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The Only Free Web Hosting of 2019

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First of all Welcome to the world of Web publishers !!, for some who are just curious about how web hosting works, and for some who are still finding the best cheap web hosting for their website this article is for you.

Like me I also got into trouble finding the best cheap web hosting with high quality it sounds unrealistic, right? because the word cheap always compromised the quality, but I found a cheap but high-quality service with a bonus of free hosting, so keep reading.

Do I need hosting for my website?

Yes of course to get your website live on the internet you should get hosting services from a web hosting provider, when you get a web hosting provider you will pay for the space of their server and that company will be the one to handle all your traffics and make sure your website will be live 24/7.

Is there a Free Web Hosting?

Yes, there is and it’s hard to find completely free web hosting, but Awardspace offers completely free web hosting, you read it right, it is completely free and you don’t have to pay even a single cent to have free web hosting from Awardspace, it is perfect to start a small website, and it is flexible enough so you can upgrade from their free to paid and premium hosting plans.

Is Free Hosting Good?

Free hosting is good to set up a new website, like me, I started on free web hosting just to set up all that I need for my WordPress website, free hosting is good for a small website with a small amount of traffic and the good thing for free hosting is that you can always upgrade to their paid and premium hosting plans for the future.

Should I Pay For Web Hosting?

Free Web hosting is good for experimenting with a new website, but free is always limited by resources, tools, hosting support, space, and limited traffic, but if you pay for web hosting all of the limited features will be unlocked if you are not a developer, the technical team of your hosting provider will back you up if there is anything bad happen to your website.

What is the Best Web Hosting Service?

From my perspective, the best web hosting is about the best technical support you can get from your web hosting provider, like what happened to me when I can’t open my website and the technical team from my web hosting helped me and fix my website.


Awardspace web hosting home page

The web hosting service that I’ve been talking about is cheap pricing but a high quality of service is Awardspace, they are not yet popular as other hosting providers like Go daddy or blue host, but the quality of their hosting is great.

Awardspace starts as a pioneer of free hosting that aims to provide an opportunity to everyone to create their website, way back in 2003 when Awardspace started free hosting, there is no completely free web hosting like Awardspace offers, and even to this day they still offer a completely free web hosting.

As some company abandoned their free hosting Awardspace stick to its mission to help inspiring writers and anyone who wants to create their website.

Awardspace  is a Completely Free Web Hosting

One of the best features of Awardspace is their free hosting, not like other web hosting companies that promise free but in fact, it’s not completely free, but Awardspace has completely free hosting with no charge even a single cent.

For free web hosting Awardaspace values their customers even for free users, they give customer support and some helpful tools like Zacky installer and free short domain but if you want a domain name like .org, .com, you can buy their paid hosting with free (.com) domain for life.

Want to Register Awardspace for Free Web Hosting

 Awardspace Free Web Hosting  Features

  • Host up to 4 website
  • 99.9% Network update
  • CMS installer
  • 100% AD-Free
  • 24/7 customer support
  • 5 GB bandwidth
  • Instant  Account Activation
  • 1000MB Disk Space
  • Full MYSQL Database Support

Zacky Installer

Zacky installer by Awardspace web hosting

Zacky installer is one of the best tools you can find from Awardspace, it gives its users who have limited knowledge of coding like me to set up their WordPress and Joomla in just four easy steps.

The good news is that the Zacky installer is available for both Premium and Free web hosting.

Awardspace Premium Plans

When your website has a high amount of traffics and you need to upgrade from free hosting to paid hosting there are affordable hosting plans just for you, you can choose from the screenshots below and compare them to other paid hosting provider.

But there is more, they also offer some great discounts and the lowest pricing ever like their summer promo, that I get a web Pro plus with very affordable price.

awardspace paid hosting plans

Aside from free hosting, their basic plan, web pro plus, max pack plus also offer shared hosting, WordPress hosting, semi-dedicated hosting, and VPS cloud hosting.

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Bottom line

Awardspace is perfect for those who want to start their website because of their completely free web hosting and lots of useful features and tools if you don’t want their free domain name you can add a top-level domain (.com) for an affordable price.

Free web hosting+Affordable top-level domain is good for starting a new website, and if your traffic started to grow you can always upgrade from free to premium hosting with Awardspace.