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The Best Free Mobile Games (2023)

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Free mobile games, who doesn’t want some free stuff right? every free stuff is good or are they? Free mobile games are pretty common it is not like on PC where a lot of high-quality games will need to purchase before you can even play, in mobile, there are a lot of free games but not all of them are worth playing.

I’m Mirage and I’m hardcore I played a lot of hours playing video games on mobile and on PC and I’m always on the hunt for some best mobile games to play. To save you time I created a list below of the best free mobile games that you can try.

1. Gunship Battle: Crypto Conflict- Free war strategy mobile game

Gunship battle crypto conflict free mobile games

First on our list is the play-to-earn game from Joycity, it is a war MMO strategy game, and having a good strategy is very important in this game. Your role is an admiral and the fate of your base is in your hands.

Build your troops, navy, and airforce to conquer your enemy or defend your base from other players, you build some jets, frigates, submarines, and destroyers to win in a naval battle. You’ll also need some IFV, artillery, and tanks to strengthen both your offense and defense in this game.

Gunship Battle: Crypto conflict is a free mobile game and a play to earn too. If you are not aware of play-to-earn games, well it’s a kind of game where you can earn money while playing, it’s a win-win scenario, isn’t it? You can enjoy a free mobile game and there is also a chance to earn based on your strategy.

2. Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds- Free RPG mobile games

ni no kuni: Cross worlds free mobile games

Next on our list is an open-world RPG game from the collaboration o Netmarble and Level-5, to bring us the best mobile game in 2023.

Ni no Kuni: Cross World is a free mobile game, that will not require you to spend just to play the game, but there are optional subscriptions in this game that you can purchase or just continue being a F2P player.

This mobile game has a combination of beautiful graphics and smooth gameplay, in this game, you always have options in your journey stick in PVE or compete with some other players in PVP. 

This open-world RPG game is a free mobile game, but it is also playable on PC, you can download its PC version or play the game in an emulator to save some space on your PC.

3. LifeAfter- Zombie Survival Mobile Game

lifeafter best mobile games

If Zombie Apocalypse is your choice, you will surely enjoy this next free mobile game on our list called LifeAfter

This mobile game is my favorite one among all the games that I’ve played, LifeAfter brings me some beautiful memories that you might also experience playing this game.

The theme is the Zombie Apocalypse, which means you need to survive in a world that is full of undead. Try to build your own shelter, log some trees, and find some raw materials in the wild to build your own house, that you can design for yourself.

Raw materials are also required to craft your own equipment such as weapons and gears to fight off the infected, you can also explore the open-world map of this game, but be careful since different maps have some hostile environments you might be freeze to death, die from a sandstorm, or even die from falling into a group.

LifeAfter is a free mobile game, but like some other games, you will always have the option to buy some stuff using real money.

best offline android games, cookies must die

Tired of online games? You can try this offline free mobile game called “Cookies Must Die”, the game is simple but as your level goes further it gets harder and harder.

Your role in this game is a superhuman that is being modified in the lab to get some powers, to eliminate the evil enemies and evil cookies !!.

 Oh, wait I know what your thinking, it is kinda bit weird to fight a cookie rather than a monster.

But this cookie is not an ordinary cookie, they are humanoid cookies that have limbs and some weapons that are capable to kill, so make sure to defeat these creatures before they eliminate you.

5. Robbery Bob 2- Free mobile casual game

robbery bob 2 offline android games

Robbery isn’t fun you know it, in real life, it might be brought you into danger and end up in jail, but since Robbery Bob 2 is just a game it’s okay. Your mission is to enter different houses or infrastructures and finish some missions.

This mobile game is also considered a puzzle game since it was puzzling to escape and sneak to finish the missions, Robbery Bob 2 is a free mobile game that you can play even without the internet, which is handy for those to want entertainment in any place they go.

6. Pokemon Unite- Free To Play Pokemon Game

Pokemon Unite sample Graphics

If you love Pokemon and you like MOBA kind of games, Pokemon Unite is the one that I recommend, Like in the movie you will have a role as a Pokemon trainer, and unlike in some Pokemon games you can use your Pokemon to fight other players in a 1v1 duel, here in Pokemon Go, you will choose from your own Pokemon to use it in a MOBA match.

The game is a 5 vs 5 match that will defend 3 lanes on the map like a typical MOBA game, whoever team gets the more score until the time runs out will declare a winner. Pokemon Unite is a free mobile game, but it is also a cross-platform that you can play even using our Nintendo Switch and a Nintendo account.

7. Mir4 Global- Free MMORPG Game For Mobile

Demon Bull Labyrinth mir4 for level up

Next is a play-to-earn MMORPG game called Mir4 Global, this game is a crypto game, but the reason that I include this game in our list as a free mobile game is that Mir4 Global can also be played on mobile, and you can also play this game for free.

Mir4 is also a high graphics game, that has realistic visuals that will test your phone’s performance in gaming. You can choose from class in the game based on your game style, you can also buy and sell some equipment like weapons, armor, and some gear in this game.

Mir4 Global is also a play-to-earn game that you might earn money in this game, it is also free to play and one of the best MMORPGs that you can play on mobile, what more can you ask for, If you like an MMORPG game, your will surely like Mir4 global.

8. Dragon Hunter- The best Free Vertical mobile game

vdragon hunter vertical free mobile game

Dragon Hunter is one of the newest MMORPG games that you can play on mobile, this game is a one-hand gamer, or what we called in the gaming community a vertical mobile game. This kind of game is very handy in that you can play only with one hand.

Dragon Hunter has a graphics style similar to Genshin Impact with a tribal theme, all the outfit or looks in this game is inspired by tribal to make a unique appearance compared to some other games. 

This game is also one of the newest mobile games in 2022, just recently released on April 22, 2022. With its graphics and gameplay, Dragon Hunter is one of the best free mobile games that you can play.

9. The Ants- Best Free Ant Game

the ants underground kingdom PVP, free mobile games

If you love ants and you want some MMO strategy game, The Ants might be your choice, you can build your own ant formicary or what we usually called an Ant Colony. You can build your own farm inside your ant colony to make sure that they will not die from starvation.

You can also train some soldier ants like guardian ants, shooter ants, and carrier ants to guard your kingdoms against some attackers, you can also send your soldier ants to invade other ants’ kingdoms. The ants are one of the unique concepts in MMO strategy games, and also one of the best free mobile games that you can play today.

That’s all for today, you can take a look at some of our articles too.

Frequently Ask Questions About Free Mobile Games

What are free-to-play mobile games?

Free-to-play mobile games are called on any mobile games that can be downloaded and played without spending anything, the only things that you will need are a mobile phone and the internet for downloading.

What is F2P?

F2P is a term used by gamers for a game that is free to play, they also use F2P term for players that are playing the games without spending anything, and on the other hand, some players are called P2W or pay to win, those are kinds of players that spend real money on a free to play games to get some advantage in the games against F2P players.

What is the best free game?

The best free game, for now undoubtedly the Call of Duty mobile is a shooter game that is so popular among gamers today.

Which games are not paid to win?

Mobile Legends is a game that is not pay-to-win, even if you spend a lot of money on some skins it will not give you any advantage in the game which is good and fair for all players, the only matter is your skill in the game.

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