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Latte Cookie Toppings

Latte Cookie Toppings Build In Cookie Run Kingdom

  • Best Latte Cookie Toppings- Searing Raspberry (Most Recommended)
  • Latte Cookie Toppings- Swift Chocolate (Skill Cooldown Build)

What are the Best Latte Cookie Toppings? You probably heard how good this cookie is in the game or you obtain it in a gacha. If you are new to using Latte Cookie, let me give you an insight into what Latte Cookie topping to use and why you should use it.

Latte Cookie is a magic-type Cookie that has the capability to deal a lot of damage, it also has a crowd control ability that restricts its enemy to move and silence for a period of time. When it comes to ability Latte Cookie is a true powerhouse. So in this article, we will be focusing on what toppings are great to enhance Latte Cookie’s ability.

There are only two kinds of toppings that I highly recommend using on Latte Cookie, the searing raspberry toppings, and the swift chocolate toppings. Let me explain why I choose these two as the best.

best latte cookie toppings raspberry
Best latte cookie toppings raspberry

The best Latte Cookie topping that I highly recommended is to use a complete set of searing raspberry toppings. Latte Cookie skill damage is mainly AOE, it deals single hit damage plus period damage based on the position of her skill. The closer to the center the greater the damage will receive.

As a good damage dealer, you must always be considered using a complete set of searing raspberry with +12 level toppings with additional ATK attributes to maximize the damage output of your Latte Cookie.

latte cookie toppings swift chocolate for cooldown
Latte cookie toppings swift chocolate for cooldown

Damage is not just the only ability of Latte Cookie, she is good at restriction the movement of their enemies and silencing them. Its ability is useful in PVP in the arena. When using Latte Cookie, you might wish to use her skill more often.

Using a complete set of Swift chocolate topping can greatly improve her skill cooldown, and give you more time on using her skill more often.

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latte cookie skil
Latte cookie toppings: skill
Skill Name: Care For Latte?
Skill Description: When using its skill, Latte Cookie invokes a magic circle in a form of a latte. It acts like a whirlpool that pulls its enemies in the center, deals damage, and silences them. Its skill also inflicts periodic damage based on the enemy’s position, the nearer to the center the greater the damage.
Skill Effects:
— Single hit DMG: 109.9% (+1.33-1.34% DMG per level)
— Periodic DMG duration: 5.0 sec, 5 ticks, Inner Latte Glyph DMG (total): 143.7% (+1.74-1.75% DMG per level), Outer Latte Glyph DMG (total): 132.8% (+1.61-1.62% DMG per level)
— Silence: 1.0 sec
— Immobilized: 5.0 sec
Latte Cookie Skill And Effects

Latte Cookie Story

Latte cookie story
Latte cookie toppings: story
Cookie Run: Kingdom
  • Gacha Draw- 10X draw 3000 crystals, 1X draw 300 crystals
  • Mileage Shop
  • World Exploration Dark Mode Stages 10-12 and 12-24
  • Arena Medal Shop (by chance upon refresh)
  • Guild Medal Shop (by chance upon refresh)
  • Seaside Market (by chance upon refresh)
  • Rainbow Shell Gallery (by chance upon refresh)

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What Are the recommended toppings for Latte Cookies?

The best and recommended toppings for Latte Cookie is a complete set (X5) of searing raspberry. It was because Latte cookie is a good damage dealer in the game, using searing raspberry toppings can maximize its damage potential.

What is Latte Cookie good for?

Latte Cookie is good on both PVE and PVP. Her skill has a great ability like silence and crowd control, she can also inflict AOE damage and periodic damage which is useful in any scenario.

Is Latte Cookie better than espresso?

When Espresso is not using magic candy Latte Cookie has better features because of the silence, but damage wise Espresso is a greater damage dealer between the two. The gap in the damage output will, even more, increase when Espresso uses magic candy that amplifies his damage to a great extent.