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Vampire Cookie is an ambushed-type cookie, it is positioned in the rearmost part and deals massive damage to the enemies. It is one of the favorite cookies used by many in the arena. It was because of its magic that candy makes Vampire Cookie OP in the Arena.

If you have your own Vampire Cookie, I will give you insight into the best Vampire Cookie toppings to use.

  • Best Vampire Cookie Toppings Build: Searing Raspberry (Best Toppings/ Most Recommend)
  • Vampire Cookie Toppings Critical Build: Juicy Apple Jelly Toppings
best vampire cookie toppings raspberry toppings
best vampire cookie toppings raspberry

Vampire cookie as an ambushed type cookie has greate potential to become one of the man damage dealers in your team. This cookie is also a healer cookie buster, it was because Vampire Cookie always targets enemies in the rearmost part of the formation, a common position for healer cookies.

Using a complete set of searing raspberry toppings can greatly increase the damage to your Vampire Cookie enabling them to completely decimate the enemy’s healer cookies in the rearmost position (Except for cookies that are invulnerable to ATK like BTS cookies).

vampire cookie toppings crit build
vampire cookie toppings crit build

Damage is not the only important ability of Vampire Cookie. Another special ability of Vampire cookie was his Vampirism skill which he can restore his HP based on the amount of damage he caused. Using a complete set of Juicy Apple jelly toppings can dramatically increase his critical chance and critical damage giving him a massive boost in one burst if the crit has been activated.

Using a complete set of Juicy Apple Jelly toppings can increase the crit chance and crit damage of your Vampire Cookie. Enabling him to restore more HP and deal more damage to the enemy.

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vampire cookie skill
vampire cookie toppings: skill
Skill Name: Vampirism
Skill Description: Upon using the skill, Vampire Cookie turns into a bat and begins to attack enemies in the rearmost part of the formation. Dealing single-hit damage and restoring his HP based on the damage dealt.
Skill Effects: Vampirism: 15.0% if DMG dealt | Single hit DMG: 542.5% (+7.6-7.7% DMG per level)
Vampire Cookie Skill Effect
Vampire Cookie Magic Candy Skill: Fatal Bite
Skill Description: When Vampire Magic Candy has been using, his skill was modified and increased ability to a great extent. Any enemy that is hit by his skill will suffer from a debuff effect called “Vampiric Bite” the victim when hit by any skill will always result in a critical hit.

The target will also suffer from bleeding that deals an extra percentage of damage. The magic candy also upgrades his normal attack to hit three enemies at once. When magic candy reaches at least +10 It gives an enchanting effect called “Revival”. On which Vampire Cookie will be revived once with a percentage of HP, cool down, and invulnerability for 1.0 sec
Skill Effects: Extra DMG to single hit: 44.5% | Vampiric Bite DMG: Cookies: 55.4% DMG (+0.5-0.6% per level) every 0.5 sec for 20.0 sec, Others: 32.9% DMG (+0.3-0.4% per level) every 0.5 sec for 20.0 sec. | Bleeding extra DMG: Cookies: 83.3% (+4-4.1% per level) per stack, up to 200.0 extra DMG, Others: 20.8% (+1-1.1% per level) per stack, up to 50.5% extra DMG
Enchant Effect: At +10: 10% HP | At +20: 15% HP | At +30: 20.0% HP
Vampire Cookie Magic Candy Skill and Effects

Vampire Cookie Story

vampire cookie story
vampire cookie toppings: story
Cookie Run: Kingdom
  • Gacha- 3000 crystals 10X draw, 300 crystals 1X draw
  • Mileage Shop
  • World Exploration Dark Mode Stages 5-28 and Stages 9-27
  • Seaside Market
  • Rainbox Shell Gallery

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Who is Vampire Cookie good with?

Vampire Cookie is good for PVP in the arena but I do not recommend him to PVE, because his skill only has a single target which is not a good choice for PVE with lots of enemies.

Is Vampire Cookie a healer?

Vampire Cookie can only heal itself, restoring some HP based on the damage he has dealt. He doesn’t have the ability to heal its allies like other healers or support cookies.

Does Vampire Cookie have AOE damage?

No, Vampire cookie skill only has single damage in a single target, he doesn’t have area damage which is why he is only good on PVP but not on PVE


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