Top 22 Best Offline Android Games

Looking for the best offline android games but don’t know where to look for them? or maybe there are too many android games out there and doesn’t know what to choose? looking at all the android games available and trying all of those games might be time-consuming since not all games are good and worth playing.

To save your time, I already did the work for you I’m a gamer and game reviewer and it’s my job to find and review some games that are worth trying.

Best Offline Android Games Review

1. Sniper Zombie 2-Zombie Sniper High Graphics Offline Game

zombie sniper offline android games
Top 22 Best Offline Android Games

Sniper Zombie 2 is one of the newest offline android games, It was released on July 17, 2022.

These offline android games have realistic graphics that let you feel the thrill of shooting down zombies using your sniper rifle.

As a Sniper, you will have various missions like protecting civilians from ferocious Zombie attacks and other humans alike or a bunch of criminals that will take advantage of the situation.

As protecting innocent civilians from zombies and criminals, always be careful with every shot since one false move and you might kill some civilians on the scene.

Aside from being a sniper, there is also some mission where you will eliminate the horde of zombies using different weapons like assault rifles and shotguns.

Sniper zombie 2 is a 100% free-to-play game, but there is energy required to be used in each mission ones you used up all your energy you can buy some energy using real money or just leave the game for a while the energy will automatically refill over time.

2. Air Battle Mission- Best Offline Fighter Jet Simulator

If you’re a fan of fighter jets and love to see them in a dog fight, you will surely love this the next free offline android game on our list.

Air Battle Mission was released on July 11, 2022, as an offline fighter jet simulator game, you will experience driving a fighter jet using your android device. You will complete various missions by defeating other military aircraft like choppers, and other fighter jets.

There are also some missions where you have a task to take down some military radar and battleships, but be careful since radar and battleships are heavily guarded by the enemy.

Try to destroy all enemies on your way and complete every mission, the higher your level the harder every mission so try to always upgrade your jet’s machine gun, missile, and other upgrades to ensure that you will survive some other missions in this offline game.

3. Cover Fire- The Best Offline Action Game for Android With High Graphics

Cover Fire the first time that I tried to play this game, I was amazed at how it looked, the graphics or visuals of this offline shooting game are somewhat on the level of those premium online shooter games.

The looks are good, the colors are also good, and it balances and blends accurately in every scene of the game.

Cover fire is an offline game that doesn’t need an internet connection to play, but occasionally you will still need to connect to the internet, just to download some updates, but don’t worry after your device finish downloading some game episode, you can disconnect from the internet and continue to play offline.

Cover fire game-play is based on its story that you need to pass through—you can use some of your weapons like guns, pistols, and grenades, in addition, there are also some levels that you need to finish using a Sniper rifle.

Cover fire has a lot of stages that need to be unlocked, and at this time of writing there is a zombie mode where instead of fighting some enemy soldier this time you will need to deal with zombies or undead, Cover fire is a good choice and a good time killer with lots of positive reviews in Play-store and one of the best free offline games for android that you can play right now.

4. Mini Militia- Best 2D Offline Android Shooting Game

Next on our list is a game called Mini Militia, playing this game brings back some good memories of my past, it is one of the first android games that I’ve tried.

I enjoy it so much especially when playing it with my friends offline, we use a LAN connection, previously you can play multiplayer mode using a Hotspot without mobile data, but now in the past few years, this game has changed.

From an offline android game, it is now a semi offline android game. Why? because you can still play this game offline, but they remove the offline multiplayer mode.

When playing offline, you can only play the game solo. But if you want to play the game with friends, you need to switch to their online mode, where you can play with your friends or with a random player.

Some great offline features of these games are gone, but it still deserves to be on this list, since many will agree that this game, is still one of the best offline android games.

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5. Heroes Strike- Best Offline MOBA Game For Android

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Next in offline MOBA games, it is quite rare to see a MOBA that doesn’t need the internet to play nowadays, I even remember the last time I played an offline MOBA is DOTA way back in high school, but that is on PC.

In Thetan Arena, you can earn real money by playing the game, but in Heroes Strike you will earn nothing, this game is just pure entertainment you can play this game if you want to play games without using the internet, this is perfect when you in a remote area probably you are in a trip without a good internet connection, you can play this game to unleash your boredom.

You can also use this game as a practice for Thetan Arena, whatever your reasons are, Heroes  Strike is one of the best offline android games that you can play today.

6. Into The Dead 2- Best Free Offline Zombie Games With High Graphics

Next is a game called “Into the Dead 2“. After the success of the game “Into the dead”  PikPok games released their follow-up version named “ Into the Dead 2”.

The game was released on August 29, 2017, it is one of the older games on mobile but it is still one of the best offline android games that you can play today.

The graphics are well improved and it is much more realistic than the previous one, from the zombies, the environment, weapons, and even the dogs have more realistic visuals than the previous one.

And even though Into the Dead 2 is a mobile game from 2017, its graphics quality can compete with some of the games that you can play this year 2022 and I can safely say that Into the Dead 2 is one of the best offline games with high graphics that you can play right now.

But wait it is not just the graphics that make this game a good choice but also the story, it has a great story that keeps me intact in the game.

But aside from improving the visuals and story of this game, even some threats are improved.

The zombies are now more dangerous than before, they are faster and they are tougher than before.

 There are a lot of running zombies that are difficult to dodge, and as the level goes higher the zombies become tougher, so you will need to upgrade your weapons.

You can add some high-penetration ammo, explosive ammo, and more that might help take down some tougher zombies.

Into the dead 2 is an offline android game, but you need an internet connection to claim some rewards, and to play some special events. 

Into the dead 2 is an offline game that you can play on mobile and it is also free to play, but you also have the option to spend some real money in the games to purchase some weapons and gear.

If you want more zombie games that you can play on android, try our list of the best zombie games on android.

 7. Cookies Must Die– Best Offline Action Games For Android

Next on our list is one of the indie games and undoubtedly one of the best offline android games that you can find in the Google Play store.

The story of this game starts when a Cookie company was struck by a flash of lightning that causes the machine to abnormally produce an evil Cookie, nothing is more terrifying than fighting with a bunch of Cookies, isn’t it?

Cookies that I’ve mentioned here are those who have limbs and guns that kill every human that they encounter.

Luckily a scientist finds a way to counter this evil cookie by creating a mutant or a superhuman named Jack— This superhuman has some special ability, and in this game, you will portray the character of Jack you will be the one that will control the movement of Jack and destroy every cookie in the path.

Cookies must die is a 2D kind of game with outstanding special effects including the precision of slow-motion effects combined with the soundtrack adds adrenaline to every action of this game, Cookies must die is one of my favorite offline android games, and undoubtedly that this game is one of the best offline action games for Android that you can play right now.

 8. Swamp Attack– Best Fun Defense Offline Shooting Game For Android

best offline android games, swamp attack

The first release in the year 2014, swamp attack is a free-to-play and offline android game by Outfit7. This game is a 2D action shooting game that requires effective strategy against swamp monsters like Crocodiles, Armed beavers, and even Aliens.

In a Swamp attack, you must defend your swamp at all costs using some powerful weapons such as a shotgun, Flame thrower, cross-bows, Molotov cocktails, and more.

For me, the only downside of this game is the energy when you used up all your energy you have to wait for your energy to be replenished in able to play again this game.

9. Can you escape the 100 room? XIII- Best Offline Mystery Puzzle Game For Android

One of the most successful puzzle games on mobile and has lots of follow-ups, this offline android game Is one of the most challenging puzzle games, in my opinion, the gameplay is to escape the room and proceed with the next one there are about 50 rooms that are waiting for you to open.

In every room, there is some hidden object and try to determine the hidden meaning of the objects or items since it is the clue on how to open the door in that room, one after another and it becomes harder and harder until you reach the very last room to escape.

This game is a good exercise for your brain and if you are a person that loves puzzle games you will surely love this mobile game.

10. Walking Zombie 2– Best Offline FPS

Next on our list is a Zombie FPS Shooting game and one of my favorite offline android games, just like on some zombie apocalypse games, the story starts in a zombie outbreak and you the chosen one will be born from your infected mother and as a result, you will bear immune to the virus that can turn the human into zombies.

Since you are immune to the zombie you are the only one that can save the world from the zombies, but it doesn’t mean that you are immortal, you can still die if you get beaten by the zombie continuously, and to survive, there are some weapons and gears that you can buy to help you in clearing large hordes of zombies, so buy some guns, armor, grenade, and bandages and prepare to fight with the undead and save the world.

If you are looking for the best FPS Offline android game that is combined with a thrilling Zombie Apocalypse, Walking Zombie 2 is what I highly recommend.


One of the most adrenaline-pumping offline android games that I’ve tried is “DEAD TRIGGER OFFLINE“, first released in 2012 and one of the oldest zombie shooting games, At first glance you might think that this offline android game is a new game, thanks to its graphics quality that even that is old it can still compete to some new mobile games in 2021 in terms of graphics.

The game is pretty realistic that mimic the scenario of a real zombie apocalypse, you can equip guns and gears that you own before going on a mission, and if you have enough money you can also buy some powerful weapon to help you in some harder missions in this game, dead trigger in terms of graphics and gameplay and even this game is a bit old, it’s undoubtedly one of the best offline android games that you can play.

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12. Zombie Smasher– Best Offline Casual Android Game

Are you ready to destroy and smash your phone? Ops just kidding, next on our list is an android offline game called “Zombie smasher”, where the game-play was so simple smash an incoming zombie attack by tapping your finger on a screen on where the attacking zombie was.

Zombie Smasher is one the easiest offline android games that you can play today, the gameplay was simple— try to smash every zombie that is heading your way.

As the level gets higher the zombies are getting faster and a lot of zombies of different kinds will be joining the hordes that will attack your house but careful since sometimes there is some kids surfer that you might mistake for the zombies and once you kill the kid’s surfer its game over.

There is 7 kind of zombies in this game normal zombies, dog, timber-man, ghost, baby& fat boss, and oil-worker zombies. Every zombie has its own ability, beware of those that are fast-moving zombies, and make sure to smash them before they get you.

13. BADLAND– Best Offline Adventure Game for Android

BADLAND, this one is probably one of the most gorgeous graphics on a 2D offline android game, it has unique, simple, but beautiful graphics that are pleasing to the eye.

The gameplay was simple, control the forest dweller by tapping the screen of your phone to fly and survive various traps that are set in the forest.

BADLAND has a physics-based game-play means that in the game everything will react according to physics so be careful not to go near some of the traps cause they may crush you.

14. Worm Zone– Best Casual Offline Game For Android

Remember the days when the Nokia 3310 was the most popular mobile phone and snake is the most popular game? we also compete with our friends for who has the highest top score. Snake has a simple game interface but is extremely entertaining.

Worm Zone, the gameplay of this offline android game was pretty much more like the snake in the but with some added twist.

You will start as a tiny worm and try to eat as much food as possible to increase its size, but be careful that there are other worms around and you might hit them, and if that happens you lose. If you want to beat another worm you must encircle them and let them hit you as long as you did not hit them first with your head you win.

 15. Alto’s Odyssey– Best Offline Adventure Android Game

One of the oldest offline android games but still worthy to be included in our list, Alto’s Odyssey was released in 2018, Alto’s Odyssey is a follow-up to their game Alto’s Adventure.

The game-play was pretty simple yet hard to master, even I admit that even now I didn’t master this game yet, the game starts with a few tutorials and goes to the real stuff, you will control Alto in his journey to the endless desert using his sand-board, avoid not to hit rocks or fall with your head first, just make sure that you balance the sand-board well, the further you reach the higher your score is.

16. Hopeless 3– Best Offline Adventure Games For Android

The successful mobile game Hopeless and Hopeless 2, now comes with their newer version Hopeless 3, another 2D and offline android game that have good kind of visual or graphics, the objective is to help the blob to survive from monster attack and escape the darkest cave and let the blob see the light outside the cave.

On your way out you will encounter various monsters and some blobs, to make things simple just kill the monster and save the blob that’s it but when your level goes higher, just like all of the other games the difficulty will increase and more monsters will emerge to try to eat the blob.

17. Metal Soldier 2– Best Offline Action Game For Android

Metal soldier 2

Another offline android game that brings some reminiscence of the past, remember the game Metal Slug? the gameplay of Metal solder 2 is much more like the game Metal Slug that I played during my childhood.

A 2D shooting game that gives me a reminiscence of the past. Load your gun and shoot down all of your enemies like Rebel soldiers, Drones, helicopters, Tanks, and more.

In this android offline game, you don’t need to buy some weapons instead you can obtain weapons like a machine gun, double barrel, and many more on the battlefield.

For being a 2D shooting offline android game its graphics, colors, and appearance are pretty good.

18. Robbery Bob 2– Best Casual Android Game

Next on our list is one of the older offline android games but still worth playing, Robbery Bob 2 is a follow-up from their previous game robbery bob, the game-play is cool just sneak into the house and get as many loots as possible, the whole house looks like a puzzle, think first and plan before you walk or you might get caught, just remember that this game is more difficult than the previous one and there are more puzzles to be solved.

In Robbery Bob 2 they added some useful gadgets that might help you to get out into trouble like RC Cars, Teleportation mine and a lot of new gadgets if you enjoy the previous one you will surely enjoy this new version of Robbery Bob.

19. Catapult 2– Best Free Arcade Shooting Game For Android

Next is a game called Catapult 2, released in early 2018 a bit older game but worthy to mention in this list since this game has a good entertainment factor and it is not like some other game that is kinda boring.

In this game Catapult 2 you need to defend your castle tower at all cost, and use your catapult to destroy incoming enemy, as the game progress it becomes more difficult and you need to upgrade your tower defense and weapons like a catapult, arrow, and some ammunition to eliminate the enemy that will try to destroy your Castle, the more you upgrade your Castle the harder it resists from incoming artillery, rocks, arrow, and other objects that your enemy will throw at you.

20. Zombie Catcher– Best Offline Casual Android Game

From a tower defense game now let back to zombie games, but this time it’s far more different instead of running away from zombies that will try to eat your brain in this game the zombie will be the one to run from you and you need to help our alien friend AJ from catching some zombies and turn them into a tasty kind of snacks like, shake, juice, sundae and many more.

You can use different gears and weapon on catching some zombies, including a jet pack that enables you to fly and move faster, harpoon, tranquilizer guns, nets, and traps, there are also different kind of maps that is waiting to unlock and each map has some different kind of zombies that can turn into some snacks, the more maps you unlock the more recipes you will also get, zombie catcher is fun to play and it deserves to mention on our list as one of the best offline android games.

21. Asphalt Nitro– Best Racing Offline Android Games

Old is gold, a word that perfectly fits the game like “Asphalt Nitro” sure this game is one of the oldest offline android games, but it was still entertaining like the other Asphalt game and considered the fact that Asphalt Nitro is an offline game and the lightest of all Asphalt game that makes this one run smoothly even in a much older device.

If you are looking for an offline android racing game that will not clog your phone store you can try this game Asphalt Nitro and you will surely enjoy every bit of its gameplay.

22. Hello Cats– Best Offline Puzzle Game For Android

Next on our list is one of the physics-based offline android games that will challenge your mind, at first glance, it looks very simple, but when your level gets higher it is really fun and logical, this game is no anymore on my phone since there are tons of game that I’ve played but Hello Cats is a game that I need to add on this list since I remember how fun to play this game that I highly recommend to anyone.

Honestly, when I first try this game I thought that this is a child’s game, those that can be played by a child-like the game talking tom, but not the Puzzle in Hello Cats becomes more complex on a higher level and will challenge your brain.

Bottom Line

That’s it guys, I will continue to update this list and give you more info about the best offline android games that you can play.

If you’re looking for more offline games to try, there is a website that I found on the internet where you can download some android game mods, you can check it out for yourself.

I would also like to say thank you for reaching this very last part of this article, if you enjoy this content and want to support the website you can consider buying me some drinks.

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