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Increase your damage in Lifeafter

11 ways to Increase your Damage (DPS) in the game Lifeafter

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Lifeafter is a great game and as I’ve said in my previous article that this game makes me play over and over.

It’s already 10 months since I started playing Lifeafter and as of this day of writing, I’m now manor 18 and combat power of level 91, it’s still low compared to some players that play these games for 3 years and they have already reach combat power of level 100.

As I’ve noticed, this game is hard for some players especially does who is a solo players who may encounter some difficulties such as how to increase their Damage in Lifeafter and they could find the answer on the internet.

Tips on how to increase your Damage in LifeAfter

Okay, as I’ve said we will now discuss some tips to increase your damage in Lifeafter, and since this is intended for beginners let’s start from the very beginning.

increase your damage in camp


Download Lifeafter

You can download the game LifeAfter on Android, Android PC emulator LDplayer is the fastest and most optimized emulator on LifeAfter, or you can download the official PC version but take note the official PC version is much bigger to download compared to the emulator.

You can also transfer files from your android device to the emulator the APK file, Obb, and data file, and all you need is to update the game, and it’s done you can play now on your PC using an Android emulator.

Join Camps

Joining camp why? because in the very beginning, you don’t have a camp right as soon as you finish the tutorial you will be relocated to the hope 101 development zone you are just alone, with no neighbors, no other player, only you and your dog.

As soon as you finish the quest (tutorial) you are allowed to join some camps, but make sure to join an active camp, not those new camps, because a well-developed camp like a neon or information age camp can help you to increase your damage by buying some stuff that you cannot buy on hope 101 or a new Age camp.

Get Plenty of new dollars

As soon as you joined an active camp, try to get new dollars as much as possible cuz you need them so badly to increase your damage and to buy some stuff in your camp, I know it was hard at first to earn new dollars, but complete some quest daily and you can earn some new dollars.

One of the examples is rescuing the explorer, it will just pop-up in the maps for example in fall forest, it will pop-up on your screen that Explorer Vince is surrounded by zombies, you need to find it in the maps, and once you go there don’t fight the zombies since your combat level is too low it’s hard for you to kill those zombies instead wait for some players to kill those zombies that surrounded the explorer, and once he already clear all the zombies go near the explorer and get your reward a crispy new dollar.

There are plenty of ways to get a new dollar, you can also team up with your campmate in duo training and one of the rewards on it is a new dollar.

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Earn camp contribution points

Not just new dollars, but also camp contribution points.

When buying stuff in your camp you need two things, first is the new dollars, that’s why I told you to earn some new dollars, and the second one is the camp contribution points.

You can earn some camp contribution points, by completing your camp daily quest, some of the quests are camp patrol where you earn camp contribution points and gold bars too, the other one is cascade rescue, you can also donate some resources in a camp vault to earn points, another thing is some random camp quest include taking an Aerial photo of your manor or taking selfie by campmates, and all those quests have a reward of camp contribution points.

Mechanical Material

mechanical material to increase your damage

This one is very important, mechanical materials are badly needed to upgrade your weapon attachment and increase your damage.

Mechanical materials are the main reason that’s why I told you to get as many new dollars and camp contribution points as possible because you can buy only two pieces of mechanical materials per day, that is why you have to make sure that you have a sufficient amount of new dollars and camp contribution points and not to miss a single day without buying mechanical materials.

From the start you don’t have an attachment yet, you need to craft it at the weapon shop and the mechanical material can be used to level up your attachment and greatly increase your damage, but keep in mind that even you don’t have an attachment yet you can still buy mechanical materials and you can just put it on your storage for later use.

Formula shards

formula shards

Formula shards are one of the most valuable items in Lifeafter, they can also be used to increase or improve damage in the game, first, you need to get as many formula shards as possible, how? it has two main ways to get formula shards in the game.

How to get formula shards being Free to play?

First, if you are free to play you can grind and earn formula shards in a quest, event, and missions.

On every update there new event, all you have to do is to find some campmate or friends that can do a duo training with you, then complete the quest in duo training and you can earn some points, then those points can be exchanged for a formula shards in a caravan market.

Another way is to finish some daily affairs like bounty hunt you can team up with some random player in Hope 101 or defeat the special infected to get some valuable rewards like formula shards, same as the supply transport just eliminate some monster and you will get the rewards, but be careful to choose the difficulty based on your level.

You can also complete the map exploration to get lots of formula shards, map exploration includes taking a photo on a certain part of the map, getting some rare chest, kill some special infected.

But if your level is too low you can ask assistance from your camp to beat the special infected.

Aside from the daily grinding to get some formula shards in the mall, you can buy it using gold bars, but just make sure you have a lot of gold bars because it’s quite expensive if you gonna buy formula shards daily.


How to get formula shards as a paid player?

If you are the kind of player that is willing to spend real cash in the game you can buy formula shards in a mall using fed credits and those fed credits can be used to buy a lot of items includes formula shards and mechanical materials.

lifeafter mall

If you are a paid player of course you can also grind daily to get the maximum amount of formula shards per day.

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Using formula shards to increase your damage

Formula shards can greatly increase your damage in many ways, that’s why I told you to get as many formula shards as possible.


Formula composition

gatcha machine

Let’s assume that you have a lot of formula shards now, then the first thing you have to do is to head to your formula research station (gotcha machine) and try to get as many formulas for the weapon as possible.

Getting formula is just based on your luck, sometimes instead of some weapon, you will get armor formula, shield, and headgears which is also good, but if you are unlucky, you will get some useless stuff like furniture.

How can formula increase your damage? first is by formula compilation, for example, you get a lot of formula in light weapons like shotguns, assault rifles, and submachine guns, and when it reaches at least level 1 in your formula compilation it will serve as a buff and increase your damage in every level on your formula, the higher the level on your formula compilation the higher damage will gonna add.

formula compilation

The second is by Special Research, once you obtained a weapon formula, you can use it to increase your damage, for this one ill gonna use my special research formula on obsidian armor since I don’t have a good formula in a weapon, but weapons shield and armor works just the same.

special research to increase your damage

As you can see my obsidian formula is now level 26 which is still low, there are four main things you need to upgrade your special research, Nano-plastic II, Nano-plastic I, new dollars, and the most important one the formula shards, in every level of your special research its adds an attribute when you’re using that kind of gear.

Like on my armor formula, it said that it will take effect when I’m using an obsidian armor, same does on a weapon when you level up your chosen weapon formula, the damage attribute will take effect when you use that same kind of weapon.

Just take note the additional attribute will take effect on a certain weapon, for example, if you buy two shotguns the Red dot and Lead shove shotgun, you obtain the formula of Red dot then you used and star-up your red dot formula, the additional attribute will just take effect on your Red dot shotgun and it will not affect on your Lead shove shotgun.

Fusing weapon Accessories (attachment)

accessory fusion

At first, you can craft your basic accessories in the weapon and armor shop and once you can join doing some rebuild (area operation) there is a chance to get some accessories and those can be the fuse to get a higher grade accessory, the higher the grade the more damage attribute you can get.

There are three colors of attachment, the most common one is the green, you can get it by change by doing some daily area operation, then the blue accessories, it’s quite rare since you can only obtain it by chance in weekly mission and by fusion, the third one is the purple attachment and the rarest of all the attachment, there is no change to get it on a mission daily or even weekly, the only chance that you have is by fusion, you can fuse three blue accessories to get purple but the chance to get one is very minimal.

You can fuse three green attachments with the same grade to get the blue attachment and fuse three blue attachments with the same grade to get the purple attachment, in fussing attachment keep in mind that the rarer the attachment the lower the chance to succeed infusion, that’s why purple attachment is so rare to obtain.

On every set of attachments, there are additional attributes and skills, for example, you get a light muzzle, then you can have an additional skill to roll in the direction you’re moving it is useful in PVP to dodge some enemy bullets.

attachment skill

And when you complete a full set of blue attachments it will add additional damage depending on the grade of attachment, for example, if you have grade 5 blue light stock, grade 5 blue light sight, and grade 5 blue light muzzle, you will have an additional attribute of 1 attack power, and assault rifle damage bonus of 13%.

attribute you can get from attachment

And if you successfully obtain all purple attachments it will dramatically increase the damage of your weapon, imagine you have all grade 5 purple attachments in a light weapon, will have +3 attack power, +20% damage bonus, +15% assault riffle damage bonus, and if you are a rifleman the damage in PVP was insane if I’m not mistaken it will add about more than 50% damage when using Assault riffle.


Increase damage using buff and energized

LIfeafter food buff

Aside from all of the upgrades about the formula, accessories, special research, compilation, food buff, and energized is the easiest thing to do to increase your damage in Lifeafter.

First is the food buff, there is plenty of food buff that can be used depending on the situation, in PVE when you will deal with some infected, the best food buff to use is the one with increase damage to the infected, or humanoid monster.

Here is some example of a food buff that I always used.

Food buff for PVE

Shredded Pork knuckle in Jelly

Shredded pork knuckle

Attribute: increase damage against infected, Crit Immunity, Firing rate.

This is the food buff that I always used in dealing with some infected, and it also adds protection by lowering the Crit chance of the infected.

Pineapple Cake

pineapple cake

Attribute: Hp recovers continually, and damage dealt with humanoid monster increases.

This one is one of my favorite when dealing with some humanoids like the mercenary soldier, believers, and some human alike creatures in Lifeafter.

Sweet and Sour Pork

sweet and sour pork food buff

Attribute: Headshot damage, movement speed increase, stability, and max energy.

Also, one of my favorite when doing area operations since I’m a warrior and dealing some head-shoot as a warrior in area operation is easy plus the movement speed and max energy I think sweet and sour pork is the perfect buff for warriors in PVE.

Food buff for PVP

Strawberry Jelly

food buff strawberry jelly

Attribute: Increase Crit chance and Movement speed for a long time.

Increasing the movement speed and crit chance for a long time for about 26mins makes the strawberry jelly ideal in PVP.

Nasi Goreng

nasi goreng food buff

Attribute: Firing speed, Max ammo capacity.

The Firing speed attribute and max ammo capacity of nasi goreng are Ideal for PVP especially if you’re using an Assault rifle.


Food Buff for the Boss fight

Beef and Ox Tripe in Chili Sauce

best food buff for boos fight

Attribute: Damage against infected, Head-shot damage, Firing rate.

This one is a food buff that is highly recommended for a boss fight because when its three attributes are combined, it will greatly increase your damage in a boss fight, but of course, you should always aim for the head.

Coconut Rice

coconut rice food buff

Attribute: Combat Mastery acquisition, damage dealt with infected, and firing speed.

Coconut Rice is one of my favorite food buffs when farming combat mastery during a boss fight.

Food Buff for Warrior Cert

Since that I’m a warrior I will share with you my favorite food buff for warrior cert.

Vegetable Sushi

vegetable sushi food buff

Attribute: Slash speed and energy recovery speed will increase.


Dry-cooked Shumai

dry cooked shumai buff for warrior

Attribute: Non-firearms attack speed, Max energy Rising rate, Movement speed.


Clay Pot Rice

clay pot rice food buff

Attribute: HP regeneration overtime, Headshot damage, energy consumed when running reduced, Crit immunity rate.


Increase your damage using energized

weapon energized

Aside from food buff, you can also get additional damage increased by energizing your weapons.

You can learn energized by buying its formula on Tex Brandon at your camp and after you bought and learn its formula you can use it to energized its weapon.

There are two ways to energize your weapons first by using treasure it can boost its energizing effect and those treasures can be bought at trade city or through TV.

Another way is using nano plastic to energize your weapons.

Two of my favorite energization in weapons

Concentration (I used in AUX)

concentration energized

Increase your damage by 2.4%-8.0% if you have more than 70% of HP.

Herald (Main weapon)

herald energized

After entering combat, increase damage by 3%-10% for 6 seconds.

Increase your damage using Upgrade

weapon upgrade to increase your damage

Food buffs and energized can increase your damage temporarily, but upgrading your gear can increase your damage permanently.

Your gear especially your weapon can be upgraded using Reagents, Crystals, Film, and Components.

If you already have the upgrade materials you need you can select your weapon and choose upgrade you can put your Regents, Crystals, Film, and Components and click upgrade to roll.

When getting the upgraded formula there is no guarantee that you get to attribute that you want it will depend on your luck.

If you are more on PVP try to get attribute that has increased damage to players, jump suppression, light firearm damage increase, and increase reload speed.

And if you are on PVE, try to get a formula that has increased damage on infected, and increased damage on humanoid monsters.

Just try to be patient, and if you notice that you don’t get what attribute you want for today take a break and continue to roll the other day because getting the upgraded formula in the upgrade depends on your luck.

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