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Last updated on February 4th, 2023 at 11:16 am

Sea Fairy cookie is one of the few Legendary cookies in the game Cookie Run: Kingdom. Because this cookie is a legendary cookie, means that It is one of the hardest to get. But it is not impossible since I only get it for free as a free-to-play player.

If you have this cookie and you want to use it, let me give you the best and recommend toppings for Sea Fairy Cookie.

  • Raspberry Toppings- Best Sea Fairy Cookie Toppings
  • Swift Chocolate Toppings- Sea Fairy Cookie Toppings For Skill Cooldown

Toppings Rating

sea fairy cookie toppings raspberry
Best Sea fairy cookie toppings raspberry

Sea Fairy Cookie is one of the best damage dealer cookies. It is also one of the favorite cookies or meta cookies to use in the arena. As a great damage dealer, raspberry toppings are the best toppings for Sea fairy cookies. This topping can maximize its damage output in PVP and PVE.

Her skill is also an AOE, every enemy inside her skill range will inflict two massive damage from its skill the water stream DMG and water pillar DMG. Using a full set of raspberry toppings will ensure that you can deal the maximum damage to all of your enemies.

Toppings Rating

sea fairy cookie toppings swift chocolate
Sea fairy cookie toppings swift chocolate

Swift chocolate toppings are also a good choice for Sea Fairy cookies. Aside from its damage, her skill also has a very important effect. It stuns 5 enemies for 3 seconds which is useful, especially in the arena. There are only 5 enemies in the arena and its skill is enough to incapacitate all the enemy cookies in 3 seconds.

Using a full set (X5) of swift chocolate toppings can decrease its skill cooldown. These sea fairy toppings can help a lot to benefits not just from their skill damage but also their stun effect to restrict the movement of your enemies.

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sea fairy cookie skill
Sea fairy cookie skill

Skill Name: Soaring Compassion

Skill Description: By using its skill, Sea Fairy Cookie fires a stream of water that damage all the enemies within its range and stuns 5 closest enemies. Its skill also has a second wave of skill effect called a water pillar, a burst of water from underneath its opponent that deals damage within the area.

The water pillar inflicts massive damage on all the enemies except for summoned creatures.

Skill Effect:

  • Water Stream DMG: 150.0%
  • Water Pillar DMG: 435.9%
  • Stun: 3.0 sec

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Sea Fairy Cookie Story

sea fairy cookie story
Sea fairy cookie story
Cookie Run: Kingdom
get sea fairy cookie in guild shop

As a legendary cookie, you can expect that this cookie is a bit hard to obtain. Although there are a few ways to get this cookie. The very first one was to try your luck in a gacha, you need to spend a lot of crystal if your main goal is to get the Sea Fairy cookie. You can use 300 crystals for a single draw or go for a 10X draw for 3000 crystals.

You can also get some of its soul stone from the Guild medal shop by chance. Guild medal shop offers legendary cookies soul stones that you can purchase once every three days. Keep in mind that the legendary soul stone that features in the Guild medal shop is random, it might be a sea fairy soul stone or other legendary cookies.

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Frequently Ask Questions For Sea Fairy Cookie

What are good toppings for Sea Fairy Cookie?

As one of the main damage dealers the best toppings for Sea Fairy Cookie were the Raspberry toppings. The Swift chocolate toppings are another candidate for the best toppings for Sea Fairy Cookie for decreasing the skill cooldown effect of Sea Fairy.

What is Sea Fairy Cookie good for?

Sea Fairy Cookie is good to use in the arena. Its huge damage with stun effects is affected against opponents’ cookies in the PVP arena.


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