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12 Internet safety Tips to Improve your Security Online

Internet safety tips

Here are the 12 Internet Safety tips to improve your security online, I also created an infographic to have some visuals, below the infographics are the main article.

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1. Don’t easily trust a person you meet online.

Social media are prone to online data breaches, and it was also used by hackers and scammers to collect all your data, we can assume that some possible person you meet online is not a real person, in fact, it can be just a fake account manipulated by hackers or other online thieves.

So next time when someone introduces that he/she is an expert on something and asks you for some personal information you should consider making a background check if that person you meet online really exists in the real world.

2. Avoid downloading apps or other resources from an untrusted website.

We love free stuff, right? but some software that is free to download or free crack software has some consequences,? yeah, crack applications or pirated software may be infected by malware because that kind of software is from illegitimate sources, some may be created or bait prepared by hackers to penetrate into your system.

3.  Avoid Entering Pornsite.

There are many Pornsite on the web, but the danger is not the porn itself but the malware that is hidden on some of the Pornsite, yahoo news once said that a researcher found some popular Pornsite with some malware into it. Pornsite is not intentionally put some malware into their site but instead, some cybercriminals targeted Pornsite because adult sites are popular and they are a bigger target for cybercriminals.

4. Avoid Cracked/Pirated Software.

Crack software is free software, but free is not always an option, downloading cracked or pirated software has some risks for a reason of which it is not from a reliable source, and pirated software is lack outdated security features.

5. Be careful about What You Posed or Upload on Social Media.

Social media are used to express our emotions and to communicate with our loved ones and friends but social media can also aggravate our internet safety by exposing us to some of the cybercriminals that may spy on us.

Did you know that hackers and scammers used social media to spy on you, and what you upload or posted online can be used against you and what you posted on Social can’t be completely deleted?

6. Used a VPN to Hide your Identity on the Web if possible.

VPN or virtual private network used military-grade encryption to hide your identity by hiding your IP address from prying eyes, cuz snoopers may be spying on you while searching the web, so a reliable VPN might be your choice.

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7. Always use a VPN when using public wifi

Did you know that free wifi is sometimes dangerous and can aggravate our internet safety?  Whether it is from a hotel, coffee shop, mall, etc. you should use a VPN because we can’t tell if there is a hacker that is also connected to the same hot spot that you are using, used a VPN to hide your identity to prevent snoopers to see what you are doing in the web using free or public wifi because hackers might choose some of the users that are unprotected.

8. Used an Antivirus or Anti-malware to protect your device

Black hat hackers, cyber thieves, or cyber-criminals used different kinds of malware to penetrate into our system, using a reliable Antivirus or Anti-malware does anti-malware that is fully tested and high detection rate can stop malware from entering our device.

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9. Always Keep your software or device up to date

For those who are not aware of why software update is necessary, did you know why apps on your phone keep on updating? sometimes you will see on the description that minor/major bug fixes? it means that the latest update is to fix bugs or vulnerabilities in your apps that it’s installed on your device, note that it is not just your apps but also and more importantly you should always keep an eye on software updates on your device and ensure to always get the latest security patches from device whether it is a computer or smartphone.

10. Trust only secured or legitimate websites when purchasing a products

When purchasing online always ensure that the website that you’re trying to have a transaction is secured because bad guys always try to lure people to their evil did, they can even make a fake website and try to scam people.

Before having a transaction always do some research if the website is legit or not you can also find some reviews from that website or always ensure the website is starting from (HTTPS://)  rather than (HTTP://) because a website with HTTPS has a valid SSL certificate and more secure than an HTTP website.

11.  Always using a Strong Password can improve your internet safety

Black hat hackers or any person that has malicious intent can guess your password to gain access to your sensitive accounts, creating a strong password can help to ensure that no other person except you can access your sensitive accounts, avoid using a password that is too short or a password that can easily guest like your birthday for example instead used a long password composed of upper, lower case, numbers and special characters, but make sure you don’t forget your passwords cuz not just cyber-criminals but even you cant access to your accounts.

12.  Using two-way/two-factor verification if possible

Two-factor, two-step verification or authentication is just the same as long as it works the same principle to protect your device and ensure your internet safety.

Why used two-step verification? and how it works? does it improve our internet safety?

Two-step verification adds an extra layer of protection to your accounts every time your log in you will be required to enter a code that is sent to your phone for verification to ensure that it is you and no other person trying to access your account and when a bad guy knows your password and try to login to steal your sensitive accounts, they will still need your phone and a code that is sent to your phone to gain access to your respective accounts.

You can try Google 2 -step verifications