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AI Music Tools: Our Top 7 Choice

Unveiling the Symphony Within: A Look at AI Music Tools

The melody lingers in your head, a half-formed idea begging to be brought to life. But the notes escape your grasp, the rhythm remains elusive.

In the past, such creative roadblocks might have sent you back to the drawing board. But today, a new generation of music production tools is emerging, powered by the magic of Artificial Intelligence (AI). AI music tools are revolutionizing the way musicians create, offering a helping hand to both seasoned professionals and budding enthusiasts.

Whether you’re struggling to overcome writer’s block or simply seeking fresh inspiration, AI can become your partner in sonic exploration.

With the ability to generate new ideas, complete musical phrases, and even craft entire compositions, AI music tools are poised to transform the musical landscape, empowering creators to unleash the symphony within.

Mubert: The Ambient AI Maestro


Unveiling the Cutting Edge

Mubert stands out for its unique approach to AI-generated music. This platform focuses on creating royalty-free ambient soundscapes. Perfect for content creators or anyone seeking unique background music, Mubert utilizes AI to generate ever-evolving sonic textures.

What Makes Mubert Special?

  • Generates Evolving Soundscapes: Imagine needing a captivating soundscape for your latest YouTube video or a calming ambiance for your meditation practice. With Mubert, you can simply select your desired mood or activity (focus, relaxation, sleep, etc.) from a range of options. The AI then takes over, crafting a personalized soundscape that seamlessly adapts and evolves over time.
  • Perfect for Creators and Listeners: Mubert is a prime example of how AI music tools can cater to both creators and listeners. Creators can leverage its vast library of royalty-free music, while listeners can discover a world of unique and ever-changing ambient soundscapes.

Who Should Use Mubert?

  • Content creators (YouTubers, streamers, etc.)
  • Meditation practitioners
  • Anyone seeking unique background music

Availability: Mubert offers a variety of subscription plans to suit your needs. Explore their website for details on pricing and features.

We’ll continue exploring other AI music tools in the following sections.

Loudly: The All-in-One AI Music Studio


Unveiling the Cutting Edge

Loudly stands out as a comprehensive AI music platform offering various functionalities for creators. It goes beyond just melody generation, encompassing music creation, customization, and discovery – all powered by AI.

What Makes Loudly Special?

  • AI Music Generation: Similar to other AI music tools, Loudly allows you to generate original music tailored to your specific needs. Select a genre, desired length, and mood, and Loudly’s AI will create unique tracks within seconds.
  • AI-powered Music Search: Finding the perfect soundtrack for your project can be time-consuming. Loudly simplifies this process with its AI-powered search feature. Describe the mood or style you’re looking for, and Loudly will recommend suitable music from its vast library.
  • Royalty-Free Music Library: No need to worry about copyright issues! Loudly offers a comprehensive library of royalty-free music tracks that you can freely use in your projects.
  • Music Customization: Don’t just settle for pre-generated tracks. Loudly allows you to customize various aspects of the music, including energy levels, instrument groups, and individual stems (separate audio tracks for instruments). This gives you more control over the final sound.
  • Music API Integration: For developers and creators working on larger projects, Loudly offers a Music API for seamless integration of AI-generated music into various applications.

Who Should Use Loudly?

  • Video creators (YouTubers, filmmakers, etc.)
  • Game developers
  • App developers
  • Content creators (social media, podcasts, etc.)
  • Musicians looking for inspiration or additional music assets

Availability: Loudly offers a free trial and various subscription plans depending on your needs. Visit their website for more details on pricing and features.

WavTool: The Browser-Based AI Music Workstation


Unveiling the Cutting Edge

WavTool takes a unique approach to AI music creation by offering a web-based platform accessible directly from your browser. This eliminates the need for downloads or installations, making it a convenient option for musicians on the go.

What Makes WavTool Special?

  • In-Browser Music Production: WavTool provides a comprehensive digital audio workstation (DAW) environment entirely within your browser. This allows you to record, compose, produce, mix, master, and export your music creations without needing dedicated software.
  • AI-powered Features: WavTool integrates various AI functionalities to enhance your music production process. Here are a few highlights:
    • Conductor: This virtual assistant guides you through music creation, offering suggestions for chords, beats, and melodies based on your preferences.
    • Stem Separation: Extract individual instruments (drums, vocals, bass, etc.) from existing audio files, allowing you to remix existing tracks or create unique mashups.
    • Audio to MIDI: Convert audio recordings into MIDI data, which can be further edited and manipulated within the DAW for more control over your sounds.
  • Collaboration Features: WavTool allows real-time collaboration on projects with other musicians, fostering a creative and interactive workflow.

Who Should Use WavTool?

  • Beginner musicians
  • Experienced producers seeking a convenient and versatile platform
  • Musicians interested in exploring AI-assisted music creation
  • Anyone collaborating on music projects remotely

Availability: WavTool offers a free plan with limited features. They also have paid subscription plans that unlock additional functionalities and storage space. For more information on pricing and features, visit the WavTool website.

AIVA: Your Personal AI Music Generation Assistant


Unveiling the Cutting Edge

AIVA takes a user-friendly approach to AI music creation, making it accessible to musicians of all experience levels. This software functions as your personal AI music assistant, offering a wide range of functionalities within a user-friendly interface.

What Makes AIVA Special?

  • Vast Genre Selection: AIVA boasts an impressive library, allowing you to generate music in over 250 different styles. Whether you’re aiming for classical, pop, electronic, or anything in between, AIVA has you covered.
  • Customization Power: Don’t just settle for pre-generated tracks. AIVA empowers you to refine your compositions by customizing various aspects, including tempo, key signature, and instrumentation.
  • Style Modeling: For a more personalized touch, AIVA allows you to create your own custom style models. This can be done by uploading audio samples or MIDI files that reflect the desired sound you’re aiming for.
  • Download Flexibility: Export your creations in various file formats to seamlessly integrate them into your existing workflow. AIVA offers options catering to both personal and professional use cases.

Who Should Use AIVA?

  • Beginner musicians looking for a user-friendly platform to experiment and learn
  • Experienced composers seeking inspiration or additional musical ideas
  • Content creators (YouTubers, podcasters, etc.) requiring background music
  • Video editors and filmmakers needing soundtracks for their projects

Availability: AIVA offers a free trial with limitations and various paid subscription plans that unlock additional features and copyright ownership options. Check their website for details on pricing and features. AI Music for Focus, Relaxation, and Sleep


Unveiling the Cutting Edge carves a distinct path in the AI music landscape. This platform goes beyond traditional music creation, focusing on science-backed soundscapes designed to enhance specific mental states. leverages AI-powered audio to help you achieve focus, relaxation, or restful sleep.

What Makes Special?

  • Science-Backed Approach:’s music isn’t just catchy tunes. It’s meticulously crafted using acoustic modulation to influence your brainwave patterns. This, in turn, can promote the desired mental state, whether it’s deep focus, improved relaxation, or a more restful night’s sleep.
  • Focus, Relaxation, and Sleep Modes: offers a variety of modes tailored to specific needs. Choose from focus modes designed to enhance concentration and productivity, relaxation modes to unwind and de-stress, or sleep modes to lull you into a peaceful slumber.
  • ADHD Support: even offers a unique mode specifically designed for individuals with ADHD. This mode utilizes tailored audio patterns to promote focus and concentration for those who might struggle with maintaining attention.
  • Personalized Experience: allows you to personalize your experience by selecting from various music genres within each mode. Whether you prefer calming nature sounds, ambient electronic music, or classical compositions, caters to your preferences.

Who Should Use

  • Professionals seeking to enhance focus and productivity
  • Individuals struggling with relaxation or sleep difficulties
  • People with ADHD looking for additional support for maintaining concentration
  • Anyone looking for a science-backed approach to improve their mental well-being

Availability: offers a free trial and various subscription plans to suit your needs. Visit their website for details on pricing and features.

LALAL.AI: Your AI-Powered Audio Separation Powerhouse


Unveiling the Cutting Edge

LALAL.AI stands out as a powerful AI tool designed for music source separation. It goes beyond music creation, focusing on extracting individual components (vocals, instruments) from existing audio files. This makes LALAL.AI a valuable asset for musicians, producers, and content creators alike.

What Makes LALAL.AI Special?

  • Precision Separation: LALAL.AI utilizes advanced AI algorithms to isolate various elements within an audio file. Extract vocals, drums, bass, guitars, pianos, and even wind and string instruments with exceptional precision, creating clean and high-quality stems (separate audio tracks).
  • Multi-Format Support: Upload audio and video files in a wide range of formats, including MP3, WAV, FLAC, AAC, AIFF, MP4, MKV, and AVI. LALAL.AI seamlessly processes your chosen file and delivers the extracted stems in the same format, ensuring compatibility with your existing workflow.
  • Batch Processing: Save time and effort with LALAL.AI’s batch processing capabilities. Upload and process multiple audio files simultaneously, significantly boosting your productivity, especially when dealing with large projects.
  • De-Echo Feature: Enhance the quality of your audio with LALAL.AI’s de-echo function. This feature utilizes AI algorithms to effectively eliminate echo and reverb from songs, voice recordings, and vocal tracks, resulting in cleaner and more professional-sounding audio.

Who Should Use LALAL.AI?

  • Music producers creating remixes, mashups, or instrumental versions of existing tracks
  • DJs isolating specific elements for live performances
  • Content creators removing vocals from songs for background music in videos or podcasts
  • Musicians practicing with isolated instrumental tracks
  • Anyone wanting to improve the quality of audio recordings by removing unwanted background noise or echo

Availability: LALAL.AI offers a free trial with limitations and various paid subscription plans that unlock additional processing time, features, and higher quality output. Visit their website for details on pricing and features.

Unveiling the Symphony Within: A Look at AI Music Tools – Conclusion

The world of music creation is undergoing a revolution with the emergence of AI-powered tools. These innovative platforms cater to a wide range of needs, from overcoming creative roadblocks to generating entire compositions and enhancing focus or relaxation.

Whether you’re a seasoned musician or a budding enthusiast, AI music tools have the potential to empower you on your sonic journey.

This article has explored just a glimpse of the exciting possibilities that AI music tools offer. As this technology continues to evolve, we can expect even more powerful and versatile tools to emerge, further transforming the musical landscape. So, the next time you feel the melody lingering but the notes escape your grasp, consider embracing the magic of AI and unleash the symphony within.