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Ship Guide in Gunship Battle Crypto Conflict

Gunship Battle: Crypto Conflict Ship Guide

Previously I created a guide in a play-to-earn crypto game called Gunship Battle: Crypto Conflict, I also published a detailed jet guide in this game where you can learn all the basic and advanced stuff about jets in Gunship battle: Crypto Conflict.

Today I will give you an in-depth tutorial about ships in Gunship Battle: Crypto Conflict.

I have been playing this game for a couple of months since it was first released globally, and I learned a lot of things in the Gunship Battle: Crypto Conflict.

I will share with you all the things that I learned in this game.

Please read this guide carefully, because you will not find a complete and in-depth tutorial other than this in the Google search.

I will share with you all the basic and advanced stuff about ships, how to make them stronger, and how to improve their stats in the Gunship Battle: Crypto Conflict.

Types of Ships in Gunship Battle: Crypto Conflict

The very first thing that I want you to know is the kind of ships in Gunship Battle: Crypto conflict, their capability, functions, and how to counter enemy ships.

First, the type of ships, as I’ve mentioned in our previous tutorial, there are three main types of ships in this game Frigates, Destroyers, and Submarines.

Below is a brief explanation of ships, and their capability in the game, let us start with the Frigates.


ships guide, frigates

Frigates are fast and agile warships that are equipped with advanced sonar, capable of detecting a submarine even in the depth of the ocean, frigates are a perfect counter against a submarine.

They are also a good defense against fighter jets, thanks to their high anti-air attacks they can defend your Aircraft carrier from the swarm of Jets of your enemies.


play to earn gunship battle crypto conflict destroyer

Next are the destroyers, this warship is capable of any target, with vast armaments such as anti-ship missiles and, cannons it can take down some targets like Frigates and other Destroyers.

Destroyers have high anti-ship damage and a perfect counter against Frigates and other Destroyers.


submarin in crypto conflict

Last is the submarine, a stealth predator that moves in dark and deep ocean water, equipped with an anti-ship missile, and high-speed torpedo, submarine can take down a destroyer, we can say that submarine is a perfect counter for an enemy that uses a destroyer as their main unit.

These three types of ships counter each other to make the game fair and more balanced, make sure not just to focus on one kind of ship, it is very important that you have all of this three in your Aircraft carrier or base to defend.

Ship Building

ship build in gunship battle

Now let’s talk about shipbuilding, when building ships It is best to build all three types of ships, and try to mix and deploy all three of those types in your Aircraft Carrier and base when playing this game.

As been playing this game, I have noticed that some players just focus on one type of ship and forget the others, which in my opinion is wrong, make your fleet as balanced as possible to have a higher chance to defend your carrier from incoming attack.

Your opponents will try to send a scout on your base or your Aircraft carrier before launching an attack, and when they saw that you only have one type of ship inside of your Aircraft carrier, it is easier for them to counter your fleet.

Not unless you are a heavy spender, spending a lot of money in the game will surely give you an upper hand against your opponents, even if they counter your fleet successfully, but if you and your opponents are equal in strength countering is very important, so I recommend that you always build and mix all three types of ships in your Carrier and Base.

Create A Main Fleet

main fleet gunship battle crypto conflict

I recommend that in building ships in Gunship Battle: Crypto Conflict, you should create your main fleet, why? because upgrading ships and making them stronger requires a huge amount of resources, especially titanium.

It is more efficient than you have the main fleet, and focus on it to make them stronger, after that you can have your attention on some of your ships that are in reserve.

Classify your ships into two, some are your main fleets, and the others are those that you can use as a material for limit break.

Ship Building Tricks and Limit Break

I will share with you one of my tricks on building ships in this game, did you know that it is much better to build a lower-tier ship?

Here is one common mistake that beginners usually do in the game, they build lower ships, and when their level increases and they unlock new and higher tier ships, they just forget the lower ones and often decommission some of those, which is absolutely wrong.

Here is my trick, what I did was I always built a lower-tier ship and always did some limit break.

Gunship Battle: Crypto Conflict Limit Break

After building lower-tier ships, the next thing that I did was to get enough EXP for it and perform what is called a limit break.

Ships limit break was classified into stages, stage 1 to stage six. The maximum level in each ship is based on its stages, you can see the ship’s stages and its maximum level in the table below.

Ship StageShip Max level per Stages
Zero Stage (Newly Built Ship)Level 5
Stage 1Level 10
Stage 2 Level 20
Stage 3Level 30
Stage 4 Level 40
Stage 5Level 50
Stage 6 Level 60

When ship level increases its stats also increase making them more lethal in a battle, that is why it is very important to continuously increase the level of your ships, when it reaches its limit do a limit break to continuously increase its level

The other thing that I want to obtain is the stage 2 limit breaks bonus, what is the stage 2 limit break anyway?

Stage 2 limit break is called when you limit break a ship and successfully rise 2 stages from the current stage, this can only be obtained by chance, and when you succeed in stage 2 limit break, your ship will get a star.

A ship with a star is much stronger than a regular one, you will get a percentage of bonus in stats based on the stage of your ship.

destroyer 1 star gunship battle Crypto conflict

Example is the ship in this Image, I have here a destroyer called Arleigh Burke Class Destroyer, it reaches a limit break stage 4, and successfully obtained a star when it raises 2 stages from the limit break and gets a 40% stats bonus.

The higher its stage when obtaining a star the more stats bonus you will get, here is my trick, I start building in a lower tier ship like Knox, Los Angeles, and Sovremenny then tier up at least stage 2 and increase its level to level 20.

That’s why you should never decommission your lower-tier ships, cuz you can use it for a limit break, which has the potential to increase your ship’s stats.

After having a few lower tier stage 2 level 20 ships, I will limit break again two level 20 ships with the same limit break stage and to have a higher chance to get a one-star ship stage 3 or four.

The higher the level of the ships and the material to use when limit breaks, the higher the chance to obtain a star, always consider to tier up two to the same level ship to get better a better chance.

By the way, the materials in the limit break will vanish after you use it, so it is wiser that you only use only ships whose traits are not upgraded for material as a sacrifice for limit break.

After obtaining ships with a star include them in your main fleets, since ships with a star have a higher potential compared to the regular ones.

Ships Tier Up

After building ships, and limit break let us now proceed in ships tier up. When your HQ level increases you will unlock some powerful ships in a higher tier, instead of building a new one, it is much better that you just tier up your older ships, especially your main fleets.

Ship tier up consumes resources and Titanium based on your ship’s tier, but a ship that has a star needs a special item when tier up called “Energy Core Reactor”.

How can you get this Energy core reactor?

For now, you can only obtain an energy core reactor by fission, you can fuse some valuable items like Elizabeth’s blueprints, Kuznetsov blueprints, Enterprise blueprints, and other resources.

Items for Energy core Number Of Reactor
4 Elizabeth blueprints1 energy core reactor
80 Enterprise blueprints1 energy core reactor
80 Kuznetsov blueprints 1 energy core reactor
12 Million Oil1 energy core reactor
3 Million Silver1 energy core reactor
100 Normal Aircraft carrier blueprints 1 energy core reactor
These are some examples of items that you can use to fuse into an energy core reactor

Ships Traits Upgrade

ship guide traits upgrade

After shipbuilding, limit break, and tier up, now let’s talk about Ships traits.

Ships traits are a kind of upgrades that you can do in all of your ships. If you want to make your ships even stronger make sure that you always upgrade your traits up to the max level.

Upgrading traits can give your ships an increase by a percentage in ATK, accuracy, critical chance, evasion, armor, arms capacity, collecting speed, sailing speed, storage capacity, skill gauge, damage control, and max durability.

When upgrading traits there are just a certain number of upgrades allowed based on a ship’s tier, in other words, you cannot upgrade all of the traits of your ships make sure that you choose wisely when upgrading traits.

Upgrading a ship’s traits are costly especially in titanium, but it is really worth it, I proved it a lot of times when attacking or defending against an enemy.

Ships that have max traits upgrade have an upper hand over those higher-level ships without traits upgrade.

Ship’s stats increase by numbers when leveling up, but traits upgrade can give much more enhancement by percentage, for example, if you have a submarine called seawolf and you max its ATK traits, it will give you a 24% of attack boost by a percentage of your current ATK.

It is very important to upgrade your ship’s traits, and don’t just rely on your ship levels.

There are also passive skills for your ships that will be activated based on what traits you choose to upgrade, passive ships’ skill details are below this line.

Ships passive skills

traits bonus in gunship battle crypto conflict ships

Provide analysis of enemies to increase ship ATK by 6.00%

To activate: upgrade ATK or information traits less than 25 times (may differ based on ships tier)

Elite Crew

Elite crew with improved mastery is on board, increasing the skill effect by 2.00%.

To Activate: upgrade information traits 15 or more (may differ based on ships tier)

The tactical data link and elite crew are the same in every ship, the only difference in traits and passive bonus skills is the accuracy enhancements, I write it down below.

Dipping sonar (Frigates)

Increase accuracy by 0.30% through precise identification of enemy submarine locations with dipping sonar.

To activate: upgrade ATK traits 25 times or more based on the ship’s tier.

Wake tracking (Submarines)

Increase torpedo accuracy by 0.30% by identifying the sonic pattern from a destroyer’s propeller.

To activate: upgrade ATK traits 25 times or more based on the ship’s tier.

Amplify radar (Destroyers)

Increases accuracy against high-speed frigates by 0.20% through enhanced radar capabilities.

To activate: upgrade ATK traits 15 or more based on the ship’s tier.

Note: you can only activate one passive traits bonus per ship so choose wisely, but if you make a mistake you can rest the traits to choose to activate the other one, but the resources that you use will not be refunded.

Note: I’m the author of this article and I spend a lot of time and resources just giving you this info, If you enjoy this content and it becomes useful to you, please give me a little favor by writing a comment in the comment section at the bottom of this article, it will help me a lot. Thank you.

Other ways to improve your ships stats

Research lab

ships research, ships guide

One way of making your ships stronger in Gunship Battle: Crypto conflict is through research.

There is a lot of ship-enhancing/image research to improve your ship’s stats in the lab, just head over to your base then find the research lab > click research > ship.

Inside the ship research try to max all of it based on your level to get a boost on your ships, some research are include like enhance for ATK for frigates, submarines, and destroyers, enhancing armor, increasing critical chance, and increase in durability.

Upgrading all of this research will consume a lot of resources, especially Titanium, but if you want to enhance your ships, consider maxing it out.

Admiral ability

ships admiral ability

Another way of enhancing our ships in crypto conflict is by admiral ability, every time your admiral level increases you will earn skill points that can be used in upgrading your admiral ability.

To enhance your ship in admiral ability click your avatar > admiral ability > naval operations and try to upgrade everything you could in the skill web.

Admiral equipment

admiral equipments in crypto conflict

You can also enhance your ship’s ability by crafting and upgrading admiral equipment, the enhancement that you will gain from admiral equipment is based on rarity and upgrade levels, and you can also gain some additional ship enhancements from special effects by chance.

If you didn’t get the ship enhancements that you want on your equipment, you can change it by reforging the equipment to get your desired special effects to enhance your ships.

You can reforge your equipment 2X for free and if you want to reforge against you will need to buy and consume items called “Hyperpolymer” together with titanium to reforge your equipment again.

Bottom line

If you want to make your ships stronger, try to follow everything in this guide, but be prepared because it’s not what’s easy, you need to grind every day, mine a lot of titanium, and participate in all events to get resources and titanium.

This tutorial is not for those who want to earn money in the game since you will spend a lot of titanium to enhance your ships, from research, traits, limit break, etc.