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Last updated on February 4th, 2023 at 11:21 am

Parfait Cookie is a support-type cookie in the game Cookie Run: Kingdom. Its main role was to support its teammates by healing and adding some defense buff to all the members of its party.

If you want to use Parfait Cookie for your team, this article will help you decide on what is the best parfait cookie toppings to use in the game.

  • Best Parfait Cookie Toppings- Swift Chocolate Toppings
  • Parfait Cookie Toppings For Defense- Solid Almond Toppings
swift chocolate best toppings for parfait cookie
Best Parfait Cookie Toppings- Swift Chocolate Toppings

As a support-type cookie, parfait cannot contribute much to damage output, unlike other support cookies like Eclair and Cotton Cookie which are a support type but also a good dealer. Parfait on the other hand is just a pure support cookie and its main role is to heal all its allies and add some defense buff.

Because of that, the best parfait cookie toppings that I highly recommend was a full set of swift chocolate toppings. In this way, it can greatly decrease its skill cooldown and give your parfait cookie more chance to heal and add some buff in its allies.

solid almond toppings for parfait cookie
Parfait Cookie Toppings For Defense- Solid Almond Toppings

Another recommended topping for a Parfait cookie was a full set of solid almond toppings. Parfait Cookie is also a bit squishy in the arena, its healing ability is useless when she was the first cookie to die during a clash. A full set of solid almond toppings will help your Parfait cookie to last longer on the battlefield.

Solid almond toppings are the best toppings to use when your opponents are pure damage type, especially when there are some stunner and cookie that has crowd control effects. Solid almond toppings can help her survive the enemy’s skill combo and give a better chance to survive to cast its skill to heal its allies.

    parfait cookie skill
    Parfait Cookie Skill
    Skill Name: Paru-Paru-Parfait
    Skill Description: When using skill, Parfait Cookie uses her microphone and song. While singing all her allies will recover some HP and receive a DEF-increasing buff.

    Parfait Cookie allies will also benefit from debuff resistance from her skill for 7.0 sec.
    Skill Effects: Healing: 14.4% ATK every 1.0 sec over 7.0 sec (+0.2% Healing per level) | Buff: +10.0% DEF for 7.0 sec | Debuff Resist Up: 40.0% for 7.0 sec
    Parfait Cookie Skill and Effects

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    Parfait Cookie Story

    parfait cookie story
    Parfait Cookie Story
    Cookie Run: Kingdom

    Parfait Cookie rarity is epic it is much easier to get this cookie compared to legendary and ancient cookies. You will just need some crystals, time, and patients to get this cookie. If you have a lot of crystals try your luck on gacha, you can get one in just a 10X draw for 3000 crystals if you are lucky.

    You can also try 1X draw in gacha by spending 300 crystals, but if I were you I always go for 10X draw to save time. If you are a bit unlucky in the gacha draw you can buy Parfait soul stone in the mileage shop using mileage points. You can also get some parfait soul by chance in the seaside market.

    Another way of obtaining the Parfait cookie is by clearing stages 12-30 and stages 14-15 in the dark mode of world exploration.

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    What toppings are good for Parfait?

    As a good support type cookie. The perfect toppings for Parfait Cookie were a full set or 5X swift chocolate toppings to decrease its cooldown to cast more healing on the battlefield.

    Should I use cotton or parfait cookie?

    Cotton Cookie and Parfait Cookie are both excellent support cookies. They both have healing abilities but I usually use a Cotton cookie as my main support because Cotton Cookie can also deal much more damage and its skill can stun its enemies which is more useful in the Arena.

    My advice is to use Cotton cookies in the PVP and Parfait Cookie in PvE (world exploration).

    Are parfait cookies good support?

    Yes, the Parfait cookie skill has healing abilities, DEF increasing buff, and debuff resistance buff which is a good ability for good support in the game Cookie Run: Kingdom.


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