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how to cool down your phone

5 Ways To Cool Down Your Phone: Overheating Phone While Gaming

Here are the most effective ways to cool down your phone

Does your phone get hotter while you use it? your phone will get hotter especially when you are using your phone on a highly intensive task like video editing, photo editing, watching some videos, or playing games.

Your phone is overheating because of its Chipset or what we usually call a processor, Our phone is a computer, and like our computer—the processor, processes all the workload of our smartphone, the harder the tasks the more processing power it would needs, and like some traditional computer the hotter it will go.

Heat is normal in almost all devices, but when the heat reaches an alarming temperature it can greatly affect your phone’s performance, You will notice that your phone becomes laggy, hangs, or even shuts down.

Heat can also have an impact on the life span of your mobile phone, or even worse it may lead to damage to your mobile phone, to protect your device from overheating I will share with you some of the things that you can do on how to cool down your phone.

Effective Ways On How To Cool Down Your Phone

1. Use a Phone Cooler 

Our Smartphone has an in-build cooler to control the temperature in our mobile device, but sometimes those coolers cannot handle intensive tasks, especially when playing mobile games that have high-quality graphics and gameplay.

The best way to cool your phone is to have an external phone cooler, You can usually see a phone cooler in a gaming-centric phone like the ROG, Redmagic, or Black Shark, but in some ordinary phones it doesn’t have an external phone cooler, but of course, you can have one for your phone no matter if it is Android or iPhone, you can buy a phone cooler on Amazon to help on dissipating heat on your phone.

The phone cooler acts as a radiator on your phone that will provide cool air and to avoid your phone from overheating.

Remove apps running in the backgrounds

remove running apps to cool down your phone
Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

One of the reasons that phones are overheating is when apps are running in the background, Even though we couldn’t see them on our screen it was still running and consume some resources in our phone like RAM and processing power.

As I’ve said, the more workload our phone is processing the more heat it will produce, and to help cool down your phone you must stop some apps from running in the background, you can manually force stop some apps, or you can use apps like Greenify to automate the process, you can just download the apps, do a little tweet and it will stop some apps that are running in the background for you.

Avoid Using your phone while charging

avoid using a phone while charging to prevent overheating
Image Credit Pixabay

One of the reasons for overheating your phone is when using it while charging.

Even though it was written in some phone manuals that you can use your phone while charging, I will not recommend it, especially when playing games, not unless your phone is a gaming phone like a ROG phone, that is built in that purpose, but if your phone is an ordinary phone I recommend that you avoid on playing games while charging.

Avoid using a phone case

A phone case protects your smartphone from being damaged, but did you know that your phone case might cause your phone to overheat? Yes, it is, Your phone may overheat when using a phone case while gaming.

If you notice that your phone becomes laggy, try to take off your phone case and it will help dissipate the heat.

Keep your firmware up to date

how to cool down your phone? update firmware

Some reasons why your phone might overheat are due to the operating system or firmware that has abnormal behavior or malfunctioning, To avoid this happening always make sure that your phone firmware or OS is always up to date to fix all issues or bugs on your phone.

Dont be afraid to update the firmware since it will fix all the known issues that need to be fixed, A software update is intended for one purpose, to make sure that your phone will operate at the maximum performance, and to fix bugs or errors including phones that are overheating.

Avoid Exposing your phone to direct sunlight

One way to keep your phone cooler is to avoid being exposed to direct sunlight when playing games or any activity that requires a heavy task on your phone.

The heat from sunlight can directly impact and increase its temperature, and if you want to get the best performance out of your phone keep it away from direct sunlight while using it.

Bottom Line

All the ways to cool down or maintain your phone temperature that I’ve written in this article are legit. As a hardcore gamer, I spend a lot of time playing on a mobile device, and this method is the one that I’m using.

An overheating phone is frustrating since it greatly affects the phone’s performance and I know it cuz even I get annoyed when my phone overheats, That is why I write this article to help you manage the temperature of your mobile device.

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