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List Of The Best Zombie Games For Android That You Can Play Right Now

Since the early times, we’ve been believing in fictional and brainless undead creatures with a lot of appetite from humans’ brains. It is believed that the word and stories about zombies start in the year 1819 in the history of brazil.

Fast forward to this day Zombies are so popular that you can see stories about this creature everywhere from movies, books, and now even in games.

The first recorded video game about zombies is a ZX Spectrum computer game named “Zombie Zombie” that is published in late 1984 by Quicksilva.

Zombie Zombie, the first game about Zombies

first zombie game

Image Credit: Wikipedia

At first, Zombie games can just be played on some computers and video games but not on mobile phones, but when smartphone innovations start to kick in and mobile phones are more capable of gaming, the start of zombie games on android emerge like the popular Plant vs Zombies and Zombie Tsunamis.

Year after year smartphones become so advanced and enable users to play games with more sophisticated graphics and more realistic game-play, it opens an opportunity for us to enjoy high-quality games on our mobile devices.

This year 2021, almost all smartphones can handle games with good graphics from Flagship to mid-range and even budget phones. If you are not sure if your phone can handle games on this list, just make sure your smartphone has sufficient storage and RAM at least 2GB or higher.

Note: Sometimes 2GB of RAM is not enough and may cause lag issues on some of the games. The higher the RAM the better.


List Zombie Games For Android


LifeAfter (Best Zombie Games Survival)

best zombie games for android, lifeafter

The best realistic Zombie game on android period! LifeAfter was first released on Feb 28, 2019, by NetEase, the same company that developed ROS(Rules of Survival), I’ve been playing LifeAfter for many months, and for me, this game is the best game that I’ve played on a phone, the graphics are stunning, the story was great and the game-play was great for me LifeAfter was perfect.



lifeafter game-play zombie games

The LifeAfter has unique gameplay, you can build your own house from the materials that you gather from the wilderness, you can also create some weapons and gears from the materials you can gather on the maps, different maps have some different kinds of resources that can use from armor, weapons, guns, and gears.

Aside from building stuff, there is a lot of fighting scene in the game LifeAfter in which you can fight some Zombies, Humanoid monsters, and some infected or what we called a PVE, you can also fight some players in a war zone, like on some of battle royal game, you can do solo or fight with your friends, you can also fight together with your whole camp during a war against some of opponents camps, LifeAfter by NetEase is a great game which you can do many things like in real life they made the game as much realistic compare so some other games.

Check out my full review of LifeAfter here.


Increase your damage in Lifeafter

The graphics, it’s excellent you can choose from smooth graphics, equilibrium, HD, Ultra HD, and Movie graphics.

When choosing high graphics everything looks real, from the trees, grass, buildings, etc. developers give some extra effort to every detail of this game.



State Of survival (Best Strategy Zombie Games )

State of survival zombie games


Six months after the zombie apocalypse has begun, Zombies start to ravage the city and bring terror to humanity.

As the terror starts to hunt on the hearts of the living, heroes will immerge to maintain and preserve the race of humanity.


Top 7 Best Zombie Games For Android (2022 Update) 1

State of survival is a strategy zombie game, where you need to build your base or settlement to help your troops survive in this Zombie apocalypse game. To become stronger, players need to increase their battle points to stand against powerful Zombies and even other players that may try to attack your settlement.

How to increase battle points?

To increase battle points, players must build some farms, lumberyard, and other buildings to improve the defense capacity of the settlement. Always upgrade buildings, defense, and train high-level troops to increase battle points.

Locate Heroes

Heroes have a great impact on the defense and offense of your troop, and every hero has their skills and capability that can help you during the battle against zombies and other players, so make sure to find hero fragments and piece them together to own a different kind of hero on State of survival.


How to get hero fragments?

There are a lot of options to find hero fragments includes the following;

  • Events ( State of survival has different events where you can find a lot of items and hero fragments as rewards )
  • Killing Zombies in the wild (When Eliminating some Zombies in the wild, you can get some items, resources, and even hero fragments)
  • Exploring trails (By exploring some trails)
  •  Using real money (You can acquire a legendary hero by purchasing VIP privilege )

Exploring Trails

Top 7 Best Zombie Games For Android (2022 Update) 2

By exploring the trails you must send three of your heroes to investigate and understand more about the virus, the mutation, and the possible cure.

Each level of the Zombies that you might encounter becomes stronger and stronger so make sure you upgrade your heroes’ power to stand a chance against the Zombies. By completing every trail you can have a chance to get some resources, items, and even hero fragments.


State of survival has some PVP mode in which every player can be your potential opponent so always watches out for some of the players that may attack your settlement and plunder your resources.

To survive you must join an active alliance that may help you fight other players that may try to attack your settlement.

Graphics and Appearance

state of survival graphis

In terms of graphics, state or survival has better 3D graphics than other Zombie games that are available on mobile. The characters and buildings are pretty well built, the colors are well balanced, and has a lot of details.

Zombie Gunship Survival (Best Zombie Games Shooter)

newest mobile games

A unique kind of Zombie game that you can play on your Android device, Zombie Gunship features a real existing gunship called an AC 130, an American gunship that serves the US Military and has been an effective ground support aircraft but now it Is your primary weapon against a large horde of Zombies.


best zombie games on android, gar

In this game, you will experience piloting an AC 130 and serving as ground support for your troops, and eliminating all the threats that can harm or kill your ground troops.

During an operation or a mission, it will start by deploying your ground troops to the safest spot on the map, and as your troops start to advance and go through some buildings and loot some valuable items, you will serve as a pilot of the AC 130 and your goal is to destroy all the infected or zombies before it will harm your troops at the ground.

Aside from the zombies you always keep an eye on some ground defense from the building since it will attack everything that moves from zombies or even your troops, you should always be wise since you can use the ground defense on eliminating incoming zombies, but when the ground defense start to attack your troops you need to act quick and destroy those ground defense for your troops to survive.

The first thing you need to do is to from your ground troops since it will increase their survival in a mission, then you can be equipped your AC 130 with weapons of your choice like a machine gun, cannon, a missile launcher, and even a sniper, you can create a weapons combination of your choice depends on a mission and enemies that you will deal with.


zombie gunship graphics sample

In terms of graphics, it is cool, when you are piloting the AC 130 the view was monochrome just pure black and white just like what you see in the movie when they perform an airstrike from a gunship or a drone, the visuals are realistic that I can give it a rating of 4 out of five.


Zombie Catcher (Best Casual Zombie Games)

zombie catcher one of best zombie  games off all time

If you’re looking at a zombie game that is fun and not scary compared to other zombie games, zombie catcher is the right game for you, instead of the zombie are chasing humans and trying to eat their brains, in this game you will the one to chase and catch some zombies.



zombie catcher gameplay

The gameplay is just easy, find some zombies, get your weapons, catch the zombies and turn them into a refreshing zombie shake and some delicious product, every zombie has its unique taste and every product has its profits, as your level goes higher you can catch more zombies and turn into a product to a much higher price, you can use the money on upgrading your weapons, gears squeezes, and other equipment.



zombie catcher graphics

For the graphics, the zombie catcher has a 2D style of graphics with a good visual, it is comparable to the graphics you can see on a plant vs zombies.

The Walking Zombie 2 (Best FPS Shooter Zombie Games)

walking zombie 2

A unique style of zombie game that I played on an android, the walking Zombie 2 has its kind of graphics where everything you can see is made of polygons, from tress, animals like dogs, chickens, zombies, and even the character itself.



walking zombie 2 game play

The Walking Zombie 2 is an offline FPS game, where you need to battle and beat some zombies during a mission, in every mission that you’ve finished, you will get some bounty or reward and that rewards can be used to buy various items and gears includes guns, ammo, bandage, food and water that can help to clear some mission.

When fighting some zombies, you can free to move in the direction that you want while shooting, the only thing that it lacks for me is jumping, and there is no option to make your character jump.

The walking zombie 2 has automatic shooting options that instantly fire on a zombie or enemy when aiming your guns in the direction where your enemy is, which makes it easier to shoot and eliminate your enemy.


walking zombie 2 graphics sample

The graphics for me is okay, even though it’s not like some of the games out here, that has some vivid and realistic graphics, the walking zombie 2 graphics are highly acceptable for me and remind me of the game mine craft, its awesome, its unique and its a retro.


Zombie Hunter (Offline Zombie Shooter Games)

zombie hunter zombie game

If you are looking for an endless zombie shooting game, then you might like the zombie hunter, where all you need to do is to shoot and kills a horde of Zombies.

There are a lot of guns that you can use to hunt down and kill zombies, at first you will get a submachine gun, and a shotgun, and as your level goes higher you can unlock more powerful weapons that can help you to deal with many powerful opponents.



zombie hunter gameplay

The Game-play was just simply using your guns and some gear to hunt down or kill hordes of zombies that rushing towards you, aside from guns you can also use drones to help you during the battle, and if the enemy comes closer, using shotguns is the best options, since it has burst damage that can one-shot the incoming zombies.

Zombie hunter game-play is good the only thing that I don’t want is the lack of movement control and jumping that can help a lot in dodging an enemy attack.



graphics of zombie hunter

The Graphics is quite okay, it has some good 3D graphics, although it cannot be compared to some of the best games with the best graphics out there, the zombie hunter has a strength of its own, the color is also good and the fact its free and offline zombie game I can’t complain much about it.

Walking Dead Survivors (Strategy Zombie Games)

walking dead survivors zombie game for android

One of the newly released zombie games on the market, “the Walking Dead Survivors” is based on a comic book series by Robert Kirkman it also became an American post-apocalyptic TV series that make the Walking dead more popular.

Now the Company called “Galaxy Play Technology Limited” creates the game Walking Dead Survivors that enables us to experience the world of the Undead or Walkers just like We’ve seen on the Television and in the comics.



walking dead survivors gameplay

The Walking Dead Survivors is a strategy zombie game, you will need to create a shelter, gather supplies, like food, water, lumber, and other useful materials to survive, you will also be responsible to train your troops to help you in a battle against hordes of walkers and some enemy.

You can also search for some remaining survivors each survivor has unique skills that can help your settlement to grow, the walkers are not the only ones to be aware of but also some other clans that will try to take you down.



walking dead survivors graphics

The graphics of the Walking Dead Survivors is unique, for me, it was the combination of 3D with a hint of comics-like graphics, the colors are also good the combination of its colors and its unique appearance find it more interesting.


Bottom Line

All of the Zombie games that I featured in this article is all been tested by me, I played and spend a lot of time playing and testing all of the games that I find entertaining and worthy to be placed on this list, but among all of the zombie games that I’ve tried Life after is always my favorite choice due to its realistic in terms of graphics and gameplay.

I will continue to test some zombie games and update this article to give you the best and most updated zombie games for android.


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