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how to start fishing in undawn step 3
Step 3

Undawn Fishing Guide: Everything You Need To Know

Fishing is an important part of the game Undawn since it’s the only way to catch some fish in Undawn.  As I’ve been playing this game since its official release till know, I still find some new players who are struggling with fishing in the game.

Some other players didn’t even know what to do how to catch fish or even craft a fishing rod. In this guide, I will cover everything that every beginner should know about Undawn fishing.

Why You Need To Fish In Undawn?

Fishing in the game sounds a bit silly since this game was a zombie apocalypse survival game and you might wonder why they even include fishing in Undawn.

Well, there are a couple of benefits to fishing in this game and let me give you some reasons why is it important.

Restore Hunger

One of the reasons why you should fish in the game is to restore your hunger, Since this game was a survival game you will need food to survive, catching fish can be useful by using it as an ingredient in your recipe.

You can cook all the fish that you caught to restore your hunger in the game. I also mentioned in my previous article that once your hunger reaches the critical limit, your gathering speed will slow down, and the hardest part is that you will suffer from continuous HP loss until you eat some food.

Fish in the game can help restore your hunger since theirs a lot of fish recipes that you can use in the game.


obtain rewards on fishing in undawn

Aside from catching fish for your food in the game, you can also obtain some rewards, Well this one was not very important, just thought of it as a consolation prize. As you keep on fishing you might catch some pufferfish, and when you catch five pufferfish you can claim rewards inside your achievement tab on your game dashboard.

There are also some achievements that are related to fishing like catching 20 bullfrogs and obtaining 20 epic quality unique fish. You can claim all of it through fishing.

Food Buff

undawn fishing for food buff

Among all the benefits of Undawn Fishing, this one is my favorite. Food buff can increase your stat in the game, you can catch some fish and cook some fish recipes that can give you a useful buff in the game.

Some of these food buffs include restoring your HP, Increasing oxygen limit, Increasing damage reduction against humans, Increasing armor piercing, and many more. This buff is useful based on a certain scenario or mission that you will need to complete.

How to Start Fishing In Undawn

To start fishing you will need two things, a fishing rod, and a fishing bait. I will teach you how to get those down below this line.

How to Craft Fishing Rod

Let’s start with the fishing rod, to craft a fishing rod the very first thing you’ll need to do is to go to the crafting on the go button that you can see on your screen. If you’re not yet aware of crafting on the go, it was usually a button with the symbol of a hammer, just click on it, and you good for the next step.

Upon entering the crafting on the button, just scroll down until you see the fishing rod, each rod has a crafting cost, for a level 1 fishing rod you’ll need 500 Woods and 4 iron ore. When the level of the fishing rod increases the more materials you’ll need.

how to craft fishing rod in undawn guide

When crafting a level 3 fishing rod you will need 700 wood, 6 copper ore, and 3 ash wood. Always remember that when levels increase the more materials you’ll need. You might be confused about how to increase the level of your fishing rod, we will talk about it later, let’s first talk about fish bait.

How to get Fish bait

Even if you have a fishing rod, you can’t start fishing without bait. To get a fish bait you’ll have two options. You can craft different fish bait in the crafting on the go or buy unique fish bait in the raven shop.

Crafting Fish Bait

how to craft fish bait in undawn

To craft fish bait, you just need to open your crafting on the go, then look for a fishbait. It was usually located under the fishing rod on the crafting on the go.

There are four kinds of fish bait that you can craft carnivorous fish bait, omnivorous fishbait, common fish bait, and herbivorous fish bait.

Crafting fish bait need materials, I list them down below for your preference:

  • Carnivorous fish bait- Meat
  • Omnivorous fish bait- Meat, Wild Berries, Wild Vegetables
  • Common fish bait- Meat, Plant Fiber
  • Herbivorous fish bait- Plant fiber, Wild berries, Wild Vegetables

Also, remember that the variety of fish that you can catch is based on the fish bait that you will use. You can catch carnivorous fish when using carnivorous fish bait, omnivorous for omnivores, and herbivorous fish bait for herbivores.

For common fish bait, it is most likely random fish, and usually common fish can be caught using it.

Buying Fish Bait In Raven Shop

how to buy fishbait in raven shop

Aside from crafting fish bait, you can also buy a unique fishbait in the Raven shop. You can only buy 20 of this fish bait for one week.

You can only buy this fishing bait once you unlock the Angler talent “Master Fisherman”.

How to Start Fishing

Now that you have a fishing rod and a bait you are now ready to catch some fish. You will just need to find some bodies of water like a fishing pot on your camp in lake sol. You can also catch some fish in the rivers, seas, or lakes in the wild.

After choosing a fishing spot the second thing you’ll need to do is to equip your fishing rod. I know what your thinking, you can’t just equip fishing rods like equipping weapons because if you do it you can’t enter fishing mode and instead use the fishing rods as a weapon.

The proper way on entering fishing mode is to fish the diamond shape icon with three dots on your screen, it was usually next to survive button. Just click it and a new option will appear, click fishing>> Select a bait and you can now start fishing.

How to Level Up Your Fishing Rod

how to upgrade fishing rod and autofishing in undawn

As I promise I will give you an idea of how to level up your fishing rod in the game. A fishing Rod level can be unlocked by fishing. Every time you catch a fish you will earn fishing proficiency thus can increase your Angler level.

Angler is one of the roles in the game, Angle has different talents that you can unlock based on your current Angler level. Some of these talents are auto-fishing, shortening the waiting time of auto-fishing, unique fish bait unlocks, and fishing tool levels.

The fishing tool level talents are what enable you to craft a higher level fishing rod to catch higher quality fish. If you want to craft a higher-level fishing rod, make sure to upgrade your fishing tool talent. 

Fishing Manual

fishing manual in undawn

A fishing manual is one of the special modes of the Angler role, it is just basically a manual of all the fish that you can catch in every area.

There are two kinds of fishing in the game normal fishing and shole fishing. It is not a big deal actually.

Shole fishing is just a place on a map where you can enter a fishing mode without the need to enable fishing since whenever you near a shole, there will be a new button that will appear on the right side of your screen and once you click it you start fishing. 

how to enter and find shole fishing in undawn

While in normal fishing you will need to manually enable fishing features on your screen and just enter fishing mode. 

There is also a bit of difference in the kind of fish that you can catch in normal and shole fishing since there is some fish that can also obtain and there is also some fish that can only obtain through normal fishing.

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