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Chain Guardians: A Definitive Guide And Review

The year 2021 is the year of NFTs from Arts, Music, GIF, Collectibles, NFT Games, and more, and when  NFT industries started to flourish.

Many game developers started to create their own NFT games and blockchain technology helps gamers have their truly owned items and has real value for money.

One of the NFT games that arise is a game universe named Chain Guardians, maybe you’re wondering why it is called a game Universe?

It is because Chain Guardian has multiverse support, which means you can bring your NFTs from other games into Chain Guardians and use it in this game.

But the NFTs that you can only use are from those partners and the Cryptoverse alliance of Chain Guardians, for now since the game is just new, the Multiverse is still in development, but shortly we can see more game-play that involved some NFTs from another world and used in this game Chain Guardians.

Chain Guardians CGC and CGG

There are two kinds of tokens in these games Chain Guardians, the CGC, and the CGG.

CGC is an in-game currency that you can use to upgrade your hero (NFT), and revive your Hero in case it dies in battle, by the way, if your Hero(Lieutenant) dies in battle, you can’t use it for 48Hrs unless you revive your Hero using CGC. 

CGC can also be used to buy some soldiers since you need some soldiers in playing this game.

On the other hand, CGG is, we can say that it is the main currency of this game, CGG is a token that has real value in the real world, but the question is how can you earn CGG in the game?

To earn CGG you must focus first on earning CGC since to earn money the CGC that you earn from playing can be converted into CGG and converted CGG to real cash, but for now, there is no option to convert CGC to CGG since it is still on development, but shortly players can convert CGC to CGG and earn some money.

For now, it is wiser to save and get as much CGC as you can and use it in the near future.

Chain Guardians How to Earn CGC?

For now, there are two options to earn CGC in the game, the first is through playing RPG Games and the second one is through mining, I will try my best to explain it to you since Chain Guardians Game-play is the way to earn CGC and use it shortly to earn money while playing.

Chain Guardians Game-Play

NFT Mining

chain guardian mining

One of the good things about this game is NFT mining, it is not like some mining that you can find in some NFT games where you will use the power of your PC to mine.

In this game, you will only use your NFT to mine some tokens, all you need to do is submit your NFT into mining, the rarer the NFT the better reward token you can get.

RPG (Beta)

chain guardian RPG

In playing RPG, you will first form a team, consisting of a five-member Lieutenant who is an NFT, and a soldier, two in the front line and three in the baseline.

By the way, one that surprises me in this game is that they give one free NFT every day just by logging in, they give a one-star Lieutenant every day, which you can use on PVP and PVE.

After you create a team you are now ready for PVP and PVE.

For now, there are three types of battles in Chain Guardians that you can participate in the Campaign, PVP, and Raid Boss let’s explore the Game Mode one by one.


chain guardian crypto world

In this mode, you will need to enter different worlds of crypto and fight MOBs (PVE), the fight will be 5 vs 5 composed of turn-based offense and defense that needs some strategy to win.

There are some moves or skills that you can use on eliminating your opponents some skills are used in the offense, like Slash, Thrust, and Strike, but in NFT like Lieutenant it has Slash, Strike, and instead of Thurst, they have a skill called Charge.

And Guardians have offensive skills like the Lieutenants but being a special character they have an additional defensive skill called Dash, and Flash that can be learned through their adventure.

During each move, you can select which is to use since the damage that it will deal depends on the skills of your opponents.

For now, there are four crypto worlds that you can enter, the world of Bitcoin, Ethermon, MCH, and Ethereum.

You can fight different opponents in a different world, and every time you win you will earn some CGC and loot items that you can sell or craft into gears and weapons.

Tips: If your level is quite low avoided entering the world of Ethereum since for now, it has the most powerful MOB that you will face and at a low level your lieutenant will surely die and you will wait for 48 hours before you can use it again.


PVP in chain guardian

Like the other games in PVP, you will be dealing with real players instead of MOBs in PVE, you can choose quick play, and you will randomly match with some other player, or you can create or join matches to challenge your friends in a duel.

Raid Boss

Raid boss is one of the most important battles in Chain Guardians since there are a lot of loots(rewards) when defeating the boss, and there is only a certain time when the boss appears, and when it is defeated it will refresh once every seven days.

How to Enhance Heroes?

enhance in chain guardian

To make your heroes stronger you can enhance your heroes(Lieutenant) in two ways.


The first is by fusion, since Chain Guardians give free one-star Lieutenant every day, you fuse those free Lieutenant to upgrade their rarity, but you will need nine Characters (Lieutenant) with the same rarity to upgrade the rarity of your first chosen character.

Gears and Weapon

In enhancing your heroes, you can equip some gears and weapons, which you can either buy in the store using Fiat, or you can craft by yourself if you have the materials that are needed in crafting.

Materials can be obtained by chance after you defeat and finish the stage in Campaign mode at Bitcoin world.

Bottom Line

Chain Guardians is a fun game, the multiverse is also promising that lets you bring some of your NFT from other universe and use it in this game, and the fact that this NFT game is a free-to-play game, that gives a daily free NFT that you can you in some of your battles are astonishing.

While some other play-to-earn NFT games are not free to play like the Axie Infinity and Ethermon for example, you need to buy first some of their NFT characters to play the game, and costly to many, this game Chain Guardian is completely free to play and you will surely earn money in the future.

Even though today there are no options to turn CGC to CGG to make money since it is still in development, because earning CGC in this game is easy, and saving as much CGC today?

I’m pretty sure that you will earn some real money once the conversion of CGC to CGC is finally released.

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