Rye Cookie Toppings: Rye Cookie Run Kingdom

  • Best Rye Cookie Toppings Build-Searing Raspberry Toppings (Recommended)
  • Rye Cookie Toppings Build- Solid Almond Toppings (Tank Build)

The best toppings for Rye Cookie are a full set of searing raspberry toppings. It was because this cookie is like a sniper, she targets an enemy one after another. Choosing the enemy with the lowest HP and focusing her attack on it. The searing raspberry will boost her attack, providing more chances to eliminate her target quickly.

Toppings Rating

best rye cookie toppings searing raspberry
best rye cookie toppings searing raspberry

Rye Cookie is a range-type cookie in the game. She is one of the best single target damage dealers, just like Vampire Cookie— Rye is also one of the best picks to eliminate opposing damage dealer cookies.

If your opponent has burst damage dealer cookies like Moonlight Cookie, Sea Fairy Cookie, Or Captain Caviar— Rye Cookie must be one of the best cookies to use to eliminate them. Because Rye Cookie skill, target the cookie with the lowest Max HP and focus all her damage in a single barrage of attack.

Because of her ability, the best Rye Cookie Toppings that I highly recommend is a complete set of searing raspberry toppings. These toppings can maximize her damage output giving more chances to eliminate the target enemies in a single attack.

Toppings Rating

rye cookie toppings tank build
Rye cookie toppings tank build

Aside from the Searing Raspberry toppings, another Rye Cookie toppings build that is useful in the arena is a complete set of solid almond toppings. These toppings build can increase your Rye Cookie’s damage resistance, giving her more protection to withstand powerful attacks from opponents.

As I’ve mentioned, Rye Cookie is perfect to use in eliminating damage dealer cookies in the opponent’s team. But it was still risky especially if your Rye Cookie is not the first to cast the skill. There are some chances that your Rye Cookie might be eliminated before even casting its own skill.

By using solid almond toppings build, you’re Rye Cookie will have a higher chance of survival to do what she supposed to do by eliminating damage dealer cookies in the opponent’s team.

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rye cookie skill
Rye cookie skill

Skill Name: Final Showdown

Skill Description: Rye Cookie believes that you should shoot first if you don’t wanna get shot. Upon using its skill, Rye Cookie uses her pistol and fires at the enemy with the lowest Max HP and deals massive damage several times. When Rye Cookie is using her skill, she becomes resistant to interrupting effects.

Skill Effects:

  • Twin Pistol Shots: 10 shots total
  • Single hit DMG: 72.0% (+0.8-0.9% DMG per level)
  • +50.0% ATK SPD for 7.0 sec

Magic Candy Description: Magic candy enhance Rye Cookie’s ability. When reaching level 5 you can unlock and equip some magic candy. When using magic candy Rye Cookies’ attack speed will increase significantly for a period of time.

The magic candy will also add a burning effect on her skill and regular attack to inflict additional damage to its target.

Magic Candy Effects:

  • Twin Pistol Shots: +2 bonus shots, 12 shots total
  • Bonus Skill DMG: 10.0% (+0.6-0.7% DMG per level)
  • Regular attacks cause Burn with a 50.0% chance
  • Regular Attack  Burn DMG: 47.4% (+1-1.1% per level) per 1.0 sec for 8.0 sec
  • Skill Attack  Burn DMG: 61.6% (+1.4-1.5% per level) per 1.0 sec for 16.0 sec

Rye Cookie Story

rye cookie story
rye cookie story

On the sunset of a hard day’s work, the saloon door bangs open. “As usual, boss!” she yells. Yup, it’s Rye Cookie again, so better get her order straight. She’s a bounty hunter in these here parts, sporting a shiny badge and all that.

The Wild Gun, they call’er. Maybe she’s here on a job, or maybe she’s just moseying through town. Last time, there been rumors of a brazen heist:  someone wiped the wheat silo clean as a whistle, not a single grain left. Wonder who coulda down that? Anyway, better to be careful ’round that one. It’s safer to be nice and quiet ’round her, lest ya wanna feel the full barrel from her wholegrain-caliber.

Cookie Run: Kingdom
  • World Exploration Dark Mode Stages 7-15 and stages 10-18
  • Gacha- Spending 3000 crystals for ten times draw or 300 crystals for a single draw
  • Mileage Shop
  • Arena Medal Shop (by chance after refresh)
  • Rainbow Shell Gallery (by chance after refresh)
  • Seaside Market (by chance after refresh)
  • Guild Medal Shop (by chance after refresh)

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