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Werewolf Cookie Toppings Build In Cookie Run Kingdom

  • Best Werewolf Cookie Toppings- Solid Almond Toppings (Recommended)
  • Werewolf Cookie Toppings- Healthy Peanut Toppings (Alternative)

The best toppings for Werewolf Cookie is a complete set of solid almond, which will increase his damage resistance for him to become tankier on the battlefield.

A healthy peanut topping is also a good choice, it will increase his HP and make his final hit skill more powerful.

Best Werewolf Cookie Toppings- Solid Almond Toppings (Recommended)

best werewolf cookie toppings solid almond

The best Werewolf Cookie toppings are a complete set of solid almonds. The main reason that Werewolf Cookie is a charge-type cookie is, his main role is to tank and absorbed attacks from enemies’ cookies.

As a charge-type cookie, your Werewolf Cookie must be tough and must be able to withstand any attack from the enemies. When Werewolf Cookie transforms into his wolf form, his HP increases.

As a Cookie with a high HP, he’s already tanky and when paired with damage resistant, your Werewolf cookie can be much tougher.

For increasing his damage-resistant stats, use a complete set of solid almonds. This topping can greatly enhance your Werewolf Cookie’s damage resistance based on the toppings level.

I recommend that you upgraded your toppings to the max level of +12 and always choose a good substat for its toppings.

Werewolf Cookie Toppings- Healthy Peanut Toppings (Alternative)

Another set of toppings for Werewolf Cookie is a complete set of Healthy Peanut. These toppings build can enhance his HP in his transformation state even more.

Increasing the HP of your Werewolf Cookie can also enable him to absorb more damage from the enemies. When your Werewolf Cookie, reaches level 50 and unlocks his magic candy, the healthy peanut toppings can also boost his final hit damage.

Because his final hit damage will be based on his own max HP, more HP equals more damage from the final hit.

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werewolf cookie skill

Skill Name: Transformation

Skill Description: When activating his skill, Werewolf Cookie takes his wolf form. His transformation will cause area damage and will increase his own HP.

When using his skill, Werewolf Cookie will become resistant to interrupting effects, his double strike will become more powerful, and the target may stun by his attacks.

Skill Effects:

  • Transformation: +20.0% HP for 10 sec
  • Single hit DMG: 207.0%
  • Regular attack DMG during Transformation: 77.0%
  • Regular attack  Stun during Transformation: 1 sec with a 20% chance

Magic Candy

Magic Candy Skill Name: Lone Hunter

Skill Description: When using a magic candy, the Werewolf skill is modified. Enemies that are hit with his regular attack during his transformation will suffer from injury. His skill can now inflict a fatal wound and torn scar debuff.

When his transformation will come to an end he will then inflict a final strike on the enemies. When using magic candy, he will also become less affected by Knockbcks and flying attacks from the enemy.

Skill Effects:

  • Debuff Resist Up: 40.0% during Transformation
  • Injury: Max HP -1.2% (at the start of the battle) for 17 sec, Injury cannot reduce Max HP by more than 25%
  • Fatal Wound: Increases Injury cap by 40.0% for 17 sec
  • Final hit DMG: 30.0% of Werewolf Cookie’s Max HP

Werewolf Cookie Story

werewolf cookie story

Together with a great amount of pepper, a wolf hair had fallen into the cookie dough by accident. Now, whenever Werewolf Cookie feels scared or threatened, his wolf instinct kicks in to transform him into a feral beast.

A long time ago, when a friend was in great peril, Werewolf Cookie managed to save them by transforming, at a cost. With his true nature revealed to the whole town, he was cast away out of fear and has been living alone in the forests since. With so much pain inside, this Cookie tastes bitter and salty (of tears). Don’t ask about his scar or try to get close, as he will only push you away…

Cookie Run Kingdom
  • World Exploration Dark Mode Stages 4-20 and Stages 8-21
  • Gacha- Using 3000 crystals for ten times draw or 300 crystals for a single draw.
  • Rainbow Shell Gallery (by chance after refresh)
  • Mileage Shop- Spend 2000 Mileage points in exchange for 20 Soul stone
  • Guild Medal Shop (by chance after refresh)
  • Arena Medal Shop (by chance after refresh)
  • Seaside Market (by chance after refresh)

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