Top 5 Best Upcoming NFT Games: Play To Earn 2022

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There is no denial that NFT games are so popular now, for a reason that you can earn by just playing games, there are some popular and proven NFT games out there like Splinterlands, Axie Infinity, Thetan Arena, and other NFT games that give a lot of players an earning opportunity, but if you already try a lot of NFT games and want to try something new.

Dont worry since I create a list of upcoming NFT games that you need to keep an eye on so you won’t miss, so without further due let’s dive into our list.

List Of Best Upcoming NFT Games This Year 2022

Playing NFT games or any kind of games at an early stage might be important, it will give you some benefits and advantages against the newer players like levels, etc.— and in some cases, it will also give you more opportunity to earn more in the game, since there are some NFT that players have reported that they earn well at first and when players flooded the game their income dramatically decrease.

So to become one of the first to try new NFT games here are a list of upcoming NFT game that you should keep an eye on.

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1. IIluvium

Illuvium upcoming NFT game
Image Credit: Illuvium

If we’re talking about the biggest upcoming NFT game, one game above the others are on my radar, this game will gonna be big for sure, the graphics, the gameplay looks like some of the best AAA games in the market.

A new upcoming NFT game, will soon arrive, and based on its trailer and teasers, this upcoming NFT game will gonna be great, this play to earn NFT game is called “Illivium”, I know we can’t rely on all the stuff based on the trailers, but if this game trailer is accurate when it finally releases —-well this might be the biggest real AAA NFT game metaverse.

The graphics of this game looks outstanding, from the colors of the environments, the creatures look real, they do a great job in improving the visual of the game, and set a new standard on NFT gaming.

Upon reading their white papers, I’m thrilled about what this game will look like in the real game, the game will start by players choosing and creating their avatar in the game, they can also create a companion drone to help them catch their first Illuvial.

By the way, illuvials are the creatures that players need to fight and try to subdue and when players are successful, they can use these Illuvials to fight other Illuvials creatures in a duel with other players,—-sounds familiar? 

I know what you thinking, and actually, you’re right this game will look like a pokemon based play to earn NFT game with some futuristic touch since all of this will happen on a ruined planet, and players are intergalactic species that discover a ruined planet a home for Illuvial creatures, soon when this upcoming NFT game finally releases we will enjoy the fun of earning while playing a AAA NFT game.

Game Feature

  • Avatar Creation
  • Team Building
  • Adventure
  • PVP in Battle Arena
  • Mining and Harvesting
  • Mini-Games

2. Chumbi Valley

chumbi valley featured image
Image Credit: Chumbi Valley

Next on our list is an upcoming NFT game called “Chumbi Valley”, since the first day that I’ve read some information about this game, I have a feeling that this will gonna be great when it is released, the gameplay looks good on paper, and there is a lot of earning opportunity that is waiting for the players, the visual-based on their update social media looks also good, the colors are well balanced and interesting.

The game is about monsters or digital pet called Chumbi, it is like a Pokemon inspired NFT game, that you can have a duel with other players, Chumbi like Pokemon has some advantages and disadvantages against other Chumbies which I think is more interesting since it will test the player’s strategy in the game.

As stated in their white paper they constantly update, that players have can breed their own Chumbi to produce an offspring with by chance has higher stats or ability that can help them to succeed in every battle, or just to simply sell the Chumbi in the market for more profit, the rarer and the stronger the Chumbi’s are, the higher the value it has, and the higher it may cost in the market.

Other Interesting Features of Chumbi Valley

  • Exploration– you can explore various terrain and fight and defeat curse Chumbi to earn a rewards.
  • Farming– You can find some seeds and start farming, crops are tokenized or NFTs that you should water regularly to grow, and crops can be combined with so called “Lucky Stars” to make a food for your Chumbi.
  • Offline Reward– This game also has some offline rewards that players can leave thier Chumbi and comback with various resources that can be sold in a market place.
  • Fostering– Players can send their Chumbi on other players and obtain a percentage or rewards from players that using your Chumbi.
  • LSTS– This upcomming NFT game has a secondary token called “LSTS” that can be obtained when defeating cursed Chumbi, farming, selling in game assets, this secondary token is Chumbi valley Play-to-earn rewards that players can convert to a real cash for a profit.

Chumbi Valley doesn’t give an exact date on when they gonna lunch this game but based on the road maps that they released, we can assume that we can play this game on Q1 of 202, but for now always keep an eye on this upcoming NFT game so you don’t miss it’s released and be one of the first to try this NFT game.

3. Monsta Infinite

Monsta infinite
Image Credit: Monsta Infinite

Next on our list is a game called “Monsta Infinite” an upcoming NFT game that is inspired by Axie Infinity the most famous NFT game right now.

Axie infinity has inspired many NFT game developers including the team behind Monsta Infinity their goal is to create an NFT game that Is not just to imitate the Axie but also make the game better and some potential problems about Axie infinity.

One of the problems might be the cost, in the Philippines where I currently live I saw a lot of gamers that are want to play Axie but a lot of them have a problem with how they can invest in the game.

Think about this, a lot of people that dive into the NFT game want an income and how can they start to play the game if it was costly to start? But Monsta Infinite tries to solve this problem by making their NFT game a lower entry cost to start playing.

There are some reports that one Monsta can be bought for $10 to $15 dollars, but this price may vary depending on the demands on the players.

Game Features of Monsta Infinite

  • Monsta Cloning– This features allows players to clone their monsta by using the genes of the two Monsta and to be fused to what they called Critus Furnace to undergo synthesis cloning.
  • STT– It is an ingame secondary currency that is used in cloning Monsta, it can be obtained by world game-play and battling with other creatures, it can also be used to purchase monsta in the market place, STT is like and SLP equavalent in Axie infinity so if you are playing Axie you know how important STT really is.
  • Monsta Augmenation– Each Monsta are composed of six body parts, and those parts can be augmented by sacrificial offering weaker Monsta to Shani God, those body parts that has been augmented will acquire new skill card.
  • Battle System– Monsta battle system is quite unique in some ways, it is a mixed of cards and puzzle system on which every battle each Monsta will has 6 skill cards, 2 attack cards, and 2 defend cards, during the battle players can choose from 5 cards randomly, and after each rounds players can perform it puzzle system and if it is match correctly Monsta skill will be enhance
  • Open world– Monsta Infinite is also an open world NFT game in which players can explore the vast digital world of Monsta infinite, players can purchase lands, craft some recipies, and they can even design their own dreamland.

Monsta Infinite has a lot of potential as an upcoming NFT game, in fact, this game is now a popular NFT game even though it is not yet released, for now, some players are already hatched their own Monsta and just waiting for the game to be officially released.

4. Dinox

Dinox screen shoots
Image credit: Dinox

Are you dream to have your own “Jurassic Park”? well in real life it is impossible because these creatures are long extinct about 65 million years ago, even our best scientists cant bring back to life this mighty creature that once roams the earth.

Everybody knows that owning a Dinosaur and building a Jurassic park is impossible, but what if I tell you that owning and building your own Jurassic Park is possible thanks to “Dinox” you can now have a chance to have your very own dinosaurs.

What is Dinox?

Dinox is an upcoming NFT game, on which everything that you can see in the game is fully owned by players or called NFT or nun fungible token that is backed up by blockchain technology that allows players to own items that have a real value in real life.

All Dinosaurs in Dinox are NFTs means they are unique in every way, just like us humans in real life, we don’t have a copy of our self so do our Dinosaur in Dinox they are unique and have their own value.

This upcoming NFT game has some nostalgic feel since even though we are now in the year 2021 where almost every game has intensive and realistic graphics, Dinox Plans to bring us the beauty and simplicity of the game in the past since all the scenes from the environment to the Dinosaurs are pixilated just like the early games in the past.

Game Features

  • Breeding– Just like some other NFT games, Dinox also give player an opportunity to breed their own dino to create a new kind of dinosours, those offspring might also has a chance to inherits the stats of its parents.
  • Dino Egg hatching– Players can have a chance to own and hatch a Dino eggs in which they can buy on Opensea.
  • Play to earn– Like other NFT game, Dinox can help players earn money while playing by selling dino eggs on opensea or hatch the eggs and sell the dino from the eggs that they hatch.
  • Dino Battle– It was said that the players can have a duel match like the one weve seen from pokemons, the winner in a duel might get some useful rewards.
  • Dino care– This features might inspired from the digital pets called “Tamagochi” where you can feed your dino and take care of it like a real pet.

Dinox is unique in that instead to create their own monster for their game, they used Dinosaurs that can bring back childhood memories to many, and a lot of players will have the fun of owning their own digital pet dinosaurs and earning real money from playing.

5. Sipher

upcoming NFT game sipher
Image Credit: Sipher

Next on our list is the upcoming NFT game called Sipher, this NFT game has a theme of galactic civilization with lots of advanced weapons and stuff, it has four known main characters in this upcoming NFT game, the INU or the Dog that often resembled by the appearance of a famous dog breed Shiba Inu, there is also Neko or a cat, Buru the bull, and Tori the bird.

For now, there are four characters but they may add some more since the game is not yet released, about the game-play—- based on their white papers and teaser videos that they upload on social media, it seems like MOBA, but the company said that Sipher is consist of multiple game modes and it is an open-world kind of game, so we can assume that the MOBA like game-play on their teaser video may just be one of the game modes that they talking about, and if the so– this upcoming NFT game might gonna be huge.

It was also said that players can also clone Sipher, which may be one of the players earning sources in the future, like some NFT games that the clone pet or character can be sold on a marketplace, we can also assume those things in this upcoming NFT game.

Some of the features that we my expect in this upcoming NFT games are the Following

  • PVP and PVE game modes
  • Level up while fighting with your sipher characters
  • Clone, grow, and evolve your character
  • Engage in a battle with some players to gain ranks and earn rewards
  • Create your own guilds and challange other guild in a battle.

Sipher has a good potential for an upcoming NFT game, after seeing their game features, video trailers, and character creations, it’s clear that the company is serious about this project.

Bottom Line

All of the games on the list are the biggest and most popular upcoming NFT games that may be released this year, they are the most awaited NFT games and some of them are already in their staking phase, you can go to their official website to learn more about the game roadmaps, to make sure you won’t miss a chance to be one of the first to try the game.

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