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Chumbi Valley NFT Game

Thing’s That We May Expect In Chumbi Valley

Many have been shocked about the Axie infinity success as an NFT game, it became a source of income for many while they stay at home.

When covid 19 struck the global economy and many lost their job, people are forced to stay at home, due to desperation for an income, a lot of people are searching for ways to have an income online, and these brought people to discover NFT games like the Axie infinity.

At first, some thought that Axie Infinity is a scam since before you can play the game you should invest first with real money, but some have taken some gambles and joined Axie Infinity without a guarantee that the money that they invested in the game will return and get some profit.

And those who are first to try the Axie have been proving that the game isn’t a scam but a legitimate source of income during the pandemic, there are even some reports that an Axie player buys two houses for himself, from the profit that he earned from playing the game.

For those who don’t know Axie Infinity is not a new game, in fact, it was first released in the year 2018 but became popular from 2020 to 2021 since this year is the year of the NFT craze.

As the success of Axie Infinity is undeniable and probably the most popular among NFT games, many gaming companies have scrambled and made their own NFT game, and there is more NFT game to come.

I have been monitoring some upcoming NFT games, one of which I find interesting and has the potential to become the next Axie Infinity in the game called “Chumbi Valley”.

Based on the white paper that they released it looks promising and has a lot of potential for a game, it seems that it has a good visual, a game-play, and a lot of ways to earn real money while playing the game.

And as a bonus, some rumors have said that this game is free to play, which means you can start playing this game for free and earn money without spending even a single dime.

Well, it looks so good to be true since earning money without investing looks like a fantasy, but a free-to-play NFT game exists.

Yup, you read it right! In fact, I already have reviewed a free-to-play NFT game that can guarantee you to earn money without investing.

One example of free to play NFT game is called “Chain guardians” it gives a free daily NFT and has the first NFT mining that allows players to use your NFT to mine CGC coins, the in-game currency that can be converted to real money in the near future.

Chumbi valley on the other hand is said as a free-to-play NFT game but it has a possibility to change to a Pay to play game like the Axie Infinity since it was not yet released, but for now, let’s just hope that the rumors will be true that Chumbi Valley is free to play the game, and based on what I’ve seen on their white paper this will be a phenomenal and has a potential to rival the popularity of Axie Infinity.

Now, let’s take a look at what this game will look like in an actual game, the visuals, the gameplay, and how to earn in Chumbi Valley.

First, meet the Chumbi, What are they? What is their role in this game?

Chumbi is a bipedal creature that inhabits the mysterious forest valley, Look how cute they are, kudos to the artist behind these creatures.

It has been said You can get your first Chumbi to start, you will be paired with Ancestor Chumbi to start with your adventure, it can help you with some basic tasks but it cannot be sold or traded.

Tips: If you really want to be in this game and start for free always look for the update in this game, it is stated that you will get a free Chumbi to start your journey but who knows if the free Chumbi is just available upon its first released and can turn into Pay to play like some NFT games.

Chumbi Body Parts

chumbi body parts
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Chumbies is a unique creature composed of different body parts like types, coats, eyes, horns, ears, mouths, and patterns.

It was said that Chumbies have 15 main types, with 10 coat variations, it was also said that there are 150 coats that can appear on any type of Chumbi, and combining types and coats with hundreds of body parts and patterns can lead to almost infinite unique Chimbi creatures.

Each Chumbi is a unique NFT that if you are lucky you can bread a higher tier Chumbie that can be sold for a higher price in its marketplace.

Chumbi Breeding

chumbi valley breeding

Speaking of breeding, you can breed two kinds of Chumbi and produce offspring, and those offspring can inherit 2 attack moves, 2 effect moves, and an ability that it will get from its parent’s genetics.

It has been said that players can breed any type of Chumbi but breeding compatible types will result in higher-tier Chumbi types and maybe you can sell it for a higher price.

Chumbi Battle

chumbi battle
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The game Chumbi valley is inspired by the game Stardew Valley and Pokemon, and as a Pokemon-inspired NFT game, you can also fight with some other Chumbies in a duel.

We can expect that the duel will be a strategy game which whoever has a better Chumbi and a better strategy will get the upper hand.

Like Pokemon, Chumbi duel has an advantage and counter advantage based on the elements or types of Chumbi that you will use in a battle.

For example, the Forest type Chumi has an advantage in terms of strength against rivers, caves, and mountains, but it has weaknesses against feathers, frost, insects, and flames.

Another example is the void type Chumbi, it has an advantage against a river, spark, spirit, or void but has weaknesses against other void types, flowers, and flame.

You can see the chart below of all the strengths and weaknesses of Chumbies in a duel.

Chumbi Level Up

chumbi valley level up
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Another intersting thing in this game is that you can level up your Chumbi since the higher the level of your Chumbi the more valuable it may be, and what does it mean?? the more profit you will get when you trade them on market place or foster them to other players to share rewards.

Yes, you read it right you can foster some of your Chumbi to other players.

There is limited info about it but for now, I think it’s like in some other NFT game that you can put your items for rent, and I think the “Foster” in Chumbi Valley works that way as well.


chumbi valley graphics
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The visuals of these games or the graphics are the first ones that captured my attention, the first time that I saw the colors of the scenarios, and the design and a good combination of colors of Chumbies and the environment looks great, I hope that the quality of its visuals remains when it’s finally released.


Forest Home

You can gather some resources with the help of your Chumibes and craft usable NFT items, items might include resources and might be minted and sold in Chumbi Valley Marketplace.

You can use your Chumbies for exploration to find rare NFT items and fight off cursed Chumbi in the wild, cursed Chumbi will attack anything, avoiding them might not be an option, so defeat them to unleased them into cursed, you will gain XP and earn some rewards.


Another interesting about Chumbi Valley is that you can farm with your Chumbies, you can grow some crops, and water regularly, and will grow on blockchain-based time, it is said that crops can be combined with lucky star a favorite food for your Chumbi.

Offline Rewards

One of the best things that I’ve heard about Chumbi Valley is their offline rewards system, it is like the NFT mining of Chain Guardians, where you just leave your NFT to mine and earn some rewards.

Here at Chumbi Valley, it was said that you can send your Chumbi to the Chumbi sage and learn spells to water crops, chop wood, collect stone, catch fish, and more, in other words, you can earn some tokenized resources while being offline and it was really cool and good for those who have limited time to spend in a game.

Chumbi Fostering

One of the interesting and unique features of Chumbi Valley is its fostering system, where players can send their Chumbi to other players, but don’t worry since it is just temporary and the owner can request for return if they want to.

And as an owner of the Chumbi, you can earn a percentage of all the rewards from the Chumbie that is being fostered, and it is another way to earn real money in this game Chumbi Valley.

Chumbi Village

These features look like a clan or guilds from other games, in Chumbi Valley they will feature NFT-based plots of land, where players can work with their plots, trade, and shop.

And it is also be said that the plot owner can lead special events to capture wild Chumbies and raid giant cursed Chumbi or a boss fight in other words, and just like in other games, we might expect a huge loot on a raid like this.

Play to Earn features that we may expect in Chumbi Valley

Earn Rewards in Chumbi Valley (Based on Lite paper)

  • Battle Cursed Chumbi & Other Players
  • Farm & Sell Forest Crops
  • Offline Rewards from Chumbi Spells
  • Craft and Sell rare NFT items
  • Explore to Find Rare NFT items
  • Complete In-Game Quest
  • Breed Rare Chumbi
  • Chumbi Marketplace
  • Chumbi Fostering
  • Powerful Referral System
  • Buy and Sell Village Land Plots
  • Chumbi Token Staking Rewards
  • Shrine of Giving Rewards
  • Chumbi Treasury Rewards

Chumbi Valley Market Place

chumbi valley market place
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There are two kinds of Market that players need to look at, First is the online Marketplace which is a web-based market in which players can buy and sell some NFTs like Chumbi, Land Plots, game items, resources, and more.

Then there is what they called Wandering Trader, which is a shop that players can find in their forest home, it was said that shop inventory changes each day, and the items in the shop are NFTs and might be limited it includes items like seeds. Chumbi Cosmetics, decorative items, etc.

Note: NFTs items are limited so make sure to get some rare items when the game is released since they might have a higher value in the future.

Chumbi Valley Currency

There are two kinds of currencies that the Chumbi Valley has, the CHMB and LSTS.

CHMB is the primary currency in the game, it can be used to buy Chumbies, Breeding fees, Sage fees, Wandering Trading items, Buy land Plots, and used for purchases in the online marketplace.

LSTS, on the other hand, are the secondary token, it is also called the Lucky Stars, it has been said that this LSTS has infinite supply and is used for different purposes like breeding, leveling, spells, and adding happiness.

How do players earn LSTS?

  • Defeating wild cursed Chumbi (Stronger the Opponent, the more LSTS rewards)
  • Exploring
  • Completing in-game Quest
  • Farming Crops
  • Gathering Resources
  • Selling in-game assets

LSTS might be a good source of profit, especially for those free-to-play players, or those who want to start playing this game for free.

Bottom Line

Chumbi Valley even though it is not yet released, gets a lot of attention from NFT gamers, and game reviewers like me, it is because of its visually stunning graphics, a lot of variations in its game-play, a lot of rewards, and the potential to start playing the game without spending.

For now, I will always keep an eye on this game until it was Officially released, thing might change since Chumbi Valley is only in the developmental state and some features might be varied in an actual game, but for now, with all of the promising features that we’ve known so far, Chumbi Valley will be a next big thing in NFT game and might worth playing.