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Affogato Cookie Toppings Build In Cookie Run Kingdom

  • Affogato Cookie Toppings Option 1: Full Set of Searing Raspberry
  • Affogato Cookie Toppings Option 2: Full Set Of Swift Chocolate
  • Affogato Cookie Toppings Option 3: A Mix of Raspberry And Swift Chocolate

Affogato cookie is a power bomber in the game Cookie Run: Kingdom. It can bring a curse to its target and inflict continuous damage on its enemies. If you’re planning to include Affogato Cookie in our team, make sure to check our build for the best Affogato Cookie toppings.

There are two recommended toppings for Affogato Cookie. The searing raspberry toppings, and the swift chocolate toppings. Let me explain why these two are the best toppings for Affogato Cookie.

affogato cookie toppings searing rapberry
Affogato cookie toppings searing raspberry

Affogato is a bomber-type cookie. We all know that bomber types are good damage dealers in a team. Affogato skill can deal continuous damage to its enemies for 10 seconds, and we need to take advantage of it. To inflict more damage we need to increase Affogato ATK and a full set of searing raspberry toppings will surely do the trick.

Another best-recommended topping for Affogato Cookie was the swift chocolate toppings. This was because Affagato’s cookie skills have a very effective effect. It can prevent its target from receiving a buff for a certain period, skills are useful to quickly eliminates in target during a clash.

A full set of Swift chocolate toppings decreases its skill cooldown. Having you more time to use its skill, inflict damage, and effectively send a curse on its target.

affogato cookie toppings mix raspberry and swift chocolate
Affogato cookie toppings, full set of swift chocolate toppings

Our third option is mixing the swift chocolate together with searing raspberry. These toppings will give your Affogato the flavor of both worlds. You can decrease its skill cooldown and increase its damage, which are the two important effects of its skill.

Although this kind of topping has a disadvantage. Using a mix of toppings will not able to give your affogato the max damage or max skill cooldown compared to when using a full set of toppings of the same kind.

  • 3 searing raspberry + 2 swift chocolate toppings- If you want to get more damage than the cooldown effect
  • 2 searing raspberries + 3 swift chocolate toppings- If you value the cooldown effect more against damage increase.

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If you want to want to know more about the Affogato Cookie. Here is some more info for you.

Affogato Story

affogato cookie story
Affogato cookie story
Cookie Run Kingdom
affogato cookie skill
Affogato cookie skill

Skill Description:

Secretly curses the enemy with the highest ATK (targets Cookie first). The cursed target cannot receive any buff effects for a certain time (limited to buff that can be dispelled). The cursed target will also receive amplified debuffs and will spread Poison inflicting periodic damage to nearby enemies and themselves. If Poison becomes dispelled, it will cause great damage to nearby enemies.

Skill effects

  • Base Cooldown: 15 seconds
  • Curse: Target can’t receive buffs for 10 seconds
  • Amplified Debuffs: 30.0% for 10 seconds
  • Poison: DMG for every 0.6 seconds for 10 seconds, a total of 500.4% DMG (+6.07-6.08% per level)
  • Area Poison: DMG every 1.0 sec for 10.0 sec, a total of 150.1% DMG (+1.82-1.83% per level)
  • Poison dispelled: 300.2% DMG (+3.6-3.7% per level) to nearby enemies.

Affogato Cookie is a bomber type, but not like Captain Caviar Cookie whose damage inflict in an instant. Affogato skill damage was based on DPS, it deals continuous damage for a few seconds.

After casting the skill it quickly chooses a target with the highest ATK and cast a curse on it. It also inflicts three waves of poison damage. The first one is the poison curse to the highest ATK that deals DMG every 0.6 seconds, and the area poison DMG means the target will suffer from two waves of poison damage.

There is also the third wave of poison damage that deals 300.2% (base damage) to the nearby enemies when the poison is dispelled. In total the target will suffer from two kinds of poison damage and the other enemies will also get two waves of poison damage from Area poison and poison dispelled.

What is even scarier about its ability was the cursed target cannot receive any buff, and amplify the debuff effect for it.

For now, there are no stages available in the world exploration to get it soulstone. To get Affogato Cookie we only have two options the gacha and the mileage shop.


You can get Affogato Cookie through gacha. If you already do the gacha before you already know how many crystals to consume. Spend 300 crystals for one draw and spend 3000 for ten draws. Always remember that the outcome in the gacha was always based on your luck. If it’s your lucky day, you might get Affogato Cookie in just a few draws. If not just buy it in the Mileage shop.

Mileage shop

Since Affogato soul stone cannot be obtained by completing word exploration. Our only other option is to buy its soul stone in the mileage shop. If you have enough mileage points to buy at least twenty soul stones, you can summon your very first Affogato Cookie.

What topping is best for Affogato Cookie?

The best topping for Affogato Cookie is the searing raspberry. It can greatly increase the amount of damage to his skill. Swift chocolate toppings are also a good option for decreasing the cooldown time of its skill.

Is Affogato Cookie Good?

Yes in fact Affogato Cookie is one of the best bombers in the game Cookie Run: Kingdom next only to Captain Caviar Cookie in a PVP.

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