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Sherbet Cookie Toppings

Sherbet Cookie Toppings Build In Cookie Run Kingdom

In a hurry? here is the summary of the best toppings for sherbet Cookie

  • Best & Recommended Sherbet Cookie Toppings- Mix Of Raspberry And Solid Almond
  • Alternative Sherbet Cookie Toppings- Full Set Of Searing Raspberry

Based on my own experience the best toppings for Sherbet Cookie is a mix of raspberry toppings and solid almonds, to have a balance of damage boost and protection. A full set of raspberry toppings is also good for maximizing damage based on a certain scenario.

best sherbet cookie toppings
Best sherbet cookie toppings

The best Sherbet Cookie toppings are a combination of three searing raspberries plus two solid almond toppings. This kind of topping build is well-balanced that gives him the attack boost from searing raspberry and the damage resistance of solid almond toppings.

Sherbet Cookie can inflict massive damage but he is a bit squishy. His damage increases the lesser the opponents, but because he is not that tanky he might be eliminated early in the fight.

Adding a solid almond on his damage build will increase his damage resistance giving him more chance to survive in the clash with their enemy.

alternative sherbet cookie toppings
Alternative sherbet cookie toppings

If you want your Sherbet Cookie to have higher damage, you can use a full set of searing raspberry toppings. This kind of toppings builds can greatly boost the attack power of your Sherbet.

These toppings build are good to use in PVE like World Exploration, Tower of sweet chaos, and tropical soda island. But in PVP it might fall short since it can increase his damage but not his damage resistance.

If you have a better tank, and technology, and you want to get the best DPS from your Sherbet cookie, this toppings build is the best for you.

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sherbet cookie skill
Sherbet cookie skill

Skill Description: When using skill, the Sherbet cookie summons five shards, it was divided based on the number of targets. Each shard will attack every enemy, the lesser the enemy the more damage the shards can deal especially when it focuses on a single enemy.

Sherbet Cookie’s skill damage will also increase based on the number of frost stacks, which is why Sherbet is best paired with frost queen to increase his damage even more.

Sherbet Skill can also frost their target and restrict their movement and skill cooldown, being frost Sherbet skill can nullify debuff resistant debuff to its target. The amount of his additional damage and chance of frosting enemies will increase depending on the frost stacks that the enemy receives.

In addition to that, his skill also converts max HP to an HP shield for protection and he is also partially immune to freezing effects.

Sherbet Cookie Story

sherbet cookie story
Sherbet cookie story

Here comes winter, where all life falls asleep under the soft blanket of snow. If you suddenly feel a gust of warm breeze on a chilly day, the frost spirit might have passed you by! Sherbet Cookie is always where the glistening first snow is falling gently on your windowsill. He takes the coldest and harshest winds with him, leaving you with the gift of cozy winter. No wonder everyone is waiting for this bright and friendly spirit’s arrival!

Sherbet Cookie always dreamt of traveling the world, yet he was destined to become one with ice crystals. A single drop of warmness helped him turn into the freedom-loving sherbet snow spirit.

Now, Sherbet Cookie never stays long in one place, traveling across the lands wherever the wind takes him. Still, there always will be a special memory that fills his heart with hope and warmth—a stubborn lantern light that will never stop waiting for his return!

Cookie Run Kingdom
  • Gacha- Spending a few or a lot of thousands of crystals in a gacha. You can get Sherbet Cookie or soul stone depending on your luck
  • Arena Medal Shop- Arena is one of the very few ways to get a super epic soul stone. The store refresh and features different soul stone randomly. Always look for Sherbet soul stone if available.

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