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undawn closed beta

Undawn Closed Beta Test Is Over

Undawn closed beta tests are over, as I’ve previously mentioned that I’ve been selected to play Undawn closed beta that starts on April 6.

Now on April 15, 2023, the closed beta testing is finally over. For 8 days straight I have been playing Udawn closed beta and spending a lot of time in the game.

I played day and night just to test and find any flaw in the game,  I also published an article lately about my first impression of Udawn and about my experience playing the game.

Playing Undawn Every Day

undawn closed beta camp

For 8 days, I manage to reach the max level in the closed beta and I experience almost everything in the game from leveling up by taking advantage of the daily quest, special ops, and everything that can give me a lot of EXP.

I also tried different PVE modes in the game fighting gangs, infected, stronghold battle, hold the line, and everything. I also tried PVP mode and It was fun.

So far the game was really promising, it has amazing high-quality graphics, with a more realistic game structure in every way, from the environment, Zombies, and characters.

It Has Realistic Graphics

Almost everything in the game looks real, I was even impressed with the character customization that gives players a lot of control over how to customize one character.

The gameplay was also impressive. Being a veteran player of LifeAfter gives me an edge to reach a high level for a short period of time, thus giving me more time to explore the Undawn closed beta even more.

After exploring the game I can say that the whole gameplay was very promising, it has a lot of things to do that you can’t be bored with this game. Exploration, survival, building a homestead (your own house), and fighting infected in the mission.

Camp Missions are fun

When you join a camp there are also a lot of things that you can enjoy, there are a lot of even that you and your campmate can participate from bonfires to attacking enemy gangs in the game.

Even the camp itself I so huge, it can take time to fully explore the camp in Undawn, it is far bigger compared to the camp in LifeAfter.

Undawn is also a real open-world game where the player can fully explore the whole world in the game, the transition from one map to another map is also smooth unlike in LifeAfter where you can experience lags and bugs when crossing boundaries on every map.

Though we can’t fully compare the two games for now until Undawn is officially released and gets a massive player like LifeAfter cus we all know that when the game is flooded with players that when the problem began.

See You In The Official Released

playing undawn everyday, undawn closed beta test is over

Now that Undawn closed beta is over, there is no exact date that the devs announce, they only stated that the game will be officially released this summer.

So far the closed beta gives me a lot of fun experiences, it gives me an experience of a real open-world zombie survival game once more. Let’s just wait for its official release soon and let’s see each other in the game.