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lifeafter warrior cert

Lifeafter Warrior Cert a Definitive guide for beginners

Hello guys, a few months ago I created an article on how to increase your damage in a game Lifeafter, and as I’ve noticed many are still not familiar with the Warrior cert in a game Lifeafter, the warrior cert.

In this article I will provide the things that you must consider for a Warrior cert, it includes energized, weapons, gears, food buff, skills, and many more, continue reading for more info.

What is a Warrior Cert in a game Lifeafter?

Warriors are one of the combat classes in Lifeafter, it is also called a Tank since Warriors are so tough, with massive HP and a great damage reduction among all the Combat cert in Lifeafter, it is so tanky that it can absorb a lot of damage from both PVP and PVE.

Some of the players said that Warrior cert is useless on PVE since it has a little damage against infected or Zombie, but that is not true at all it is just depends on your warrior build.

I’m a warrior cert but my DPS can sometimes compete with some virus expert on PVE with the same level of mine of course, with a good choice of gears, upgraded skill tree from Warrior cert, good choice of buff, and energized can compete with virus expert with the same level of yours.

I not trying to say that you can outshine a virus expert DPS in PVE but to give you a damage boost that can compete and go near of there DPS and not be called useless in PVE, Warrior is also useful in a High-level AO (Area Operations) since some other Cert are fragile and Warrior can take some of the damage from the infected and while Warriors taking some damage from the infected other members can capitalize from it to eliminate all of the enemies and finished the operations.

Warrior in PVP

This where the Warrior cert shine, in PVP warrior is hard to kill because of its skills, when using non-firearm warrior speed suddenly increase especially when they are chasing an opponent if you are not yet a warrior cert you might notice that when using a melee weapon you cannot hit and jump at the same time, but warriors cert can do it when a they reach level 75 they can activate their skill called “Slasher” that enable them to jump and slash at the same time and warrior are the only cert in Lifeafter that can to that kind of moves.

As I’ve mentioned earlier that many players underestimate the DPS or damage that a warrior can deal in PVE, but in PVP almost everyone knows how dangerous and how massive damage can a warrior cert deals in some players, they can even kill some players in one or two blows

When a warrior cert used a melee weapon that has a high puncture it strikes can penetrate against the shield of the enemy make them more vulnerable to warriors attack, a good choice of gears and weapons plus good use of skills make the warrior so deadly in PVP, if you are new in warrior cert or planning to become a warrior cert I will give you some tips on how what skill tree, weapons, and gears to choose.

Warrior Cert Skill Tree

warrior cert skills

Not all warriors are created equal when you know what you’re doing, and choosing the best skill to upgrade is necessary.

There are three things that you need to upgrade the skill tree in Lifeafter, the new dollar, skill points, and gold bars, you need a lot of these three to upgrade your warrior skill the higher the level you upgrade your skills the more new dollar, and skill points you need for the next level so you must choose wisely on what skills are needed to level up first.

There are some skills in a Warrior that are least important and there are some that are important and you must focus on some important skills first on upgrading.

As a warrior cert user in Lifeafter, I already built my Warrior skill three but it is not fully maxed since it was not that easy to gather Millions of new dollars, Millions of skill points, and Millions of gold bars unless you are willing to spend a lot of real cash into this game.

Even I spent some money in this game sometimes for some outfits, formula shards, and mechanical and armor materials, but skill points and a new dollar? not since I don’t have enough money to buy everything that I want to buy in this game using real money, but if you want to buy some skill points and new dollars using real money it is up to you.

Warrior skills that you need to upgrade first


( Increase the attack speed of non-firearms by 12%. Can use non-firearm attacks when jumping, firepower increases by 20% during the jump ) These are the most important skills in warrior cert and the first skill that you must upgrade to the max level.

But take note you must first reach level 75 and have a cert promotion to advance martial art expert to unlock this skill.

And that’s the main reason why it is recommended that you need to level 75 before changing cert into a warrior cert, even I become logger first before changing into warrior since warrior cert has a do little damage when using a gun or light weapons and Warrior damage without slasher skill is lame since the slasher can amplify your damage a lot.

Breathing method

(When making an unarmed strike or attacking with non-firearms, there is a 30% chance of not using any energy)

The second skill for warriors and one of the important of its skill, one of the advantages for warriors is they do not need ammo, since warriors used melee weapons rather than guns, but energy is much much more important in warriors.

Since energy determines the number of strikes you can make, that’s why it is recommended to always keep an eye on your energy in combat, you should always conserve your energy as possible before you go near the target.

If you have a sufficient amount of energy when you go near a striking distance of your target you can give a lot of blows based on your energy, then this skill will help you give a 30% chance of not using any energy when striking when this skill activated you can have extra energy and the extra energy means you can give an extra strike and that can make extra damage to your target.

Breathing methods are not expensive for upgrading and you can make this skill upgrade to its max.

Fearless Warrior

( When making an unarmed strike or attacking with non-firearms, DMG taken is decreased by 20% when standing face to face with an enemy)

One of the skills of warrior cert that can add your toughness, this skill is great, warriors used melee and get closer as possible to their opponent to hit its target.

These skills can give extra protection and this skill can activate even if you have more than one opponents, imagine you have three enemies that shooting at you, all you need to do is to go near one of your enemies and this skill will be activated, your opponent will notice that you become tougher the moment you go near one of there teammates.

Rapid Slash

(When making an unarmed strike or attacking with non-firearms, the first strike has a 100% chance of making non-large enemies flee from combat)

This skill is for PVP but also works on some smaller zombies or MOB, this skill doest work on some bigger zombies like the chubster, and other mutant zombies, but on PVP these skills work a lot.

At first, I got confused about this skill since it said that it can make non-large enemies flee from combat, I think they used the wrong word here since this skill cannot make your enemy flee instead it can make your enemy knockdown to the ground, when this skill is in max there is a 100% chance on the first strike, means your first strike can make your opponent knock down or make them fall to the ground.

This skill is dangerous for your opponent since when they fall you can give a follow-up strike and perform extra damage to them.

Critical attack

(When attacking non-large units that are no more than 5 levels above you with non-firearm weapons or unarmed, you have a 15% chance to inflict under attack status on the target (if it’s not the primary target the chance is halved) works one time per 5s max 70% of the damage you deal will be counted as crit damage )

One of the warrior cert skills that can improve its damage, warrior are not a DPS powerhouse in PVE but in PVP warrior cert can deal a lot of damage because of this skill, a warrior can inflict their damage to other enemies around and count as critical, and since warrior cert critical strike is scary this skill can make their crit chance even higher.

Vigorous posture

(When holding a non-firearm, damage taken when jumping is reduced by 20%)

Another important warrior skill that adds its toughness, since a warrior often jumps to conserve their energy for some strikes and a warrior’s main attack is jumping while slashing, this skill adds a percent of protection when you are jumping, in my case it adds 20% of damage reduction when jumping combined with other warrior skill this skill can make you even tougher in combat.

Assault Expert

(When unarmed or when using a non-firearm weapon, damage taken to areas other than the head is reduced by 13% when your talent reaches Lv.4, non-firearm weapons slash range will increase)

When this skill has been activated it will give some damage reduction on your body, I just upgraded it to level 2 since I don’t have enough new dollars and skill points, in my case it will add 13% of damage reduction and when it reaches level 4 it will also increase your slash range.

Crippling Blow

( When you deal damage with non-firearms, has a 14% chance to make the target unable to jump and squat for the next 5 seconds. Duration increases by 0.5 seconds for every 1 attribute/special skill upgrade the weapon has.)

Aside from Rapid Slash, this skill is the reason why other players hate Warrior as their opponent since in Lifeafter many players shoot while jumping since it will help to evade some bullets from the enemy attack.

That’s why a lot of players are annoyed when they are unable to jump, this warrior skill called Crippling Blow has a chance to make your opponent unable to jump or squad for some seconds and when activating together with Rapid Slash, you will have a high percent chance to deal some great damage to your opponents.

Tough Will

(Grievous injury time decreased by 60% of its original amount)

This skill is also important but I just manage to upgrade it to level 2 since I don’t have enough new dollar and skill points I upgrade first the other skill that is more important, Tough Will enable you to prolong your bleeding time before, it will even you are bleeding you can still absorb some damage and it will increase your chance to survive when an attack by your enemy.

All of the skills above are the most important skill of a warrior that should be upgraded first, but again if you have a massive amount of new dollars you can upgrade all of its skills, but in my case, I don’t have since it is really expensive to upgrade all of Warrior skill so I just pick the most important one and focus on it and proceed to the next one for upgrading.

Warrior Cert Gears and weapons

We are done with its important skill for a warrior, now we should pick of what is the best gears and weapons for warrior cert,


warrior cert best weapon

In choosing weapons for warrior cert always look for 5 stars unparalleled or devastating weapons with maximum attack power, weapon firepower, and cit chance.

Any weapons with unparallel stat and devastate are good for Warriors but I recommend using unparallel for the main weapon and devastate for an aux weapon, why? if your level goes higher, especially for Manor 17 and higher, the best Aux weapon that you might use is a steel shield and you cannot find a steel shield with an unparallel stat it always has a devastate or blood bath.

For example, you are a manor 16 and you have evolving weapons like Zanbato but you buy a Zanbato with Devastate, then when your manor goes 17 you cannot pair it with a steel shield with Devastate since it will not work, buying a weapon especially a Zanbato an evolving with unparallel is the best choice for a Warrior.

Some weapons have a lower star rating, and those weapons have a low attack power, firepower, and crit chance don’t try to buy those kinds of weapons since they will not give you maximum damage for both PVP and PVE if you are confused about what is firepower, it will serve as a multiplier for your attack power that why choosing weapons with high firepower is highly recommended.

You should always look for weapons that have high puncture and block since it will help a lot on PVP, the higher the puncture of the weapon the more it will penetrate the shield of your opponent, and the block will give you a higher chance of evading or blocking an enemy attack.

There are also melee weapons that have infected and humanoid damage choosing that is better on area operation, you can also look for melee weapons with extra back damage combined with the non-firearm skill called trick attack it will give you better damage to the enemy.

If you find unparallel weapons with max attack power, firepower, and crit chance with 10-15% damage to infected, 15-40 block, and 40% or higher puncture, with back damage go for it since it is the best choice to buy, this stat is only for example if you find one with better stats the better.


Lifeafter warrior cert armor

Next is armor, you should be careful choosing armor for a Warrior since Warrior is a tank you will always be in front absorbing a lot of damage booth PVP and PVE, and using weak armor is very risky.

Finding the best armor for a Warrior is difficult since few armor makers focus on warriors, but if you find one you should go for it.

In every level there are two kinds of armor that you look for, one example is in level 90 there are three kinds of armor the silver colt, blazing armor, and golden glow armor, you can forget the silver colt since it does have a better since it is the basic one, you can focus on Blazing and Golden glow armor if you are not a warrior just go to Golden glow period since it is the best choice but for warrior Blazing armor should be considered because Blazing armor is built for a Warrior it has some stat that is beneficial for warrior cert like the stat called “Brand” that reduced range damage by 8% and increases the recovery effect of medicine by 8%.

And blazing armor has always a higher percentage in reducing long-range damage since a warrior needs to go nearer the enemy to attack an armor with high long-range damage reduction is great in PVP especially when you’re dealing with Rifleman, virus cert, and sniper cert since they are the long-range attacker.

The best Armor stat that you should look for is armor with running rabbit since when you are being attacked by an enemy your movement speed will increase by 10% for 2 seconds and it will help you to get closer to your enemy faster, always look for 5 stars with maximum armor, with high misdirection, short-range and long-range damage, and vitality.

If you’re asking why vitality? vitality can decrease your infection rate when you’re dealing with a virus cert or any attack that can give you an infection, it also helps weapon the attack of a special bullet from an assault rifle.

Finding the best 5S blazing armor or any armor that is built for Warrior is difficult and if you cannot find one just you can go with Golden Glow or any armor based on your level just keep in mind that always choose one with running rabbit, max armor, short and long-range damage reduction, high misdirection and vitality is the best choice.


lifeafter warrior cert shield

The next stuff is the shields, three main shields are commonly used in this game, the Basic Shield, Sulphate Shield, and the Azure Shield.

First, on choosing Shield, you should look for two stats, Full power or curse doll, but the most common and everybody loves is the one with Full power.

What is Full power? 

Full power increases your max shield by 300 but has some conditions, it is said that when there is no gun in the gear slot max shield will increase by 300, it is hard for some cert since when they use full power they should not put any guns in the gear slot and it is hard to switch weapons when you cannot put guns in your gear slot, but for warrior cert, it’s perfect since we warriors normally put melee weapons and not guns so full power conditions is not a problem for us.

You can choose a basic shield with full power if you are going to some rebuilds A.K.A area operations, since a basic shield, has a higher shield than the other but it has low protection against assault rifle and some basic shield doesn’t have any protection from an assault rifle or heavy weapons but in area operation, your dealing with some MOB and not other players and some MOB doesn’t use an assault rifle except for Humanoid gangs, and Imperial soldiers. That’s why it is recommended to use Basic Shield on AO since the high amount of shield that you can get from Basic Shield is the only thing that you will need in AO.

On the other hand, if you will go to war or do some PVP grinding you will need an Azure or Sulphate Shield since it has higher protection against other players, and since it was kinda rare to deal on the Sniper in PVP it is recommended to always use Azure Shield since there are a lot of players that is a virus cert or rifleman and those players are commonly using an assault rifle and shotguns and an Azure shield is your best protection against that kind of player.

But if you’ve noticed that there are a lot of OP snipers in the battle zone you can use Sulphate shield to greatly decrease the damage that those sniper shields can deal with you, but it is quite a hustle in changing shield from Azure to Sulphate in a war zone if you don’t want to change some shield and get the benefits of Basic shield, Azure, and Sulphate at the same time you will the special shield called “Watchman Shield”.

Watchman Shield is a special kind of shield that evolved its protection based on your manor level, it is so OP that this shield can give you a high amount of shield-like those from a Basic shield, and the damage reduction from assault rifle is similar or even higher from Azure shield and it also has similar or higher damage reduction like the one that you can get from Sulphate shield it is all in one shield but there are some cons of using this kind of shield first it is irreparable it works like some headgear that when dura is worn off it cannot be repaired both simple and delicate repair, the second disadvantage of it is the formula the only way you can get the formula for a star up is to gacha and it involved a lot of real money to get its formula but overall it is a good shield for PVP.


lifeafter warrior cert headgear

Headgear is also a must-use for warrior since it can help to even boost your toughness in a fight, in my own experience I rarely use headgear in PVE like some area operation since warrior is already tanky and using headgear every time is expensive since headgears are irreparable I only use it on some hard area operation and weekly mission.

But in PVP it is completely different, as I’ve mentioned earlier warrior has a skill called Assault Expert that can increase its damage reduction to other areas except for the head, and we all know that the head is the most critical area in every game even LifeAfter, headgear is your best friend from reducing headshot damage from opponents.

Food Buff for Warriors

I will not talk about energized since I already discussed it in my previous article called 11 ways to increase your damage in Lifeafter, you can click the link if you want to visit and learn more about energized.

Food buff is good for both PVE and PVE to increase our damage and some other stats as a warrior.

Warrior Buff for PVE and PVP

Food buff for warrior cert lifeafter

Organic Cranberry Cookies– Give 5.0% crit chance, Damage to humanoid monster increase by 10.0%, Damage to infected Creatures increase by 10.0%, Damage to Wild Animals increase by 10.0% ( Ingredients: Four cranberries)

Fantasy Cold Lychee Drink– Give 5.0% crit chance, Damage to humanoid monster increase by 10.0%, Damage to infected Creatures increase by 10.0%, and Damage to Wild Animals increase by 10.0% ( Ingredients: Four Lychee )

Ultimate Seaberry Cake– Give 5.0% crit chance, Damage to humanoid monster increase by 10.0%, Damage to infected Creatures increase by 10.0%, and Damage to Wild Animals increase by 10.0% ( Ingredients: Four Sea Buckthorn)

Rice Water With Longans– Give 5.0% crit chance, Damage to humanoid monster increase by 10.0%, Damage to infected Creatures increase by 10.0%, and Damage to Wild Animals increase by 10.0% ( Ingredients: Four Longan )

Pure Mulberry Jam- Give 5.0% crit chance, Damage to humanoid monster increase by 10.0%, Damage to infected Creatures increase by 10.0%, and Damage to Wild Animals increase by 10.0% ( Ingredients: Four Mulberry)

Pineapple Cake– Hp Regeneration over time by 1.5, Damage to Humanoid Monster increase by 10% (Ingredients: 1 Egg, 1 Sugar, 2 Pineapple)

Sweet and Sour Pork– Hp Regeneration 14.3, Improves movement speed by 4.0%, Headshot Damage increase by 4.0 %, Increase max energy by 8.0%, Stability 40.0 (Ingredients: 2 meat, 1 sugar, 1 Pineapple)

Shredded Pork Knuckle– Hp Regeneration 15.5, Damage to infected creatures 10.0%, Crit Immunity Rate 5.0%, Increase Firing Rate 5.0 % (Ingredients: 1 Cooking Oil, 1 Sauce, 2 Blue meat )

Vegetable Sushi– HP Regeneration 5.0, Energy restoration rate increased by 8.0%, Attack Speed increase by 8.0% (Ingredients: 3 Vegetable, 1 Rice )

Strawberry Jelly– HP Regeneration 12.6, Crit chance increase by 4.0, Improve movement speed by 4.0% (Ingredients: 1 Milk, 1 Ice cube, 2 Strawberry)

Bento of Love– HP regeneration over time 1.0, Crit Chance Increase 10.0 note: this food buff can only obtain if you have a Cohab, if you haven’t there is no other way to get this kind of food buff (Ingredients: Grain of love )

Flower Shape fruit Platter– Crit Chance Increase 5.0 %, Max Energy Raising Rate 5.0%, Damage to Infected Creatures Increased by 10.0%, Attack Speed Increased by 10.0% (Ingredients: 2 Apple, 2 Orange)

Dry Cooked Shumai– HP Regeneration 9.6, Improve Movement Speed 4.0%, Max Energy Raising Rate 8%, Attack Speed increase 8.0% (Ingredients: 1 Meat, 2 Eggs,1 Seasoning )

Bonus tips

  • Lifeafter four finger claw setting 1
  • lifeafter four finger claw setting 2

If you are a mobile user it is a bit hard to Jump, Slash, and Aim at the same time, that’s why it is recommended that you should try and learn how to use claw on mobile and thus will greatly improve your aiming skill while jumping and shooting/slash, In my case, I’m using Four finger Claw I will show you my setting and it is up to you if you want to copy it, I’ve tried different setting and tweak it a lot of time and this one is the most comfortable on for me.


Warrior cert is great it was so good in PVP and can deal a lot of damage on your opponent, it is not even bad in PVE it will just depend on your gears, attachment, and upgrading its skills, just remember not all warriors are created equal just like some other cert, it just depends on choosing your best gears and weapons and upgrading your cert skill wisely as I’ve said If you can upgrade all of its skill much better but it is expensive when using real money.

This tutorial is intended for those who are new in this game or we might call a beginner, if you consider yourself a pro and you are using a Warrior cert for years I’m pretty sure that you probably know all this stuff that I’ve written in this article, and this article is just intended as a guide for those who are new in warrior cert.