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purple yam cookie toppings

Purple Yam Cookie Toppings Build (Cookie Run Kingdom)

  • Best Toppings For Purple Yam Cookie (Most Recommended) or 5X (full set) of solid almond

The best toppings for Purple Yam Cookie is 5X solid almond toppings it was because purple yam is a charge type cookie that are always on the front most part of the formation. 5X searing raspberry is also a good alternative if you want a damage build for your purple yam cookie.

best purple yam cookie toppings- raspberry toppings
Best Purple Yam cookie toppings

Purple yam cookie is a charge-type cookie. It deals some melee damage to the enemies in the front line. A lot of players used charge-type cookies as a tank instead of defense-type cookies. Because of that charge-type cookies receive the most damage in the party.

To ensure that your Purple Yam cookie can survive vicious attacks from enemies. I highly recommend using a full set or 5X Solid almond toppings. The higher the level the better, if you have a high level of solid almond that has an additional defense attribute use it to maximize the survivability of your Purple yam cookie.

Alternative Build: 5X Searing Raspberry Toppings

purple yam cookie toppings searing raspberry for damage build
Purple Yam Cookie Toppings Damage Build

If you are the type of player that is not using a charge-type cookie as a tank. You can boost its damage to add some team damage in a clash. Purple yam cookies can also deal a fair amount of melee damage to the enemies. You can use 5X of searing raspberry toppings for maximum attack

Try to use high-level raspberry toppings with the additional attributes of ATK or damage resistance. When I’m using a damage build in a charge-type cookie I ensure that there’s a mix of both ATK and damage resistance for my 5 toppings to my cookies for a more balanced build.

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purple yam cookie skill
Purple Yam Cookie Skill
Purple Tornado (Skill Name)
Skill Description: When the skill is activated, Purple yam creates a purple tornado causing periodic damage to the enemies. The purple tornado has crowd control effects that cause its enemies to push back. While using the skill, the Purple yam cookie becomes resistant to interrupting effects.
Skill Effects: Single hit DMG: 54.0% (+0.6-0.7% DMG per level)
Purple Yam Cookie skill description and effects

Purple Yam Magic Candy

Berserker’s Fury
Magic Candy Skill Description: When Purple Yam Cookie reaches level 50 you can use and activates its magic candy. After the magic candy upgrades its skill cooldown is reduced. On the battlefield, Purple yam will receive a buff called “Berseker’s Fury” that stacks up to 4X. When the fourth stack was reached it activate the secondary buff called “Berserkers Spirit” which restores a percentage of its HP. Berseker’s fury also makes Purple yam heavier giving him a resistant boost for Knockback effects by the enemy.
Magic Candy Effects: Berseker’s Fury: ATK +20.0% | CRIT% +20.0% | DMG Resistant +8.0% | ATK SPD +10.0%(per stack) | Skill Cooldown Effect from Berseker’s Fury: -20.0% | Berseker’s Spirit: Restores 15.0% of Max HP every 0.5 sec for 3.0 sec.
Purple Yam Magic candy effects

If you want to obtain Purple Yam there are some ways to get it. If you are willing to use your crystals you can try your luck in gacha, spend 300 for a single draw and 3000 crystals for a 10X draw. You can also get Purple yam in the mileage shop, and buy a couple of purple yam soul stones to summon one.

You can also get a Purple yum soul stone by exploring and clearing the world exploration dark mode. You can clear stages 6-28 and 9-21 to get a chance to obtain its soul stone.

Purple Yam Cookie Story

purple yam cookie story
Cookie Run: Kingdom

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