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ni no kuni: cross worlds guide

Beginners Guide In Ni no Kuni Cross Worlds

Recently I create a gaming review about the newest popular cross-platform RPG game Ni No Kuni: Cross Worlds.

Now to help those who are just starting in this game, I create a beginner’s guide in Ni no Kuni Cross Worlds.

I also include all the things that you need to know as a beginner so without further ado, let’s dive in on our guide.

The very first thing that I want you to know was its Character Tier List for a reason that Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds is a role-playing game, and choosing a character is very important based on your play style.

Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds Character Tier List 

ni no kuni chacter tier list

One of the most important factors in RPG or MMORPG games is the character tier list, choosing the right character that is based on your play style is highly recommended to quickly progress in the game.

There are five characters that you can choose from in Ni no Kuni, the only thing that I don’t like is you can choose a character but you can’t change its gender, its a downside for me since I’m more into a game that you can freely choose the gender of your character. Anyway, let’s familiarize each character in Ni no Kuni.


 rogue, guide in ni no kuni cross worlds

First is a long-range type called Rogue it is fast and agile that uses its bow and arrow as the main weapon.

Rouge is a damage-type hero, it is high on damage and good support, but its lacks of defense make it more vulnerable to some enemies, but a very good damage dealer and support in a team fight.


destroyer ni no kuni cross worlds

A destroyer is a character class that has a combination of Attack and Defense, it uses it massive hammer to deal some heavy damage againts enemies.

The destroyer also has a high survivability rate thanks to its defense, this class is strong but lacks agility.


Witch ni no kuni

A character class that uses magic to deal a huge amount of damage in this game, Wich is a range type of character, it is the strongest damage dealer in this game and agile too but quite lacks defense.

A Witch with serious damage and a long-range attack makes it useful especially in a team fight.


engineer nino kuni

My favorite character in Ni no Kuni: Cross worlds, Engineer is not the greatest damage dealer in this game nor the defense, but there is one thing I love in this character class, its healing ability.

The engineer has special skills to heal itself which I find useful in completing missions, it’s healing ability also heals its allies, It also has a special skill that can decrease its alliance basic skills cooldown and increases their damage.


swodsman ninokuni

A melee type of character class in Ni no Kuni that uses its sword to eliminate enemies. The swordsman is the most balanced character in this game that is capable of any task or mission.

A swordsman can deal a huge amount of damage, and high defense and agility make it a good addition to any party or play solo.

Things You Need To Do In Ni no Kuni Cross Worlds

Focus on the main quest

After choosing, customizing, and creating your very first character in Ni no Kuni Cross Worlds, the next thing that you should do is focus on the main quest of the game.

Try to focus on the main quest to unlock some features in the game, main quest also give you some useful rewards like Territe, weapons, or gears like armors, glove, boots, or even free outfits.

The main quest is also important if you want to level up fast in Ni no Kuni since the main quest gives a huge amount of EXPI to increase your level in the game.

Always Polish Your Equipment

ni no kuni polishing equipment

Equipment is essential in Ni no Kuni and even in some other games.

To overcomes some harder quest or battle in the game, take some attention to polishing your equipment to make sure you can take on some powerful monster as you progress in your main quest.

As you get deeper and deeper into the main quest the monster that you will face become stronger and stronger, to make things easier make sure that all your equipment is polished.

There are a few ways to polish your equipment in the game l will try to explain one by one below.

Level Up

First is the level up, you can increase the level of your equipment to increase its combat power.

You can increase the level of your equipment by using materials like varnish, you can obtain one of these as a reward in some quest or fighting monsters, you can click the varnish then > click source for you to know where to get those varnishes.

You can also use unused and old equipment as a material to level up your equipment, but an element-based varnish is much better since it will give some bonuses when use in your equipment.

For example, if you want to level up your water-type weapons, I recommend you use a water weapon varnish to obtain a water attack bonus, sure you can use any varnish you want, but if you use a different element varnish you will not gain any bonuses.

Equipment Upgrade

Next is equipment upgrade, when your equipment reaches level 30, it is now on its limit, and to break this limit you will need to upgrade your equipment, which will increase the stats and stars of your equipment. Stars represent the grade of equipment, the more stars it has the higher grade and the more powerful it is.

In upgrading Equipment you will need an item called upgrade stone that you can buy through shops, fuse pot, or salvaging equipment. After an upgrade, it will increase its stats and stars but return to level 1, then you can increase its level again if you want.

Enhance using enhancement stone

You can also increase the stats of your equipment using an enhancement stone, these stones can also be bought to shop, missions, or salvage equipment. Enhance equipment has some success rate based on its level, it may succeed and enhance your equipment stats or fail where in no additional increase in stats and sometimes damage your equipment.

Enhance Transfer

You can also transfer the enhancement from one piece of equipment to another piece of equipment, this is useful if you obtained new higher-grade equipment, and you want to transfer the enhancement of your older and lower-grade equipment to the new one.

Equipment awakening

Another way to polish your equipment is by awakening, you can choose multiple duplicate equipment to awaken your equipment that can enhance its stats and awakening effects.

Upgrade skills

upgrade skills in ni no kuni

Aside from enhancing your weapons, make sure that you always upgrade your character skill, there are three kinds of skills per character, first is the class skill, these are 3 essential skills of your character, there is also a burst skill that is activated on a certain time, class skill and burst skill change based on what weapon elements your using.

There are also special active skills, some of the special skills can be used by any class but there is some exclusive special skill that only a certain class can use. 

Aside from class skills and special skills, there is also a passive skill, there is no need for some explanation about passive skill, I’m pretty sure that you know what passive skill is, try to upgrade all of these skills when possible to increase your damage.


ni no kuni familiars enhance

Players can have some creatures as a pet called  Familiars, these creatures are strong and can help you in your adventure, each player can equip three of these familiars, that can contribute to your stats.

Always considered train your familiars to become stronger, you can level it up, evolve, enhance, absorb, and awaken your familiar just like enhancing your weapons.

Always powerup your Mount

upgrade mounts to enhance stats in ni no kuni

In some other games, mounts are also a sort of transportation, but here in Ni no Kuni it can also increase the stats of your character, powerup Mounts can also increase your character’s combat power and stats.

Always check free gifts in the shop

Nothing better than free stuff so dont forget to claim free items in the shops, to claim head over to ships >  go to bundles and claim the daily free powerup supply chest, then click power up fam to claim free familiar power up to supply chest

There are also free claimable items in conditional daily perks just click it then click> Masters magic to claim free items for up to 14 days.

After claiming free items in bundles and master magic, click check-in pass to get claimable free items once per day.

How to Earn Money In Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds

Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds is the first play to earn games from Ni no Kuni series, it uses blockchain technology to give players an opportunity to earn in the game.

Players of Ni no Kuni can smelt certain items into a blockchain-based token, but this feature is only available on PC right now, but don’t worry since it will release the play-to-earn features of this game on mobile soon.

To earn in Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds, the very first thing that you need to do is to register to a Marblex wallet (The official crypto wallet of Netmarble) and connect the wallet to the game.

Connect Marblex Wallet to Ni no Kuni Video

After you successfully connect your Marblex wallet to the Ni no Kuni, you can now smelt a crypto-based token in Ni no Kuni: Crossworlds.

There are two kinds of Blockchain-based tokens in Ni no Kuni, the Territe token, and the Asterite Token.

You can smelt a Territe token by acquiring a certain amount of Territe, it is a kind of mineral in the Ni no Kuni that has a lot of uses such as familiar enhancement, to make you’re familiar stronger, and it is also needed in crafting weapons and armors, there is also info about Territe will be used as an in-game currency, we will see from some updates if they will allow the use of Territe to buy certain items in the game.

How To Earn Territe in Ni no Kuni? 

earn territe from completing main quest

There are various ways to get some Termite in the game, you can get some by completing dailies, familiar adventures, and hunting monsters in the chaos fields. You can also get some Territe by completing the main quest.


Aside from Territe Token, there is also an Asterite Token, like the Territe, Asterite Token is also a blockchain-based token that has a value in real life, to obtain one of these, you’ll need an in-game item Asterite to smelt into an Asterite token.

How To Get Asterite in Ni no Kuni?

Austerity can be earned through PVP, it is like a medal that you can earn as a reward in PVP, you can get one of these from a 3 vs 3 battle in Lava Valley, you’ll need to reach a certain rank to earn some Asterite.

You can also obtain Asterite as a reward in the Familiar battle, it is a battle between Familiars that are owned by players, you’ll need to set up a team of familiars and compete with some other teams, you will get some Asterite upon reaching a certain rank in the Familiar battle.

familiar battle in ni no kuni

When Smelting Territe Token and Asterite Token you will need to buy an item called Black diamonds using real money, after that, you can smelt some tokens and exchange them for real money.

If you want to know the price of Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds token, you can visit their website at the button below this line.

Visit Ni no Kuni Token Price

That’s all for now, take a look at some of our articles too.

Frequently Ask Questions In Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds

How do you level up in Nino Kuni?

To level up in Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds you need to focus on the main quest, and side quest, and always hunt some monster in the wild based on your level.

How many Ni no Kuni games are there?

There are six Ni no Kuni games in total, the latest is the crypto game version of Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds.

How do you get Asterite tokens?

Asterite token can only be formed using Asterite which can be obtained through PVP only in Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds in Lava valley, and the familiar arena.

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