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Last updated on February 4th, 2023 at 11:30 am

Herb Cookie is probably the number 1 epic healer cookie in the game Cookie Run: Kingdom. It was one of the most favorite cookies for healing next only the pure vanilla cookie in the number 1 spot.

If you like to use Herb Cookie as a main healer in your team, let me give you an insight into the best Herb Cookie Toppings to use in the game.

  • Best Herb Cookie Toppings Build (Most Recommends)- Swift Chocolate Toppings
  • Herb Cookie Toppings Build For Survivability- Solid Almond Toppings
best herb cookie toppings swift chocolate
Best Herb Cookie Toppings- Swift Chocolate

As healer cookies, we must take advantage of herb cookie healing ability through its skill. Like some typical healing cookies, Herb cookie does not deal damage on the battlefield. Its normal attack just healing a certain cookie and its skill instantly heals all allies and produces sprouts that heal all allies within the area periodically and purify all debuff.

As a cookie that is key for its team’s survival, you need to make sure that you can use its skill frequently. I recommended using a complete set of swift chocolate toppings with +12 topping and additional cooldown effects, in this way it can greatly decrease its skill cooldown for more healing.

almond toppings for herb cookie
Alternative Herb Cookie Toppings- Solid Almond

Another option for Herb cookie toppings to use is 5X solid almond toppings. Herb cookie is not invulnerable to enemies’ attacks, there is a certain instance when he might one of the first to fall in one single combo of enemy cookies in the arena. If you have noticed that your opponents are using a team that is capable of burst combo, considered equipping a complete set of solid almond toppings.

These toppings will increase the damage reduction of your Herb cookie giving him more stats to survive a barrage of attacks from your enemies.

There are only two kinds of toppings that I recommend for Herb Cookie. In my own experience, I mostly recommend using a complete set of swift chocolate toppings for Herb cookie for skill cooldown. Although solid almond toppings are also great for Herb Cookie based on a certain scenario.

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Herb cookie skill
Herb Cookie Skill
Skill Name: Sunny Garden
Skill Description: When using the skill Herb Cookie turns the area into his garden and instantly restores a percentage of his allies’ HP including his. Herb garden also purifies and remove debuff to its allies and heal periodically all allied cookie in the area.
Skill Effects:
— Healing: 44.2% of ATK (+0.05% Healing per level)
— Healing: 9.0% (+0.24-0.25% for each tick of Healing per level) every 1.0 sec over 5 sec when standing near sprouts
— Purify: removes all debuff effects
Herb Cookie Skill and Effects

Herb Cookie Story

herb cookie story
Herb Cookie Story
Cookie Run: Kingdom
  • Gacha pull- 3000 crystals 10X draw, 300 crystal 1X draw
  • Mileage Shop
  • Seaside Market
  • Rainbow Shell Gallery
  • Dark Mode World Exploration- Stages 7-8, 10-15

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Frequently Ask Questions For Herb Cookie

Is Herb Cookie a Good Healer?

Yes, Herb Cookie is the number 1 healer cookie in epic rarity in terms of pure healing ability. His healing skill can even rival Pure Vanilla Cookie which is an Ancient Cookie. So if you don’t have Pure Vanilla Cookie youre best alternative healer cookie is Herb Cookie.

What are good toppings for healing cookies?

For healer-type cookies always go for swift chocolate toppings because all healing cookie doesn’t inflict damage on enemies and their only role is to cast a healing skill. Swift chocolate toppings can improve the healing cookie skill cooldown for more healing to all its allies.

Is Herb Cookie a better healer than pure vanilla?

No, Pure vanilla cookie was still a better healer compared to Herb Cookie. But we must be considered the fact that Pure Vanilla Cookie is an ancient cookie and Herb Cookie is just an epic cookie a lower rarity compare to ancient. But for an epic cookie, Herb Cookie is the number 1 alternative to Pure Vanilla Cookie.


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