after reading its white paper I know that this game will be an AAA crypto game, the graphics of Illuvium is on a different level compared to some crypto games today.

The Illuvial, a mutated beast that inhabited the rogue planet has a tremendous power that they get from the strange radiation of the planet. You as a player can catch and tamed this creature to join you on your adventure and battles.

You will need a mineral that can be mined from the rogue planet called “Shards” these shards can be used as a tool to capture and tame these wild creatures like what Pokeball does in the anime Pokemon.

You can earn crypto in Illuvium by selling in-game NFT items like weapons and Illuvial, it is still unclear if all the items in this game are tradable as NFT or if there are just selected items that can be traded like in Mir4, but for now, based on the trailer, and some sneak peek from its gameplay that they post on social media, I can say that Illuvium is one of the best upcoming crypto games that you shouldn’t miss.

Star Atlas

Star atlas upcoming blockchain game
Image Credit: Star Atlas

The next crypto game in this list is the most anticipated among all the upcoming crypto games called “Star Atlas“, the game has a theme of futuristic intergalactic civilization were three kinds of factions compete to dominate the universe, the human, alien species, and artificial intelligence or Androids.

The Graphics of this upcoming crypto game looks even greater than Illuvium based on my own opinion, it is also a AAA crypto game that we shouldn’t miss. Based on the screenshots that they released everything looks realistic from the environments, and characters and even all the spaceship looks real, I can say that when this crypto game releases, this might be the biggest crypto game of the year.

The gameplay of Star Atlas is also promising based on the expected gameplay that they published in their white paper, players can explore the different planets and mined the planet that they explored for profits.

The gameplay is so ambitious that players can switch from a top-down view to an X-ray view to see the spaceship interior, and players can also switch to a first-person cockpit view for an even more realistic feel.

If they successfully bring us all of the things that are written on the white paper that they published Star Atlas would gonna great.

Monsta Infinite

Monsta infinite
Image Credit: Monsta Infinite

Next on our list is a turn-based MMORPG NFT game like Axie Infinity, actually, Monsta infinite is like a low-cost Axie infinity, they even state in their white paper that Axie is their inspiration in creating their own NFT games.

They even said that they will try to imitate Axie infinity in every aspect, and based on their trailer the graphics and gameplay of Axie and Monsta are indeed almost the same with some little deference in duel gameplay

Monsta is the monster pet that you can use in the game, it is like Axie in Axie infinity. Players can also clone and Augment their Monsta to produce are much stronger Monsta in these crypto games.

Players can earn crypto by cloning Monsta and trade or sell it to the marketplace.

Chumbi Valley 

Chumbi valley blockchain games screenshots
Image Credit: Chumbi Valley

A game that is expected to be lunch this 2022. This crypto game Chumbi Valley got inspiration from Pokemon and Stardew valley, where players can raise Pokemon-like creatures called Chumbi, this Chumbi has different types and skills or abilities depending on its breed.

These creatures are composed of different body parts inherited from their parents Chumbi, you can pair two Chumbi to form a new breed, and its offspring can be sold in the marketplace as an NFT where players can earn crypto and real cash.

Some of these upcoming crypto game features are Chumbi fostering where the player can send their Chumbi temporarily to other players, and the owner of the Chumbi will earn a percentage of its earning, there is also an offline reward that players can still earn some resources even when they are offline.

Chumbi Valley is one of the most awaited blockchain games, many are expected this game to be the next Axie infinity, if this game would be huge, dont forget to include Chumbi valley on your list.


Top 6 Upcoming Crypto Games: Best Crypto Games 2022 1
Image Credit: Dinox

Dinox is an upcoming crypto game that is based on the famous Jurassic Park movie, players can buy, raised, or breed their own Dinosaurs in the game and built their own Jurassic park in the game.

These dinosaurs are NFT, blockchain-based digital assets that have a real value in real life, these Dino can be used to battle other Dino from another player, and earn rewards by winning.

Dinox community can host some mini-game that every player can participate in to earn rewards, like the one on Splinterlands, where organization or guild can create their own mini-game.

Unfortunately, this crypto game is not free to play, if you want to play the game, you’ll need to spend or invest in this crypto game.


upcoming blockchain games Sipher
Image Credit: Sipher

Next on our list is an upcoming crypto game called Sipher, it is an open-world game that players can socialize, play, and earn. You can choose from different characters like INU (dog), Neko (Cat), Tori the bird, and Buru the bull.

This upcoming crypto game is a full pledge 3D graphics that are pleasing to the eye, the gameplay also looks exciting with lots of game modes like player vs environment or PvE where players can use different characters to their adventure and battle enemy robots and other creatures in the wild.

Players can also explore dungeons, they just need to form a team with a  member of three to enter dungeons and defeat some monsters and bosses, there is also a PVP mode where players can form a team with three members and compete with other players in a MOBA style game.

Bottom Line

Having a first to play crypto game gives you some advantage against new players, so don’t forget to always check these upcoming crypto games, you can check their social media accounts, Discord, or Telegram to be sure that you are always getting the latest update about this blockchain games.

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