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Best Healers In Cookie Run Kingdom

Best Healers In Cookie Run Kingdom

Looking for the best healers in Cookie Run Kingdom? If you’re a fan of this popular mobile game, you know how important healers are for keeping your team alive on the battlefield. In this post, we’ll take a closer look at the various healer cookies available in the Cookie Run Kingdom and determine who is the best healer for your team. Whether you’re just starting out or looking to dominate the competition, read on to discover the Cookie Run Kingdom’s best healer and improve your team’s survivability.

I’m Mirage, and I’ve been playing Cookie Run Kingdom for about a year. I’ve published valuable guides about this game, including Cookie Run Kingdom Toppings Guide, Toppings Build For Every Cookie, Cookie Run Kingdom Tier list, and more. You can check it out it may help you in the game especially if you are a beginner.

As a real player of this game and a game reviewer, I also tried and use every top-tier healer cookie in the Cookie Run Kingdom. I will also include a support-type cookie that has the ability to heal its allies.

For the reasons that—- technically even though they are classified as support-type cookies, we can’t deny the fact that they are still a healer in the game. So without further ado let’s dive in.

custard cookie

The first in our list is probably one of the first cookies you’ll meet in the game named “Custard Cookie lll”. This cookie is of the best healer in the cookie run kingdom.

This cookie is very effective if you’re using it in the early game. When you are just starting to play in the Cookie Run Kingdom, a Custard cookie is your best choice.

Custard Cookie lll has an ability almost similar to Pure Vanilla Cookie, he can provide an HP shield and healing. But keep in mind that his shield will only be effective in the early part of the game. So when your level goes higher, try to use other healer cookies that are better than Custard Cookie.

mint choco cookie

Mint Choco Cookie is a support-type cookie with healing abilities, his healing is better than custard and he is one of the best healers in cookie run kingdom you are using attack speed team composition.

His skill can also provide an attack speed boost, which is almost useless for the majority of players. Since a lot of players aren’t focusing on attack speed but instead they focus on burst damage cookie team.

But as I said, if you prioritized the attack speed cookie team composition, Mint Choco Cookie is the best healer cookie that you can use.

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pomegranate cookie story

Pomegranate Cookie is another support-type cookie that is often used as a healer cookie. Her healing ability was slightly less than Mint Choco Cookie, but she has other ability that makes her more useful for most player compere to Mint Choco Cookie.

Her healing is periodic healing that restores her allies HP every 1.0 sec for 5.0 secs. Aside from its healing ability, she also adds an ATK-increasing buff to all her allies.

Giving Pomegranate Cookie an edge to steal this spot above Mint Choco Cookie in our ranking for the best healer In Cookie Run Kingdom.

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sparkling cookie

Sparkling Cookie is one of the healer cookies in Cookie run kingdom that are rarely used. For the reasons that his skill aside from healing provides critical increasing buff.

In Cookie Run kingdom, crit is also rarely used in this game so a lot of players don’t like to use Sparkling cookie for their lineup. So why did I include Sparkling in this list? Simply because Sparkling Cookie’s healing ability is still good to use if you don’t have any Epic healer in your account.

In healing alone, Sparkling was still better than Custard Cookie and even the likes of Pomegranate and Choco Mint Cookie.

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prophet cookie story

Prophet Cookie is one of the underrated support cookies in Cookie Run Kingdom. His skill is a bit hard to use compared to other cookies, his healing ability in his skill is a bit inferior to Sparkling Cookie.

But the reason that I ranked Prophet Cookie above Sparkling was that Prophet Cookie is more useful than Sparkling on the battlefield. Aside from healing– Prophet Cookie can use 6 kinds of different skills.

He can copy skills of other cookies like Frost Queen, Sea Fairy, Squid Ink Cookie, and three more cookies. He can heal his allies, inflict damage, and adds some buff and debuff effect to the enemies.

His healing ability combined with his other abilities makes Prophet Cookie one of the best healers in the Cookie Run Kingdom.

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carol cookie story

Carol Cookie, is a unique healer cookie that has the ability to switch from a pure healer to a damage-type cookie. Her healing ability was based on the number of allies she has on the battlefield.

The fewer her allies the more HP she can restore and the faster her skill cooldown. When there is only one allied she has she will then switch to a damage type, allowing her skill to inflict damage to enemies and heal the remaining allied at the same time.

Carol Cookie’s skill cooldown has the potential to reach a 3 seconds cooldown when she was the only remaining cookie in your team. A very fast skill cooldown means she can heal herself more and inflict damage even more on enemies.

This healer cookie is one of the underrated cookies, but I personally think that Carol Cookie is one of the best healer healers in Cookie Run Kingdom.

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cream puff cookie story

Cream Puff Cookie is one of my favorite healer cookies when I just starting in the game. She is not a pure healer cookie but instead, Cream Puff is another support-type cookie will healing abilities.

What I like about Cream puff was she can heal the whole party and inflict massive damage on all the enemies within her reach. In base healing ability Sparkling Cookie can provide higher healing compare to Cream Puff Cookie.

But when her encantation succeeds, Cream Puff Cookie’s healing and damage ability is boosted to the extent that surpassed the healing ability of Sparkling and other healer cookies.

Cream Puff also receives her magic candy that adds a lot of additional skill effects. The magic candy also increases her encantation success rate and because of that, you can expect that her healing ability will also increase.

This Cookie only has one downside, for free-to-play players– her soul stone is harder to obtain since you cannot buy her soulstone in the mileage shop like the other healer cookies. But when you build her right, Cream Puff Cookie is undoubtedly one of the best healers in the Cookie Run Kingdom.

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cream unicorn

Cream Unicon Cookie is a pure healer cookie in the game. She can’t inflict damage on enemies but she is one of the most used healer cookies in the PVP.

Her skill has two kinds of healing, first, it will restore its ally’s HP based on the amount of their lost HP, then she will again restore their HP by a percentage of her attack.

Cream Unicorn Cookie is one of the best healers in Cookie Run Kingdom, because of the reasons that she just not heals her allies but also adds a crit and damage-resistant buff to boost their survivability.

On top of that, her skill has the ability to silence their enemies –restricting them to cast their own skill for a period of time and pausing their skill cooldown. Which is highly effective in the Arena.

If you’re looking for a healer cookie that is PVP focus, Cream Unicorn will be one of your best choices.

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cotton cookie story

Cotton Cookie– one of my personal favorites when it comes to a healer in the game. Cotton Cookie is not a pure healer instead she is a support-type cookie.

But even though she is not a pure healer unlike the cream unicorn, she has an ability that surpasses some of the healer cookies in the game. She can restore her allies’ HP periodically for 9.0 seconds and it is one of the longest periodic healing in the game.

She can also summons a flock of sheeps that will attack its enemies for a period of time, those sheeps are also tanky which can also serve as a tank that can absorb enemies’ attack.

Her sheep stamped will also stun their enemies to delay their movements, which is very useful in PVP. The combined damage of her sheep stamped and the continued damage from her sheeps when attacking enemies has the potential to produce a massive damage output.

Cotton Cookie with her healing and other abilities is undoubtedly one of the best healers in the cookie run kingdom.

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parfait cookie story

Parfait Cookie is a support-type cookie but also one of the most popular healer cookies in the game. She might even defeat Herb Cookie in a healing showdown in PVE.

She can heal her allies periodically for 7 seconds, and she also adds a defense-increasing buff to the whole party. Aside from that, Parfait Cookie can also increase its debuff resistance which is very usual in PVE and even in PVP.

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herb cookie

Herb Cookie is the number 1 epic healer cookie in the game. In PVE he is not number 1 because we all know that in PVE our cookies keep moving from one location to another location.

Herb Cookie has two kinds of healing, first, he heals their HP by a percentage, then he provides periodic healing for any allies that are standing near his healing sprouts.

His healing sprout is excellent in PVP since all the cookies are standing in the same position. But in PVE when his allies are moving and keep standing outside the reach of his sprouts his skill is not that effective.

This is why I personally think that Herb Cookie is one of the best healers in cookie run kingdom but for PVP only. In PVE he might fall to rank 4 at least.

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bts cookie
bts cookie

BTS Cookie is an n special cookie that was brought to use by the collaboration of BTS and Cookie Run Kingdom. There are seven BTS cookies in total but they all have similar skills and effects so I will not mention them one by one.

BTS cookie is the healer Cookie that dethroned Pure Vanilla Cookie in the top spot for a few months. Upon the release of BTS cookies, they quickly become the most used, favorite, and best healers In Cookie Run Kingdom. For a reason that they have the best effect on any healer cookies at those times.

They can restore all allies’ HP, provide stun immunity, add a debuff resistance, damage resistance, and provide an HP shield when they suffer from debuff.

Aside from that, their skill doesn’t need to upgrade since their skill level will increase automatically when you level up your BTS cookie. They are also immortal, cant receive damage in the game so a healer killer like Vampire has no effect against these cookies.

BTS cookie has one of the best features in the game, and I’m pretty sure that most of you will agree with me that they are one of the best healers in Cookie Run Kingdom, if not the best.

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pure vanilla cookie story

Now for our top spot– the king of all healer cookies in the game. The Pure Vanilla Cookie! Since the beginning of the game, Pure Vanilla is easily the best and number 1 healer in the Cookie Run Kingdom.

His skill provides a high amount of healing and a strong HP shield. But his title as a number 1 healer cookie was stolen by BTS cookie.

When BTS cookie introduced Pure Vanilla Cookie almost forgotten, not until the update that reworks his skill. In the latest update of Pure Vanilla, there are a lot of effects that are added to his skill.

His skill cooldown improved, and there are amplified buffs that are added to his skill that can increase his healing ability even more.

His HP shield also improves and provides additional healing to allies when the shield is dispelled. His presence also added automatically a debuff resistance to all his allies.

In addition to that, he is the only cookie that can counter an injury effect. When he uses his skill, he can negate all kinds of injury which are highly effective in facing an opponent like Werewolf and Dark Cacao.

It is also very useful in PVE when fighting enemies that can inflict injury effects or decrease healing effects like the MOBS in world exploration most commonly in Citadel of the Frozen Cliff to Eternal City of Wizards.

All of these abilities brought Pure Vanilla Cookie to the top of our ranking as the best healers in the Cookie Run Kingdom.

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